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"I’m finding your podcasts so inspiring. I’ve lost 6.6 kg already by changing my diet, 30 min walk most days & priority sleep. You had me with “choosing a diet that works for you”! I found you, became inspired & starting taking care of myself. Thank you, Orlena" Happy podcast listener

Fit and Fabulous Podcasts

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Key Podcasts to Listen to

1. The Health Benefit of the Mediterranean Diet

5. How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease with Lifestyle with Dr Zarrin Shaikh, Cardiologist Interview with Dr Zarrin Shaikh

4. How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease with Diet with Dr Zarrin Shaikh, Cardiologist Interview with Dr Zarrin Shaikh

Season 6

290: Overcoming Failure on Your Wellness Journey 

289: Martha Mok on Weight Loss, Self-Love, and Super Confidence

288: Unlocking the Power of Your Subconscious Mind for Lasting Weight Loss

287: Power Up with Plants: Insights from Dr. Jennifer Davis

286: A Cat in the House: Hormones, Sleep, Weight Loss, and Wellness

285: Weight Loss, Wellness, and Jigsaw Puzzles: A Story of Persistence and Progress 

284: How to Lose Weight the Easy Way. Yes Actually!

283: Here's How You're Finally Going to Lose Weight and Keep it Off 

282: From Obstacles to Opportunity: My Transformation Journey 

281: Invisible Forces: How Habits Shape Our Health 

280 Radiant Wellbeing: Lessons with Dr. Orlena and Lynda Rose

279: The Freedom in Food: Escaping Diet Restrictions for Joyful Eating

278: Strength Training Secrets for Women Over 40: Expert Tips from Diana Chaloux-Le Cert

277: Cultivating Confidence Beyond the Scale

276:  Mindset Magic: Cultivating Happiness and Health

275: Do You Really Need to Eat Only When Hungry to Lose Weight?

274: Escaping the Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle: Crafting a New Narrative

272: Unveiling the Modern Famine with Dr. Kathy Campbell

271: Appreciate Your Life Today

270: The Two Keys to Lasting Wellness and Weight Loss

269: Decoding Weight Loss Statistics: How to Be the 20% Success Story

Season 5

242:  The Power of Change: Jumping into a Healthier You

241: Resisting Temptation: Conquering Junk Food in Social Settings 

240 Simplify and Thrive: Mastering Systems for Effortless Healthy Living

239 Mastering the Mediterranean Way: Nutrition for Weight Loss and Wellness 

238: Mindset Mastery: Unleashing Your Potential for Healthy Living

237. Positively Healthy Weight Loss with Ease and Flow Workshop

236: The ONE Thing That will Help You Lose Weight and Get Healthy

235 Positive Brain, Positive Life: Transforming Your Health and Happiness

234 Conquering Emotional Eating: The Key Role of Mindset

233: Podcast: Stress, Weight Loss, and the Power of Mindset: Jennifer Martin's Inspiring Story

232: Nutrition Made Easy: Unlocking the Power of Fruit and Vegetables

231: Podcast: The Impact of Stress on Emotional Eating and Health

230: From Knowing to Doing: Bridging the Gap for a Healthy Life

229: The Easy and Fun Path to Healthy Weight Loss

228:  Building Gratitude for Your Body: A Journey to Self-Love, Wellness and Weight Loss

227: Podcast: Easy Meal Planning: Simplifying the Dinner Table with Linda Lederman

226: How I Know You Can Make Healthy Changes

225:  Getting Back on Healthy Track: Normalizing the Process of Building Habits

224: Relieving Stress and Building Resilience with Dr. Robyn Tiger

223:  Avoiding Diabetes and Heart Disease: The Power of Healthy Living

222: What does your Body Need to Loose Weight?

221: Starting Your Journey to a Healthier Life

220: Crossing the Rickety Bridge: Five Tips for Making Healthy Habits Stick

219: Getting to Healthy Amazing You

218: How Your Positive Brain Can Help You Get Healthy

217:  Maintaining Healthy Habits Even When Life Is Super Stressful

216: How to Get a Good Night's Sleep with Onnie

215: Healthy Living Can Help You Live Longer

214: 4 Habits for Successful Weight Loss

213: Why Discipline Isn't the Key to Weight Loss

212: Women in MidLife, Your Opportunity for Renewal with Helene Stelian

211: How to Stop Self Sabotaging with Emotional Eating

210: Step into Future Healthy You and Get Excited

209: How to Stop Rewarding Yourself with Food

208: How to Stop Stress Eating so You Can Lose Weight Naturally

Season 4

205: Why Persistence Isn't the Key to Weight Loss

204: What is the Biome and how can it Help You Lose Weight?

