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Stress Incontinence and How to Fix your Weak Pelvic Floor. Podcast Episode 8

My Pelvic Floor Journey

After having 4 kids, including twins, my pelvic floor was practically non existent!

I found it really difficult to run after my kids.

It was so embarrassing when I had to cross my legs to sneeze or cough.

One day, my mother borrowed a trampoline. The kids loved bouncing around and begged me to join them. Even after popping to the toilet, I still couldn’t bounce without the embarrassing leak.

All About Stress Incontinence Podcast


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I decided it was time to do something about my pelvic floor.

I went to the midwife who examined me and told me that I had 0/5 strength!

He recommended doing kegel exercises and hypopressive exercises. (Confession: I’ve tried kegel exercises so many times! I haven’t found them very useful and don’t enjoy doing them.)

After a few weeks of the hypopressive exercises, I went back and was re-examined. I now had 2/5 pelvic floor strength!

What is Stress Incontinence?

Urine escapes when the pressure increases in your abdomen. Typically when you’re:

  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • laughing
  • running
  • doing other high impact exercises such as jumping

Stress Incontinence Is Often Due to Damage or Weakness in your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Your pelvic floor muscles are cup shaped. They run from your pubis symphysis (the hard bony bit at the bottom of your tummy) to your tail bone.

Your pelvic floor muscles can be damaged or weakened during child birth. Or when you have excess weight pushing down on them. For example, when you’re pregnant or if you’re overweight.

Stress Incontinence is Very Common

Roughly 1 in 3 women have stress incontinence after child birth (according to the NCT.)

But no one likes to talk about it! Which is a shame as there’s lots we can do about it.

What are Kegel Exercises?

There is more research behind kegel exercises than hypopressive exercises. The research says that kegels are effective in strengthening your pelvic floor.

You want to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles. Think about trying to hold in a fart (aka “botty pop”!)

Electrical Stimulation of the Pelvic Floor

Can be used for people who can’t feel their muscles to contract them.

Bio Feedback to Help Do Pelvic Floor Exercises

Is a way to monitor how well you’re doing with your exercises. It uses a small electrode or probe.

Vaginal Cones to Strengthen your Pelvic Floor

Are little weighted balls or cones that you insert like a tampon. They work by building up the strength of your pelvic floor.

You start with a light cone and work your way up through the heavier ones.

Mine fell out one day. Talk about wanting to die of embarrassment! (Even though luckily there was no one around.)

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Hypopressive Exercises to Stop Stress Incontinence

A relatively new form of exercise that works by decreasing the pressure in the abdomen. There are not many studies looking at how effective they are yet.

But they worked for me!

How To Do The Basic Hypopressive Exercises

  • Breath in.
  • Breath out.
  • Breath in fully.
  • Breath out fully.
  • Pinch your nose and keep your mouth closed. Then “breath in” (i.e. inflate your lungs as if you were breathing in but with out any air entering.)
  • Hold for 10 seconds.


Your first hypopressive exercise. So easy!

How to Fix Your Weak Pelvic Floor

  • Avoid constipation
  • Healthy weight
  • Pelvic floor exercises

5 Day Pelvic Floor Challenge

This is a little taster of the "30 Day Pelvic Floor Solution". 5 days of exercises. Plus it's free.

I've included a  PDF with all the show notes. Plus how to do a kegel and a hypopressive exercise.

You can sign up for it here.

30 Day Pelvic Floor Solution

Put a stop to the embarrassing leaking with the 30 day pelvic floor solution.

4 weeks of daily exercises. (Or you can do an hour’s session a week by combining them.)

I’ll talk you through how to do the exercises.

Find out more here.

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Written by Dr Orlena Kerek

Dr Orlena is a medical doctor turned health coach. She helps busy mums go from "I can't lose weight" to feeling fit and fabulous. Find out more about her here.


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