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What Do You Want? Are You Ready to Get Fit and Fabulous in 2022? Podcast Episode 157



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Hello. Hello, welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek. I hope that you’re all feeling amazing, amazing. I had a moment at the weekend where I just felt, oh my goodness. I feel so amazing. I'm so grateful that I look after myself and have a fit and healthy body.

Dr Orlena’s Grateful for Feeling Fit and Fabulous

I took my kids out for dinner to celebrate moving back to our house and we ended up eating in the square. Which is kind of a normal thing to do in Spain, except that obviously it's December and it was a little bit cold.

And so my daughter and son were feeling a little bit chilly and I said, Hey, why don't you just run around the square to keep yourself warm? And they said, okay, come on then mommy. And so I got up and ran round the square and just thought, wow, do you know what, at the age of 47, I'm going to be 47.

I'm 46. I. So happy that I can get up and run round the square. When my children ask me to and really enjoy it as well. So that was one of my little wins for last week. It was super exciting.

Why Do You Want to Feel Fit and Fabulous?

Now, today, I thought I would do something a little bit different if you missed the workshop that I did a few weeks ago, I do a workshop called the roadmap to healthy you, to you, feeling amazing and healthy.

And it's really about. Sitting where you are now and planning out. Well, number one, where do you want to get to thinking about making changes and thinking, Hey, do you know, what is this actually worth doing? Is it worth investing the time, energy, money to make those. So I thought it would be a little bit different for me basically to give you a whole string of questions.

And if you are interested in doing this workshop as an actual workshop where I walk you through it I will be doing more of these workshops in 2022, but also if you're interested in working with me and you think,

“Hey, you know what? I am super ready. To to work with Dr. Orlena, I wanted to make 2022 the year that I get healthiest, but I have some reservations. I have some doubts. I'm not a hundred percent clear about it.”

Then by all means book a chat and we can go through this. This is basically the process that I talk people through to get clarity on what you want. And it's not a sales conversation in terms of, oh my goodness. You have to join my group. Not everybody is a good fit for my group program.

Are You Ready to Make Healthy Changes to Your Life?

And so it's all, even my one-on-one coaching. So it's about chatting and thinking, Hey, is this a good fit for you? Do you feel that now is the right time for you? Do you think you want to make these changes? Are you ready to make these changes? And I will be totally up front with. I work with people who are ready to make changes.

And I don't really want people in my group program who are not ready to make changes because they aren't ready to do the work. But I do also want people who need some support who want some support. Anyhow, let's dive in and have a little thing and get ready. You might want to notepad for this. And you might want to mull over these questions.

You might be, you know, the answers don't necessarily come to you immediately. So the first really exciting question is this…

Big Question 1: What do you Want?

And that, that may feel like a, oh my goodness. Huge question. Oh, so many things, but when we're thinking about your health, your wellness, your. Have a think about some of the things that you want.

Now I'm leaving a little pause deliberately, so your brain can start thinking. Cause I know it's difficult to think when somebody is talking, which is why it's quite good to do these workshops actually in a workshop rather than listening as a podcast recording, but you might want to think about how do you want to feel.

For me: Energized, invigorated, loving life.

Bucket loads of energy that sort of like in your physical body, you might want to think about health and long-term long-term health.

What is it that you want in terms of going forwards for me?

I want to be like that lady. I don't know if you've seen this video, but there was a video that went around recently of a lady who was 104 and she ran a hundred meters. Absolutely amazing.

I want to be somebody who grows old, active and enjoys a good quality of life.

Our Lifestyle Has a Big Impact on Our Health and Wellness

And I believe that so much of that is in our control. And I know that not all of it is in our control, but loads and loads and loads of it is in our control far more than most people realize.

Create Healthy Habits and Healthy Living is Easy

And you know, I'm all about habits. Most of it is habit. It's about habit of movement of keeping moving, just habits for. So, what else might you want to think about? You might want to think about your body, your physical appearance of your body. And I think this has two sort of aspects. How do you feel in terms of, you know, I feel confident.