203: Which of these 9 weight loss mistakes are you making?

202: Warning: This podcast contains some hard love

201: One Easy Hack to Make the Holidays Healthier

200: Be Inspired By Marcia's Life After a Stroke Story with Marcia Moran from Stroke Forward

199: Hardwiring Health and Happiness

198: Help! I Don't Like Healthy Foods! And What to Do.

197: How to Build Exercise into Your Healthy Living Routine

196: How to Not Turn to Food for Comfort

195: All About Autoimmune Disease with Dr Stacey Francis

194: Be Inspired by Lia's Health and Weight Transformation Story

193: Why I didn't Want to Sign up With Another Coach (And Did Anyway)

192: Your Emotions are Your Responsibility. And Why This is Great News.

191: The Truth about Long Term Weight Loss (with Heidi)

190: How to Get Unstuck and Lose Weight Easily

189 Do You Feel Guilty You Can't Stop Overeating?

188: 3 Big Reasons You're Eating Healthily and Not Losing Weight

187: How Fred Reversed his Type 2 Diabetes

186: Why Eating Your Emotions May Lead to Poor Health

185: The One Thing You Need to Do Today to Lose Weight and Lead a Healthy Life

184: Weight Loss and Meal Prep

183: How to De Escalate an Angry Person in 90 Seconds with Doug Noll

182: Say Hello to Tasty Vegan Food with Chef AJ

181: How Can I Lose Weight With Hypothyroidism with Dr Matt Chalmers

180: End Emotional Eating the Easy Way

179: How Healthy Living Protects You From Dementia with Dr Michael Kentris, Clinical Neurologist

178: Melissa's Story of Type 2 Diabetes

177: Say Goodbye to Overwhelm and Hello to Healthy You 

176: Life After Sugar with Netta Gorman

175: Say Goodbye to Stress, Overwhelm and Fatigue

174: All about Intermittent Fasting with Matty Lansdown

173: Say Hello to Healthy Amazing You

172: How to Get Unstuck Making Healthy Changes with Dr Lucy Burns

171: It's Easy Not to Make Healthy Changes. It's Easy to Make Healthy Changes

170: Why It's not Your Fault You Don't Eat Healthily. And How to Change that. With Matty Lansdown

169: Why Now is the Best Time to Take Control of Your Health

168: Healthy Living for Women who have No Time

167: How to Make Healthy Changes when You Don't Feel Supported by Your Partner

166: Goodbye Perfection, Hello Progress and Healthy Changes that Stick

165: The Truth About Carbohydrates and Weight Loss

165: When's the Best Time to Make Healthy Changes?

164: Why Your Brain is Wrong About How to Get to Healthiest You

163: How Routines Make Healthy Living Easy Super Easy with Ashley Brown from Routines and Things

162: One Easy Way to Combat Intrinsic Emotional Eating with Lindsey House RD

161: Fix Emotional Eating in 3 Months

160: Eliminate Emotional Eating the Easy Way

159: How Do I Get Past the Excuses?

158: Happy New Year. Wishing You a Healthy 2022!

