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Why Your Health Is a Powerful Reason to Lose Weight. Podcast Episode 10


Today I want to talk about why you should bother to lose weight. Many people want to lose weight to look good or feel confident. These are powerful motivating reasons. But there is one reason that trumps them all. Your health!

Health and Weight Loss Podcast

I Was Listening to Two Women Talking About Losing Weight

One of the women had struggled with weight loss and was now a healthy weight.

Both women had struggled with “the inner critic” and had learnt to accept their bodies.

The second woman accepted her body and described herself as “fat”. She was content with her body and didn’t feel the desire to lose weight.

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Losing Weight Starts With Self Acceptance

Both women started their “weight loss journey” by accepting the bodies. They learnt to love themselves. And to approach weight loss from a place of love rather than criticism.

I 100% agree with this philosophy.

We don’t teach our children by shouting at them. We know that it’s far more affective to encourage them with kind words than critical harsh words.

Yet somehow, we feel it’s fine to use those harsh words on ourselves.

Beauty Isn’t About Your Weight

Another very valid point. We live in a society that revers thin and stick like women. We often feel this puts pressure on us to be thin to fit in with society.

When we want to lose weight to please other people, or “be accepted”, we create an “external motivation”.

When we want to lose weight to please ourselves, we create an “internal motivation”.

An internal motivation is far more empowering than feeling obliged or inadequate.

What is a “Healthy Weight for You”?

Many people claim that there isn’t a “healthy weight”. They claim you should find a “healthy weight for you”.

On one level, they’re right. It might be that you were super skinny when you were in your early twenties. Now in your forties, you carry more weight but are still within healthy limits.

But this thinking is dangerous. We can’t see the beginnings of disease processes without doing tests.

You might even be a “healthy weight” and have the beginnings of disease processes going on inside.

The bottom line is that you can’t say that your body is healthy without doing tests.

It is possible to look at a body and see signs that are suspicious of disease. One of those signs includes being overweight.

Weight is a RISK FACTOR for Many Diseases.

Obesity is a risk factor for many diseases including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The “big nasties” as I like to call them.

See also: Podcast Episode 4 "How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease with Diet"

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Does it Feel Different Being Thin or Fat?

The ladies claimed that it wouldn’t feel any different to be thin. They were talking about the “inner critic”. If you’re critical of yourself before you lose weight, that voice will still be there. It’ll just find something else to be harsh about.

Hence their point about learning to love yourself. Learn to be kind to yourself before you start on your weight loss journey.

I agree!

Most people have an inner critic. It may not be focused on weight loss but we always seem to expect more of ourselves than others.

Your Body Feels Fantastic When You’re a Healthy Weight

But the ladies forget to think about how your body feels when you’re a healthy weight.

It will feel different when you lose weight. Your body will feel different.

You’ll have more energy. If you do exercise as part of your weight loss journey, you’ll start to feel fit.

We all want fit and fabulous!

Lose Weight Because You Love Yourself

Identifying emotions benefits are a fantastic way to start your weight loss journey.

Losing weight may help you feel more confident.

But please remember all the physical benefits of losing weight too. Your body will feel better and you’ll be more healthy.

I invite yourself to love yourself and make changes to how you eat for your health.

Making Lasting Changes to Your Lifestyle

It’s easy to lead a healthy life when you know how. Making the changes from “less healthy” can be challenging.

If you’re struggling to either lose weight or create a healthy lifestyle, feel free to book a mini session with me. Find out more here.

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Written by Dr Orlena Kerek

Dr Orlena is a medical doctor turned health coach. She helps busy mums go from "I can't lose weight" to feeling fit and fabulous. Find out more about her here.


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