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One Sure Fire Way to Lose Weight and Lead a Healthy Life Podcast Episode 136

The statistics are grim. So many people who set out to lose weight and make healthy changes return to their old habits.

Why is that?

Dr Orlena looks at 9 reasons you're likely to go back to your old habits.

And one sure fire way to make sure you don't.

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Hello and wel­come to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek. I hope that you're feel­ing fab­u­lous.

It is high sum­mer here. It's hot! I won­der if I'm qui­et you can hear the crick­ets or the ci­cadas in the back­ground.

Transcription of One Sure Fire Way to Lose Weight and Lead a Healthy Life

To­day, I want to talk to you about one short fire away on how to be suc­cess­ful when you want to make healthy changes, lose weight, get healthy, or what­ev­er it is that you want to.

Lack of Motivation is What Makes Healthy Living Hard for Most People

Statistics say that it is re­al­ly dif­fi­cult to make sus­tain­able changes. Peo­ple who try to make healthy changes have a hard time making it hap­pen. When I talk to peo­ple, a lot of times what they ex­plain is lack of mo­ti­va­tion.

Our brains flip in and out of this pos­si­bil­i­ty of leading a healthy life and into it not working

It starts with a vision or a goal such as:

  • I want to be proud of my body.
  • I want to be able to en­joy my body.
  • I want to have buck­et loads of en­er­gy.
  • I want to be my fittest health­i­est me.

But then life hap­pens and then you think, “Hey, you know what? This isn't go­ing to hap­pen. Let's just keep do­ing the same things.”

Healthy habits are unshakable like oak trees

You create these baby habits. But then life hap­pens you go back to where you were like an elas­tic band.

And you think “I had these habits. What hap­pened?”

The re­al­i­ty is you didn't have those habits. They are just habits that you're try­ing to make.

You had lit­tle seedling habits. And what you need is habits that are unshakable like oak trees. When life hap­pens, you turn to your healthy habits.

An­oth­er way of look­ing at it is you just haven't got far enough across the rick­ety bridge.

We turn back to our unhealthy habits for many reasons

There are so many rea­sons why this hap­pens. Take a look at this list and see if any of them res­onate with you. Then I will tell you one sure far away to fix all of them.

1. You try to do it all on your own and you get overwhelmed

Hands up. If this is you? You have a hard time crossing the rick­ety bridge between creating new healthy habits and staying with your old unhealthy habits.

2. You lack fo­cus and get dis­tract­ed by every new fad diet or magic so­lu­tion

I see this in so many peo­ple and I see this in my­self as well.

You think that there is this one magic so­lu­tion and if you can just find this magic so­lu­tion, every­thing will fall into place. But that is not the case.

3. You lis­ten to your think­ing brain that says, ‘You're already eat­ing healthily’

I sit and chat to peo­ple and they say, ‘I'm eat­ing quite health­ily. I eat lots of veg­eta­bles.’

But then the more we chat the more I realize that they also have a lot of car­bo­hy­drates crav­ings and they're eat­ing also eating loads of sugar like ice cream.

The real­i­ty is you have to look at every­thing that you're eat­ing.

There's al­ways room for im­prove­ment.

Healthy living is not just about eating a healthy diet

This is why I made my Four Pillars of Healthy Living.

The pillars are eat­ing sleep­ing, ex­er­cis­ing, and our emo­tions and mind­set.

If you're try­ing to do some­thing and you're not get­ting there, then one of those four things needs to change. It may not be the eat­ing as­pect.

4. You don't have ac­count­abil­i­ty to keep you to your healthy goals

So many stud­ies show that if you have ac­count­abil­i­ty, you're more like­ly to keep go­ing.

There are times when life hap­pens; things get a lit­tle bit on top of us and our pri­or­i­ties shift. Sud­den­ly some­thing becomes more ur­gent like we have to take care of our el­der­ly par­ents or our in-laws or some­thing like that.

All these good habits that we're try­ing to build up just go to the way­side be­cause of those oth­er things hap­penning. And then we don't go back to them.

But when you have ac­count­abil­i­ty, you have some­body say­ing to you, ‘Hey, re­mem­ber that you're do­ing this and you just need to get back on track and keep go­ing.’

5. You don't have a sup­port group to help you reach your healthy goals

This is slightly sim­i­lar to account­abil­i­ty.

If you hang out with peo­ple who are try­ing to achieve the same thing as you, you're far more like­ly to suc­ceed.

