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Podcast: The Power of Change: Jumping into a Healthier You


Embracing Healthy Living and Sustainable Weight Loss

Hello, hello, hello. Welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena. I hope that you are feeling amazing today. Okay, today, hard love day for you today, my friends, I want to ask you some hard questions, and I'm gonna tell you a very personal story. Now, my questions that I want to ask you are, Are you truly committed to yourself?

Commitment to Self: The Foundation of Healthy Changes

And where are you selling yourself short? Where are you not investing in yourself? Not necessarily in terms of money, but in terms of things that you can do to really and truly look after yourself. So, a couple of personal stories for you. I went and had my smear test. Oh my goodness. It was in January now, and as I record this, it is the 1st of September.

Happy September everybody. So at that time in my life, there was a lot going on in my life. My son was unwell. We were going through, oh my goodness, being admitted to hospital and not really knowing what was going on, and my entire focus was on my son. And on top of that, we also had a sort of, Surprise.

Balancing Health with Life's Challenges

We found this by accident diagnosis, which is that we have a genetic eye condition in our family, which is a bit of a, another surprise. So lots and lots of stuff going on whilst obviously, you know, making sure that I'm looking after my other children and maintaining my business. So, I went and had my smear test and the smear test came back as you have grade one like cell differentiation.

Now, that is kind of the purpose of the smear test, is to be looking for these differentiations in your cells. Now I am not a gynecologist and the details of the smear test allude me a little bit. Now I also live in Catalonia in Spain, so everything is done in a different language, which does put me at a disadvantage.

Now Anyhow, I had to go and I had to have another test, and that other test came back as normal. Now, what they said to me at that time was, look, it is normal, but we recommend that you get a vaccination and we recommend that you get vaccine, a vaccination, and your husband get the vaccination. But this isn't so bad that we are gonna pay for it.

If you had it worse, like if it had come back with any more abnormalities, we would be paying for a vaccination for you. Now, I don't mind having a vaccination, but hey Ting, do you know how much this vaccination costs? It's gonna cost me over a thousand euros to vaccinate myself and my husband. So I kind of buried my head in the sand and thought, I'm not gonna think about this.

Financial Considerations in Pursuit of Health

I'll go and get it another day. Another day I had the, the receipt, the, oh my goodness, the. Prescription. Sorry, my brain sometimes doesn't find the words in English very well. So I had the prescription, but I didn't go and cash it in and I didn't go and cash it in. Now, as I say, a lot was going on for me at that time.

Procrastination and Its Impact on Health Choices

So eventually I go and cash it in and they say, oh no, this doesn't work. You have to go back. You have to go and get another one because you've only got one and you need three and your husband doesn't have one, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So anyhow, here's me thinking. Okay. It is now seven months later on, I really need to sort this out, and I could see that part of my brain is going, I don't want to spend the money on this vaccination.

Overcoming Financial Hurdles for Healthier Choices

I would rather keep the money and do something else with it. Now, something really sad happened. A few days ago, one of my online friends died. Now I didn't know her very well. I had met her, I had chatted her. She was in a coaching group that I had together, and sadly she had breast cancer. She had breast cancer when I was more in contact with her a couple of years ago.

Health Regrets: The Consequences of Delaying Health Decisions

And sadly last week she died of breast cancer. And that's a very sad story. What it really made me think was about this vaccination and seeing myself sort of putting my head in the sand and thinking, well, it's just gonna be normal. You're gonna, you know, carry on. You'll have your smear tests every single year.

Facing Mortality: The Catalyst for Health Action

'cause that's what has to happen. And chances are it will just be normal. And the vaccination, who knows, like, I don't really understand the statistics of the vaccination, but it's not clear cut that I need to have the vaccination. So what do I do? Okay, so in this situation, I think, right, what is important in this situation?

And there's a really useful tool that I use, which is connecting with your future self. So think about yourself. You know, at the end of your life you are this old. Wise person looking back and thinking at this time in my life, what was important? What was the important thing that comes out of this situation?

The Role of Future Self in Health Choices

And it's a really, really useful tool. And really what I came to realize was, okay, I could just not have the vaccination and save myself a thousand or so euros or I. And if I did that, I might end up with cancer. Now chances are I won't end up with cancer, but if I didn't vaccinate myself and got cancer, oh my goodness, wouldn't that be a disastrous situation thinking you can't go back in time and now vaccinate yourself.

Or I could just think, okay, this might reduce your chance of getting cancer a little bit. Go and have the vaccination. It's gonna cost you money, but you know what? If that money prevents you from getting cancer and you never know these things, it's one of those sort of like chance things that, you know, it's a mental exercise.

Investing in Health: The Price of Prevention

You can't say, oh yes, this definitely worked, but if it has any chance of working, then that is a thousand Euros well spent. And so I went and I got the vaccination, and yes, it stung a little bit as I paid for the first dose. Oh my goodness. It was 173 euros, and I had to give the vaccination to myself because I could have gone to the nurse and booked an appointment and et cetera, et cetera.

But I'm like, oh, it's so easy to give a vaccination. My husband can do it. He took one look at the needle and went no, I don't think I can. So I had to vaccinate myself. But the point of this story is I'm there sitting here thinking, okay, my life is fine. I don't need this vaccination. It's for something in the future.

It's not really gonna have any benefit right now, this very minute. And do you know what? It might not even have any benefit, but is it worth paying a thousand euros for that possibility that it's gonna save me having cancer in the future? And the answer is, Yes, it is worth paying fat money and I will never know if it worked or it didn't work, and that my friends is where I want to ask you, are you doing everything to support your long and healthy life?