I feel great in whatever clothes I wear, but also that movement of, Hey, you know what? I can run around the square where my nine-year-old twins asked me to run around the square and I don't have to, you know, build up to it. I just get. And I run and I did happen to be wearing leggings and trainers at the time.

So that obviously made it a little bit easier. So here is the big question.

What do you want?

So have a think about that and that is your, your goal. And if you're there thinking, oh, I can't do it. I can't make it. Yes, you can. Absolutely. You can. You just need to be clear on what you want and why you wanted, and that is really the inner motivation piece.

So the next question to ask is really having a think about…

Where you are Now?

So having doing a little audit of where you are, and if you want this handout, I do have this handout it's in the resources section. I leave a link in. In the show notes. But essentially it's about doing an audit of all four of those pillars.

And so marking out of 10 where you think you are. And obviously this is very subjective. I have more concrete ways of measuring this, but for today, we're just going to be subjective. And we're going to think about where are you? So the number one question is

How much energy do you have every day out of 10 to do the things that you want to and need to?

Now, obviously energy waxes and wanes during the day. It's not like you wake up and you're like those Duracell rabbits that just keep going and keep going and keep going. There are times. So for me after lunch, I have a quiet time. I rest and relax and sort of enjoy a bit of quiet time. But throughout the day I have enough energy to do the things that I want.

Which still includes swimming in the seed December. I'm so proud of myself as still swimming in the sea. And I'm super excited because my mum gave me her old bike. So thank you, mum. I have an amazing bike to cycle to the sea now, which I'm super excited about. Okay. So the other four pillars are…

Pillar 1. How Well do I Eat?

So give yourself marks. Of how healthily you eat. And what you're aiming for is lots of fruit and vegetables and less packaged foods. Now we can go into more detail about exactly what you eat, but that's what we're talking about in broad strokes, fruit and vegetables, things like lentils and legumes and whole grains, some good, healthy fat there and less packaged foods.

So in a, be honest with yourself and just think out of 10, how healthily do I eat.

Pillar 2. Exercise that Lights You Up

Now the next pillar, pillar to exercise that lights you up and again, give yourself marks out of 10. And what you want to be doing is moving throughout the day. So, you know, if we're doing what I aim everybody's be doing is at least 15,000 steps a day and moving throughout the day and having periods of intense movement as well during your week.

Now don't worry if you're nowhere near. If you were only doing 5,000 steps a day. Then that's fine. You need to know where you are in order to improve. And it's about meeting people where they are. So if 15,000 steps makes you think, oh my goodness, that feels ridiculous. Well, you build up to that. It's not like you go from zero to running a marathon.

The next week you build up to that. And we were talking about this in the group program last week. And one of the ladies were saying, I'm a bit scared of doing so much exercise because, or doing more exercise because I think I'm going to get tired and exit. It makes me feel tired. And my line is exercise is where you get your energy from now.

It is interesting that I do think that. Walking around does make you feel a little bit tired, not in a bad way, but it's not an invigorating thing to do. I think my personal observation is that when you do intense exercise, that's where you get that invigoration from. And obviously swimming is kind of different because you're immersed in that cold water.

And if that cold water happens to be the sea and it's even more ambiguous, But my observation from myself is that when I do intense energy, when I'm getting out of breath, that's when I feel energized afterwards. And you can get back just from walking a little bit faster, rather than walking slowly. I find that if I walk faster, just dropping the kids off at school and walk back quickly, like not running, but walking back at a, at a faster pace, that gives me more energy.

So I think what I'm saying is that there may be a little blip when you first start exercising, you may feel, oh my goodness, this is difficult. This is hard. But once you get over that little hump, suddenly you see the benefits and you're weak. You're reaping the rewards of amazing, amazing energy and feeling, oh my goodness, my body is fit.

I can move my body. And my body has the energy to do all of these amazing.

Pillar 3. Delicious Healthy Sleep

How do I sleep out of 10? Do you wake up in the morning, feeling refreshed and energized. Now I don't want to spend hours and hours going into sleep, but everybody should be aiming for eight hours. Sleep and sleep is all about routine.