Season 3

157. What Do You Want? Are You Ready to Get Fit and Fabulous in 2022?

156. How to Get Fit and Fabulous in 2022 with Coach Cailah.

155: Why Vegetables Help You Live Longer and Lose Weight

154: 3 Easy Steps to Manage a Weight Loss Plateau

153: How Accepting Your Emotions Can Help You Be Your Healthiest You

152. What is the Cost of Not Making Changes?

151. Is Making Healthy Changes Worth the Effort?

150. What if Healthy Living Were Easy?

149. How to Stop Emotional Eating. Interview with Tricia Nelson from Heal Your Hunger

148. How Not to Die Of Diabetes. Interview with Sunjay Vyas from Stay Whole Life

147. How to be Happier by Setting Emotional Boundaries

146. Making Weight Loss Easy. Interview with Dr Lisa Oldson

145. One Simple Tip to Making Healthy Living Easy. Interview with Lia and Wendy 

144. How to Set Limits Without Depriving Yourself

143. How Sleep Helps you Lose Weight and Be Healthy Interview with Martin McPhilimey

142. Healthy Living Doesn't Have to Be Perfect

141. How a Busy Mom Became the Healthiest Version of Herself Interview with Alea Milham

140. One Fun and Easy Tip to Healthy Amazing You

139. Are you Ready to Make Healthy Changes that Stick?

138. How Leslie Stopped Overeating and Started Being Her Healthiest Self

137. How to Have a Healthy Relationship With Food

136. One Sure Fire Way to Lose Weight and Lead a Healthy Life

135. 3 Simple Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight

134. How to Make Weight Loss Easy After Menopause (re released) with Dr Sally Norton

133. How to Make Healthy Living Easy

132. 8 Amazing Reasons to Love Healthy Living

131. What if Feeling Amazing were Easy? 

130. Meditation The Easy Secret to a Happy and Healthy Life with Dr Rachel Beanland

129. How Taking Care Of Your Self Makes You A Better Parent with Amanda Rueter from Messy Motherhood

127. Why the Med Style Diet is Easy and Healthy (re released)

126. Rethinking "I'm a Failure"

125. How to Enjoy Family Meals and Stop Being Held Hostage by Your Kids

124. How to Get More Energy Every Single Day

123. How to Create Fun Family Mealtimes

122. How Dr Lucy Burns Quit Her Sugar Addiction

121. How to Find Inner Motivation to Health

120. How to Make Change Easy to Feel Fit and Fabulous

119. How Mindful Eating Can Help you Stop Overeating

118. Helping Kids with Big Emotions with Meaghan Jackson

117. How to Stop Overeating When You're Stressed

116. How to Stop Overeating at Dinner Time and Night Time

115. How to Stop Overeating and Overcome the Fear of Hunger

114. How to Stop Overeating

113. Teaching Our Fussy Kids Health Eating Without the Stress

112. How to Stop Looking at Your Phone So Often

111. How to Live a Long and Healthy Life For Busy Mums

110. How to Create a Routine that Includes "Me Time"

109. How Self Care is the Key to a Healthy Family Interview with Ree Johnson

108. 3 Easy Steps to Your Health and Weight Goals for Busy Mums

107. Why you should get a Sports Watch

Season 2

106. 3 Simple Steps to Combat Emotional Eating Interview with Brianna Wilkerson

105. How to Make Healthy Living Easy if You're Super Busy

104. Is your health really a top priority?

103. How to Find Time To Exercise as a Busy Mum

102. How to have a Fun and Healthy Holiday Season

101. What Should I Eat to Lead a Long and Healthy Life? Interview with Dr Alan Desmond

100. How Creating Emotions Can Help You Feel Fit and Fabulous

99. How Alexis Transformed her Life to Fit and Fabulous

98. How to Manage Stress to feel Fit and Fabulous

97. How Emotional Wellness Can Help you Live your Amazing Life

96. One Thing You Need to Do To Live Your Healthy and Amazing Life

95. Healthy Eating in Pregnancy Interview with Dr Harriet Holme

94. How Stephen Transformed his life to Fit and Fabulous by giving up Alcohol

93. One Unknown Fact about your Brain to Help you make Healthy Changes that Stick so you can Lose Weight, get Healthy and feel Fit and Fabulous

92. How you and your family can feel fit and fabulous without having to think about its

91. How Chinthi Lost 25kg and Transformed her Life to Fit and Fabulous

90. How to Balance Screen Time Limits for Kids for a Calm and Healthy Family Life Interview with Dr Tara Egan

89. 3 Easy Ways to Connect with Your Kids so They Grow Up Fit and Fabulous Interview with Kristina Campos

88. EFT. A simple tool to help you relax and reduce stress Interview with Kate Moryoussef, EFT coach

87. How a Tidy House Helps You Stay Fit and Fabulous Interview with Lisa Zarwrotny from Positively Productive

86. Discover how Punam Transformed her Life and Now Feels Younger Interview with Punam Saxena

85. Two of the most important lessons you’ll learn about kids and how to stop shouting and tantrums Interview with Natasha Tiwari

84. How Every Family can make Breakfast Healthy and Easy Even If You're Super Busy

83. How to stop siblings fighting so you can enjoy a calm family life interview with Rachel Bailey

82. The Unbelievably Easy Way to Nurture Healthy Habits for Kids So They Grow Up Fit and Fabulous with Dr Orlena

81. My Proven Method to Introduce New Foods to Kids Without the Fuss with Dr Orlena 

80. My Proven Method to Teach Kids Healthy Eating Without the Fuss with Dr Orlena 

79. How to Keep Going When the Scales aren't Going Down

78. Creating Healthy Habits to Keep the Weight Off for Women Over 40

77. How to Combat Frustration and Achieve Your Health Goals

76. How to Retrain Your Brain to Lead an Amazing Life Interview with Dr Jay LaGuardia

75. 9 Easy Healthy Living Tips that will Transform Your Life Interview with Tami Ross, Dietician.