The Cost of Inactivity: Prioritizing Long-Term Health

Now, here's the thing. I talk about this vaccination, and it's not a hundred percent sure what the statistics are in my specific. Situation. But what I can say to you is, where you are leading a healthier life is 100% going to help you. Number one, feel better. Immediate effect. Feel better, have more energy.

Healthy Living's Immediate Rewards: Feeling Better

Enjoy yourself and, and, and, you know, get to grips of truly enjoying yourself as opposed to enjoyment through food and things that you feel guilty about afterwards. Now when we look at illnesses, heart disease, diabetes, lots of cancers, you can so reduce your risk of getting these things by easy. Lifestyle changes.

Healthy Changes for a Disease-Free Future

And it does not have to be difficult. And I see on a, on a side note, I see so many people saying, Oh, you have to get this supplement. You have to get that supplement, blah, blah, blah. No, the basics, the things that you can do that are gonna have the biggest impact on your life are eating healthily, doing some exercise, paying attention to your emotional wellness.

Healthy Living Basics: Eating Right, Moving More

Sleep. Yeah, you've got it. The four pillars, the four pillars, those four pillars. When you really brush those pillars off and you really dive into those pillars and make sure that you are doing those things. They are gonna have a huge impact on your future health and they are worth doing. And they're not scary.

The Four Pillars of Healthy Living: Your Blueprint to Wellness

I know they feel scary to you right now. So that is my question to you. Where are you selling yourself short and why? So here's another question. So where are you selling yourself short? What aren't you doing that you really know you ought to be doing? And now the next question really is, okay, so why aren't you doing it?

Unveiling the Why: Identifying Barriers to Healthy Changes

And this needs a little bit more diving into and. It's very easy to say, for example, oh, it's all about the money. I don't want to invest the time, the money in doing these things. But often it's a little bit deeper than that. So, you know, I think people who don't step into making changes often feel a bit like, Ugh, it's not gonna work for me, or, I don't have confidence in myself to be able to maintain this.

Breaking Through Barriers: Building Confidence for Change

And understanding what is holding you back is really powerful because when you understand what is holding you back, then you can look at it in a different way and go, oh my goodness. Yes. Isn't that. You know, something that I can overcome. Isn't that something that I can work to, to change? And the answer is yes, of course.

Overcoming Obstacles: A Path to Healthy Changes

There is no thought in your brain that you cannot overcome with a different thought and step into ease and flow. So if your brain is busy telling you, I can't do this because blah, blah, blah, you brain is in a rutt of negative brain. If you don't know what I'm talking about, negative brain and positive brain.

Mastering Your Mind: From Negative to Positive Brain

Go back and listen to the podcast I did a few weeks ago, which really explained about negative brain and positive brain. So I would love to know what you feel you could be doing and aren't doing and why you are not doing it, and thinking about your next steps going forward if you would like some support in this.

Next Steps to Healthy Living: Seeking Support for Change

And now the support can just be having a phone call, a a video, a Zoom chat if you want to, but I. Offer you a free coaching call and say to you, look, come and chat to me and see. See what is going on, and see if I'm a good person to help you. I get amazing results from the people who join my program. Why?

Unlocking Health Success: The Power of Support

Because before you join my program, You really have to be clear that this is what you want to do, that you want to make changes, that you are committed to make changes. So I don't allow people to join my program who are a bit like, do you know what? I'm not sure if this is gonna work, and I'm not prepared to invest the time and the energy and all of these things.

Commitment to Change: The First Step to Healthy Living

If you are ready to make changes and you would like some support from somebody who understands how the human body works and how the human mind works, and that you are not broken, you are just a human. Who lives in this world of so much glucose around the world, so easy to get. Then come and book a call and we will chat about what it would look like to work together.

Transforming Together: A Step Towards Healthy Change

And that call is an amazing call in that you will get so much clarity about how your brain is working. I'll send you an assessment before we do the call. You do the call like 24 hours beforehand, and then we chat about it when on the actual call. So my friends, where are you selling yourself short? Where are you not making changes?

Clarity and Action: The Path to Healthy Living

Where really and truly, you know, you ought to make changes and you're just burying your head in the sand and hoping that because it's not so painful now, it's not such a big problem that this problem is going to disappear. And I tell you, it is not going to disappear. You have a choice right now. You can carry on doing the same things.

Choice and Consequence: Healthy Changes or Inactivity

What is the cost of inactivity? What is the cost of not making changes? Where does that lead to if you don't make changes or you can step into healthy, amazing you and make changes? And one thing I would say to you is really when you jump in, Into the big pool, you know, feet first and go, yes, I'm gonna do this.

Taking the Plunge: Committing to Healthy Changes

I'm gonna make changes. Actually, when you start to change your identity, it's much easier to make changes. So, you know, you can say, oh, I'm gonna make a little change here, and a little change here, and a little change here. Well, that is an option. But it's much better to jump in with two feet and make changes and go, this is new me and I'm gonna do it with support so that I'm not gonna take on too much and then fall over and just everything get overwhelming and then give up.

Identity and Change: Becoming the Healthier You

But I'm gonna do more than one change. I'm gonna change a reasonable amount of my life, and I'm gonna keep going and I'm gonna keep going. So some thoughts for you today, my friends. Have a lovely day and I look forward to chatting to you again next week. Bye-bye.


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