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What if Feeling Amazing were Easy? Podcast Episode 131

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In this podcast episode you will learn:

  • How to wake up with loads of energy
  • Healthy living can be easy
  • What's stopping you from looking after yourself

Transcript of Today's Podcast Episode

Hello, and welcome to the Fit and Fabulous podcast with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek. I hope that you are feeling amazing. It is hot here in Spain now, which is a double-edged sword. I love the summer because I get to go swimming in the sea pretty much every single day, but also it's hot and you find yourself just sort of sticky all the time.

Do You Wake Up With Bucket Loads of Energy Every Day?

Today, I have two questions for you.

Number one is do you wake up every single morning and think "What a fabulous day. I'm so lucky to be leading this amazing life!" And two, what if it were easy, easy to make that transformation.

Before I go into exploring this question a little bit more, I just want to tell you about my cycling.

Cycling with Kids is Challenging and Fun at the Same Time

If you've been listening to the podcast over the last few months you'll know that I cycle my children to school. It started being not so easy. The kids found it difficult. I'm cycling my two, eight year old twins and my 11 year old and my eight year old son, is not somebody who is hugely confident in himself. 

It's only in the last year that Sebastian has really got to cycle confidently, and he's still significantly slower than the others so I still have to help him which means that the cycle to school is not always easy.

By the time I've got out of town on the cycle back and I'm in the woods, it's when I just absolutely love it because I can just enjoy what I'm doing, feeling the wind on my skin, looking at the butterflies, looking at the blue sky and the woods and the corn fields. I'm sucking it all in just thinking "This is amazing. I'm here in this moment" and I'm really enjoying it.

Healthy Living is as Easy as Cycling with the Wind

We live in the Mediterranean and there's a lot of winds around here. I noticed that the winds really affects how we're cycling.

We had to cycle down a really steep hill and one day in the winter, the wind was so far against us that we were pedaling but not really getting anywhere. It's hard cycling if you are going against the wind. When the wind is going with you, you don't notice because you're going in the same direction.  

If the wind is against me, I have to cycle really hard to get that last 200 meters home. But if the wind is with me, I'm home with no effort.

What if making that transformation in getting healthy is as easy as riding a bike with the wind?

A photo of a bicycle outdoors #healthylife #healthyeating #energy

What Stops You From Looking After Yourself?Habits!

A topic that I've talked about recently in the Facebook group is thinking about "What stops me from looking after myself".

We know that looking after ourselves has a great effect on our family. When we're feeling amazing and full of energy, everything's going swimmingly. But the moment we feel stressed, tired, overwhelmed, everything becomes difficult.

So why is it so difficult for us to look after ourselves and say "I'm going to prioritize my own self-care and look at the knock on effects to other people."

I think my number one reason that people find it hard is it's just habit.

It's just habit in the way that we think.

Those obstacles are just in your brain, they are just the way that you think about it.

Have a look at your thoughts and think, "Why am I finding this difficult? What am I finding difficult about this? What if it was easy?"

You are Worth the Energy, Time and Money Investment

A few other things that we talked about yesterday are energy, time and finances.

We don't have time to look after ourselves.

We don't have energy to look after ourselves.

We don't have the finances to invest in ourselves.

And I think, again, it comes back to habits. The first thing is habit of how we think and getting to this idea of "I'm worth investing in. I'm worth pouring in time and energy and money."

My favorite motto is if it's not easy and fun, it doesn't get done. So I want you to just grasp this idea. It's going to be easy and fun. 

Photo of a brown bottle with inscense

Come and Join the Healthy You, Healthy Family Habit Challenge

So come and join us in the Facebook group where all the fun happens or the Facebook lives happen. And next week, Actually you can sign up for it now. 

Next week we are doing the Healthy You, Healthy Family Habit Challenge. Last time we had so much fun. There were so many people who had transformations and who managed to take action. It's all about taking action.

Last week I asked in the Facebook group, what are your energy levels?

And Alison said, my energy levels are nine out of 10. Now Alison is working with me and I asked her what would her energy levels have been a few months ago and she said five or six.

A huge shout out to Alison, because changing your energy levels from five to six to consistently nine out of 10 is amazing!

So come and join the Healthy You, Healthy Family Habit Challenge taking place next week. I'm looking forward to helping you understand that this transformation is easy and fun.

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