74. How your Identity Affects your Happiness

73. Being Grateful for Now

72. Healthy Fats to Support Your Weight Loss Goals

71. How to Create an Exercise Routine You Love

70. Rethinking Hunger to Help you Lose Weight

69. Keeping Your Spirits Up

68. Living with Anxiety and Uncertainty

67. How to Educate Your Kids in Lockdown (and Enjoy it). Interview with Karyn Tripp from Teach Beside Me.

66. How to Start Crafting with Kids in Lockdown. Interview with Maggy from Red Ted Art.

65. Combating Boredom Eating During Lockdown

64. Thriving in Lock Down With Kids

63. The Simple System that Keeps Kids Happy and Helps you Shed the Pounds

62. How to Lose Weight After the Menopause. Interview with Dr Sally Norton

61. Combating Carbohydrate Cravings

60. Combating Self Sabotaging Behaviour

59. Creating Positive Thoughts

58. How to Get Out of a Negative Rut

57. The Benefits of a Plant Based Diet with Dr Harriet Holme Interview with Dr Harriet Holme

56. Getting Started With Self Care, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

55. How Not to Die

54. How To Start Healthy Eating Habits

Season 1

53. One Simple Tool for Happiness

52. How to Lose Weight and Cook for Your Family

51. How Hormones Affect Weight Loss Interview with Lisa HIssock

50. The Benefits of Deep Breathing

49. How to Easily Incorporate Movement into your Day with Katy Lush Interview with Katy Lush

48. One Easy Way to Change the Way you Eat

47. 3 Easy Nutritional Steps To Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

46. The One Thing You Need to Do To Lose Weight and Lead a Healthy Life

45. Weight Loss and Healthy Living with the Med Style Diet

44. How to Lose Weight and Lead a Healthy Life By Changing Your Identity

43. How Gratitude Can Help You Lose Weight and Lead a Healthy Life

42. How to Create Healthy Habits to Support Your Weight Loss Goals

41. Mindset is the Key to Weight Loss

40. Weight Loss and Understanding Metabolism Interview with Dr Stefanie Fein

39. How to Plan Your Week to Help Your Weight Loss Goals

38. Everything You Need to Know About Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Interview with Jamie the PCOS coach

37. Letting Go Of Anger Part 2

36. How to Increase Your Self Worth and Self Esteem

35. How to Lose Weight With Intermittent Fasting

34. Everything You Need to Know About Your Biome Interview with Lisa Kilgour

33. Health Benefits of Olive Oil Interview with Doctor and Professor Miguel Ángel Martínez

32. 3 Easy Steps to Sustained Weight Loss

31. Why Can't I Lose Weight?

30. Everything You Need to Know About Perimenopause, Menopause and Post Menopause Interview with Dr Anna Garrett

29. How to Avoid Osteoporosis Interview with Dr Jo Bayley

28. What's It's Like to have a Weight Loss Choach Interview with Dr Jo Bayley

27. How to Be Like Your Skinny Friend Who Can Eat Anything

26. Dr Orlena's Wellness Summit

25. Everything You Need to Know About Sleep. Interview with Dr Zarrin Shaikh

24. Lessons From Treats and Overindulgence

23. What is Mindful Eating and How Can It Help Me? Interview with Catherin Russo Epstein

22. Everything You Need to Know About Gluten with Dr Ashvy Bhardwarj Interview with Dr Ashvy Bhardwarj

21. How to Handle Other People's Judgement of You

20. How to Eat 30g of Fibre A Day

19. Diabetes and Prediabetes - 5 Simple Steps to Let Go of Your Fears Interview with Julie Doan

18. What I Teach: The Core Points of My Teaching

17. How to Lead an Amazing Life

16. How to Love Your Life Without Alcohol Interview with Rebecca Weller

15. How to Create Habits that Serve You. And Help You Live a Healthy, Amazing Life

14. How Magic Words Change Your Actions

13. Reducing Your Risk of Cancer Through Lifestyle With Dr Mhairi Morris Interview with Dr Mhairi Morris

12. How to Make Big Changes

11. Reducing Your Risk of Cancer Through Diet with Dr Mhairi Morris Interview with Dr Mhairi Morris

10. Why Your Health Is a Powerful Reason to Lose Weight

9. Coping With Stress. Interview with a Psychiatrist Interview with Dr Marianne Van Den Broek

8. Stress Incontinence and How to Fix your Weak Pelvic Floor

7. Health Benefits of Exercise. And How to Get Started

6. 7 Easy Things that You Can Do To Lose Weight

5. How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease with Lifestyle with Dr Zarrin Shaikh, Cardiologist Interview with Dr Zarrin Shaikh

4. How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease with Diet with Dr Zarrin Shaikh, Cardiologist Interview with Dr Zarrin Shaikh

3. Meditation for Beginners

2. Letting Go of Anger (And Learning to be Calm and Happy)

1. The Health Benefit of the Mediterranean Diet


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