Having a good, good night's sleep, a good, you know, going to bed routine and a good morning routine. And we've got other podcasts that go deeper into. But here's your question after 10? How well do you sleep?

Pillar 4. Emotional Wellness and Stress Levels

And then pillar number four is emotional wellness. And that's about the stress of your brain.

Stress is a big part of your emotional wellness. How well do you deal with emotions? Do you feel like you get knocked sideways or do you feel like you can deal with life and the big emotions that life throws you. So again, mark yourself out of 10. So now you should have four different numbers in how well you eat, how well you exercise, how well you sleep and your emotional wellness.

And that will give you a picture of, okay, which one do I need to start work on first? So now you've got where you are and you've got your goal and you can start to make a map of how are you going to get that?

Let's go back to that question. What do you want? And I hope you've mapped it out and created this amazing vision of how healthy you would like to be and feel amazing. And all of these things happen without you having to think about it. And so now the next question becomes. Why aren't you getting it?

Big Question 2: What do you think is holding you back from getting to where you want to get to now?

Another question, what happens if you don't get it? What happens if you carry on in the way that you are going and you don't get to that amazing vision of healthy feeling fit and fabulous and good health. Now, another question,

Big Question 3: How Serious are you about Changing this?

I think one of the things that people get a bit scared about is they can see where they want to get to. They can see where they are and that rickety bridge that I talk about in between where you are now and the changes that you need to make feels really, really scary. And you're standing there thinking how much sacrifice am I going to have to make in terms.

Energy changes, not having things that I enjoy doing, just doing things differently. When you stand here at that crossroads going, I can either carry on doing the things that I'm doing, or I can make changes. A big part of your brain is saying, stay the same, stay the same, because all of those things that you need to change, you're not going to enjoy them as much.

Now I say, well, you need to thank your brain for trying to look after you, because essentially what it's trying to do is keep you safe. It's saying, Hey, you know what? We're all doing fine now. So let's just keep going. But it's a little bit misguided because the things that you have to do are not scary.

They're not unpleasant. They might be strange to begin with, but the benefits are amazing. And your brain can't really see that at the moment. It's almost like it's stuck in a Hampton. But I think that's what people feel is, you know, there's this big, scary sacrifice that I have to make. And how long is it going to take, how long is it going to take me to get to feel amazing and healthy?

And these are good questions and it depends what your goal is. If your goal is weight loss, and you're standing there going, okay, I want to lose weight. How long is that going to take me? That depends. But one of the things you need to do is just keep going and just keep going. Now, if your goal is to feel amazing, actually, that can happen really quickly.

Once you start treating yourself well and start eating healthily and exercising the amount of energy and how good you feel just changed. Super quickly. I see the people in my group program really. They have big changes that keep them going right at the front. Does the weight fall off instantly? No, it doesn't, but they feel much, much better in their bodies and that helps them keep going and they enjoy it.

So they keep going. So let me just recap. What do you want a little audit of where you are now and things that you can change. Why aren't you getting to where you want to get to what happens if you don't get there? And how serious are you about changing the way that you live and feeling amazing and your longterm health and wellness.

Are You Serious About Your Health and Wellness?

So if you're serious, And you want to make 20, 22 the year that you feel amazing. Well, come and book a chat. My prices are going up in January 20, 22. They are still amazing prices and still worth the investment. But if you want to give an amazing gift to yourself this Christmas time, then come and book a chat now.

Email [email protected]

Book a chat:

And if you book before January three, December the 31st, then I will honor the 2021 prices. For your transformation to feel amazing, to get to healthiest you in 2020 to have a fabulous holiday. And I will be back in 2022, I'm taking the last week of December off on holiday. My mum is coming. I'm super excited.

I have seen her once in the last two years. So I'm hoping that she will still be able to come down and that travel restrictions won't be. She can't come have a fabulous holiday and I am making a stand for you to make changes, to get to healthy. Amazing. You.


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