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Hello. Hello, welcome to fit and fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek. I hope that you are feeling amazing today. Today. I want to talk to you about emotions. Hey, before we get into emotions, let me just tell you a little bit of what is going on behind the scenes. It's Tuesday as this comes out and Wednesday, Wednesday, the 19th of January, I am inviting you to an eliminate emotional eating workshop.

Eliminating Emotional Eating is The Key to Sustaining Healthy Changes

Now over my work over the last year, I have been working with some amazing, amazing people. So some of those people want to lose weight. In a healthy way and create a healthy lifestyle and really enjoy it. And some of those people are what I call healthy and want to get to super healthy. And guess what their main.

Emotional eating. And so in both groups of people, I see that emotional eating really is a big piece of the puzzle. And unless you sought that out, basically nothing is going to stick. So how many people say, yeah, I eat really healthily dot, and emotional eating, except I hate chocolate after work, or I treat myself to whatever it is in the.

So, this is what I am focusing my work on supporting you, stopping, eliminating emotional eating this year. So my question to you is do you turn to food for comfort? You're fed up of finding yourself, eating foods that you don't want, and don't need for reasons that you don't fully understand, and you want to get to healthy and get the body you want, but you know that you need to change your relationship with food in order for that.

Eliminate Emotional Eating Workdhop

So, if that is you exciting news, first things, first amazing free workshop, which is happening on Wednesday, the 19th of January 9.15 AM Eastern time, which is 2:15 PM. If you're in the UK or three 15, if you are in Central Europe.

Find out more here:

And I've already let, excuse me, be repeating this, um, perhaps monthly. We'll see how it goes, but it is your opportunity to really transform your life and to get to, Hey, I understand what's going on here with emotional eating and I'm going to leave with some concrete strategies of how to. To move forwards.

New Eliminate Emotional Eating Program Coming Soon!

And obviously I will tell you how you can work with me, if that is something that you weren't interested in. So the next thing is, if you are interested in working with me, drum roll, please, excitement. Exciting. I am going to create what I am opening a new eliminate emotional eating course, which is going to be a 12 week.

Very very aligned with everything that I do now, but really focusing on that emotional eating piece and all of healthy eating, but really with emotional eating at the forefront. Now I will be telling you more about that next week, next week, I'm going to just have it open for four days. Super exciting. Um, and then I'm going to close it for a bit and then I'm going to open it again.

So if you're, if that's something that you're interested in, reach out now to find out more of the. So today I wanted to tell you a little bit about my own personal story. Now I will be totally up front with you. I have never really had a weight loss issue. Well, I've had four children, including twins. So I have obviously put on that weight and lost that weight.

Dr Orlena’s Emotional Wellness Story

But for me with strong, healthy habits, that felt very, very easy after I had my kids adjust, carried on doing. Healthy eating, to be honest at that time, not heaps of exercise, it's mostly about eating, but I have a strong, healthy eating habit. And so it was just easy for me to sort of spring back to my pre-baby weight.

But what I have had issues with is what I call pillar for the emotional aspect. And I think that this is the most important piece of creating your healthy. So I roll back however many years and think, oh my goodness. I used to just think that emotions fell from the sky. So if something bad happened to me, basically, I had to feel really, really bad until that feeling passed.

And I didn't really have any control over whether I felt happy or not. Now I could see that some things made it worse or better. So I remember years and years and years. When the UK was embroiled in the Gulf war and I was driving to work at that time and I had an hour's commute to do, and I used to listen to radio four, if you're from the UK, you know, that basically all they have is news news news.

And I got to the stage where I kind of realized that by the end of my journey, I was feeling a bit sort of like down and depressed and oh, doom and gloom. And eventually I went, okay, that's it. I've had enough of current affairs. I'm going to listen to music and I could turn up at work feeling better and yes.

Oh my goodness. It made so much difference, but I didn't really get this whole emotional wellness thing. So then in 2011, I by this stage, I had two children, so my oldest was born in 2008. So he was two, nearly three. And my youngest was coming up for one. We moved to Spain and I always say I moved to Spain with my eyes wide shut.

I just kind of thought I was going to carry on being a doctor that yes. Okay. I'd have to learn the language. But we were in the European union and it wasn't going to be a big problem. Now it's a very long story that isn't exactly what happened. It took me an entire year to get my degree verified to say, yep.

Your degree is recognized in this country. Yes. An entire year. That's how things work in Spain, but really for me, I kind of look back and think, oh my goodness, I felt like I lost my identity. So after I had my first two children, I had, uh, got pregnant again with twins. So now I have four children under the age of four and a half.

And my oldest was four and a half when the youngest two were born. So, you know, I had my hands full and I'm used to being a busy doctor, doing all these important things. Really sort of, I enjoy stress. I think I've got a bit hooked on stressed and busy, busy, busy, busy, busy. I remember feeling, oh my goodness, it's so strange to have sort of nothing to do.

But during this time, and this time is a sort of long period of time. It wasn't just a few months. It was years on the outside. I was living my dream life with Mr. Spain, sunny, beautiful. All my friends kind of thought, oh, you live on. I think holiday is not really a location. It's a state of mind, I think.

Emotional Wellness is Fundamental to Whole Body Wellness

And to one extent, that was true. But to another extent, I just have this huge, great turmoil inside of me. I was a bit like, oh my goodness, you have thrown your career away. You worked so hard to get into medical school, to go through medical school, to get your pediatric exams, to do all of these things.