For example, if you want to give up smok­ing, don't go and hang out with your smok­ing friends who are go­ing to of­fer you a cigarette, hang out with your friends who don’t smoke.

6. You don't have an easy sys­tem to cre­ate healthy food

Most of you know that eating healthily is all about eating loads of veg­etables. But then when the time comes that they have to prepare for a meal, they don't have those veg­eta­bles at hand.

It doesn't have to be dif­fi­cult when you've got the sys­tems, habits, and rou­tines in place.

7. Cater­ing to kids who don't like healthy foods

We are ba­si­cal­ly held hostage by our kids who re­al­ly just want to eat all the yum­my de­li­cious glu­cose. I call kids glu­cose seek­ing mis­siles, and we get backed into a cor­ner be­cause we want to feed our kids and we want them to be hap­py.

But they refuse to eat all the healthy stuff that we want to eat. We ei­ther end up cre­at­ing two meals or we just eat what they want.

8. You lis­ten to that voice inside your head telling you that it's go­ing to be hard

This is related to my pil­lar num­ber four which is mind­set. When you think about having healthy habits as easy and fun. It be­comes easy and fun.

But when you lis­ten to that voice that says, ‘Oh, this is hard. I can't do it.’ You’ll find that it is hard.

9. You don't think you're im­por­tant enough to look af­ter

This speaks to everybody but par­tic­u­lar­ly to you, moth­ers out there, who don't think you're im­por­tant enough to look af­ter.

When we have our chil­dren, our brains and bod­ies ba­si­cal­ly adapt to look af­ter this tiny baby who needs our care and at­ten­tion 24 hours a day. We might have peo­ple to help us, but es­sen­tial­ly that is our job.

As the baby gets old­er, they be­come more au­tonomous. They need less of our help. But we still have that mind­set of ‘My child needs me’.

We al­most have to re­train our­selves into taking care of ourselves once more.

The best thing we can give our chil­dren is our own hap­pi­ness

The best thing we can give our chil­dren is our own hap­pi­ness. And the sec­ond best thing is veg­eta­bles. And I gen­uine­ly be­lieve that. I think when we are hap­py and healthy, we have far more en­er­gy to give to our children.

We are also demon­strat­ing to them, how to be hap­py and healthy. Children learn by copy­ing us. So if we demonstrating hap­pi­ness and healthy habits, that's what our kids learn.

Take care of yourself. Do it for your children.

My journey with self-care began when I start­ed tak­ing my chil­dren to the swimming

I de­cid­ed that while they were hav­ing their swimming class­es, I was go­ing to go swim ming as well. I realized that I can fit in a 45-minute swim once a week, and I've grad­u­al­ly built and built on that.

I know if you have young kids, it can be su­per dif­fi­cult be­cause you can't leave them, but there are oth­er things that you can do and you can build in lit­tle bits of self-care dur­ing the day.

Work with Dr Orlena and start living your best life

What is the num­ber one sure-fire way to get to healthy?

Come and work with me.

My clients are amaz­ing. They have made a com­mit­ment to them­selves and they are on that jour­ney to becoming more healthy, and they are rock­ing it.

It’s not al­ways easy. If it was easy all the time, they wouldn't need me to help them. And we wouldn't be hav­ing this con­ver­sa­tion, but when it's not easy, they have me to help them get through those mo­ments. When they get through those mo­ments, they make so much progress. They keep on go­ing until they live their amazing, healthy lives.

You can have an amazingly healthy life as well

When you have some­body on your side help­ing you out, it makes it easy for you. A coach holds you ac­count­able, makes it fun and en­joy­able and shows you how you can do it in an easy and dif­fer­ent way that fits with your life.

If you’re ready to take action, then come and let’s have a chat

It starts with us get­ting to know each oth­er. I'll be to­tal­ly up­front with you. There are some peo­ple I can­not work with. If you're not pre­pared to make any changes, I can't help you.

So it starts with the chat. And that chat is called the Roadmap to Healthy, Amaz­ing You. I can tell you about my one-on-one pro­grams and my group pro­gram.

Right now is an amaz­ing time to get into my group pro­gram be­cause not only have I ex­tend­ed it, I've also put a spe­cial in­tro­duc­to­ry price on that. It is just an amaz­ing op­por­tu­ni­ty to get in there right at the be­gin­ning.

If you would like to chat, just book a call

Book a call with me and you can get your roadmaps. Even if you don't end up work­ing with me, you will walk away with clar­i­ty and knowledge of what step to take next.

So I hope this was use­ful and I will see you next week.

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