And now suddenly you've thrown it away for. And, you know, alongside this, I had turned my hand to blocking. So at the time I was writing about, um, children's health and parenting and how to feed our kids and picky children. And, you know, none of it was doing anything. I wasn't building a business. I would sit down dutifully, go to work, feel guilty about not looking after my kids and you know, not moving the needle at all on this business.

Um, luckily my husband was supporting. But inside just this huge weight turmoil of, oh my goodness. You know, big fear, big, big emotions, essentially. And I think I got to the stage where really I could see myself not being the person that I wanted to be. So I could see myself snapping at my children and being really grumpy and spiraling down this negative plug hole, you know, like something wouldn't work on the internet.

I'd be trying to. Fix something on my website and it wouldn't really work. And suddenly I would just be having this like crazy big emotion. My morning was destroyed and worse. I would then go and sort of like complain to my husband this morning as well, which I can laugh about now. But at the time was really, really difficult.

From Overwhelm and Despair to Happy and Healthy

I was overwhelmed, frustrated, despair, all of those things. And it was hard. And, you know, I think I can talk about it now because time has passed. And I know that I'm no longer in that place. You know, I still struggle with my kids, my kids, you know, I've still got four kids and they're all of them, four of them, big emotions.

And, you know, I'm working hard to create a healthy environment for my children and a loving, calm environment for my children. But, so how did I change that? You know, I could see myself going, oh my goodness, this is not how I want life to be. How did I get myself out of that? Well, I got myself out through what I called spiraling upwards.

How Dr Orlena Applied the 4 Healthy Pillars to Herself

So, you know, basically I had this epiphany, oh my goodness. You need to start looking after yourself. You need to start making time for yourself. You need to start putting your needs first because. You're not any use to anyone and everyone else is suffering because you're not looking after yourself. So I started doing things like swimming, like exercising, like actually allowing myself to have.

45 minutes a week when my children were doing swimming classes for myself and the emotional piece, I started reading absolutely every single emotion, um, self-help book I could get. I started like devouring, everything I could learn about emotions and still to this day, I find emotions. Absolutely fascinating.

They really are the crux of what drives us and. It's so easy to think that we are controlled by our emotions, but there are so many amazing things that we can do to help ourselves when we are in that state. And so gradually I bought, built up this toolbox of, you know, systems of how to help myself really get out of that emotional despair and really climb out of that.

You know, what felt like a black pit. And these are the, these are the tools that I use with my clients to this very day. And you know, this journey for me, really helped me concrete my four pillars, healthy eating, loving, healthy, eating exercise that lights you up, delicious, healthy sleep, and your emotional wellness.

So those are the four pillars that are used with my clinets. And why am I telling you this? Because it is related to emotional eating. It's exactly the same journey. It just manifests in a different way. So this piece of, oh my goodness. I am not looking after my emotions. If you emotionally eat, you are fixing that with emotional eating.

In Order to Stop Emotional Eating You Have to Understand Your Emotions

And that is what is leading you to really scupper any chances that you have of, you know, losing weight, getting to the body you want leading healthy life, having bucket loads of energy, it comes back. It always comes back to that emotional piece. You need to fix the emotional piece if you want to make lasting changes in the other four pillars.

So yes, for me, it manifested as stress. Shouting, just spiraling out of control, like seeing these big emotions, but other people turn to different ways. So it might be that, you know, you do online shopping. It might be emotional eating, but there's always some symptom which is saying, Hey, you know what?

You're not in aligned with your emotions. You haven't got that emotional wellness piece. So the good news is, oh my goodness. The journey is exciting and fun. And the other good news is, you know, I'm going to tell you more about it at the emotional eating workshop. So obviously that's a, Hey, this is what's going on.

Let me explain this to you. Here are some tools, but the other amazing piece is that next week I will tell you more about the course that I'm going to be doing the program that I'm putting together and how you can really, really change this, how you can get from, okay, this is it. I'm doing emotional, eating.

Oh, my goodness. I have nailed this and the benefits are absolutely amazing. So I hope that gives you a little bit of insight into me and my life and my emotional journey. And, you know, I haven't always had it a hundred percent sorted. Um, I've been on the track as well. And you know, it's a journey that I continue.

There are still times this week, this last week, we've had a really stressful week. We've had builders around we're in our new house and that is fabulous, but you know, things still need finishing off like this morning I found, oh my goodness, there's a hole in the door, which is a brand new door that we paid for and they've just painted over it and gone here have slightly broken door and I have.

Talk to the lady who is managing the project and it's stressful having builders in and painters in. I can't get to my office. My mother-in-law's partner is in hospital. So my husband is having to look after my mother-in-law, which is another huge, huge, great stress. You know, looking after elderly relatives is huge weight, stress.

So life isn't always amazing. It's not about, Hey, life is unicorns and Ramos. It's about when life happens. Can you sort it out. Can you put in those tools so that you can get through that period and hopefully laugh and smile a bit, perhaps not all the time, but without turning to emotional eating that you've got other tools to do that.

Eliminate Emotional Eating Workshop

So I invite you to come on Wednesday nine, 15 Eastern time to the emotional eating workshop that we'll be recording. So if you can't make it do sign up and I will send out the recording. And if you're interested in working with me and really transforming your emotional eating. Then email me [email protected] have a fabulous week and I will see you next week. Goodbye.

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