3 Reasons You're Eating Healthily and Not Losing Weight


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Hello, Hello. Hello, wonderful people. Welcome to fit and fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena. I hope that you are feeling amazing today. Okay. I'm doing a, I'm doing a thing today. I am doing a Facebook live and recording my podcast at the same time. So let's see how this goes. I hope it goes amazingly.

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We have such fun and it's a really lovely, lovely community. And if you'd asked me a year ago, I would probably say something like I don't like Facebook groups, but my group is different. My group is amazing and I do really, really, really love my Facebook. Okay. What I want to talk to you about today is a little bit of hard love or what we might call Tough nuggets a little bit of, Hey, I'm gonna pick you up on this.

3 Reasons You’re Eating Healthily and Not Losing Weight

What I want to talk to you about is three reasons why you are eating healthily and you're not losing weight. So hands up, if you say, Hey, I don't know why I'm not losing weight. I'm eating healthily. I hear this so often from people and they explain to me what they're doing.

And then they say, “but I'm not losing weight. I don't understand”.

Obviously everybody is different and there are different reasons, but I'm going to give you three big reasons.

Dr Orlena’s Hard Love Reason 1

So the first reason is if you take a step back and get really honest with yourself, you are not actually eating that healthily. I know hard love. A truth bomb for you!

You Aren’t Eating as Healthily as You Could

But here's the thing it's really easy to look at. Yes. I'm eating some vegetables. Yes. I'm doing this. And a lot of times when I chat to people who tell me that they're eating, healthily we dive a little bit deeper, we dive a little bit deeper and then what happens? They say, yeah, I eat healthily except, and then outcomes.

The chocolate, the cookies, the candy, the, all of that kind of thing. And quite often that's related to emotional eating or stress eating. And quite often people know that that is the case and in their heart of hearts, they kind of know, yeah, I'm eating healthy. If only I could sort out this emotional eating piece.

Struggling with Emotional Eating?

And by the way my end emotional eating program is amazing right now it is $29 or $27. I think it is, it is gonna go up in a couple of weeks because Ugh, I realize I have to pay that on it, which I hadn't realized that I thought I didn't. So anyhow, grab it now because it's gonna go up at the end of August.

And I think it's gonna go up to $50. So grab it. While you have it, it's an amazing opportunity to like nail emotional, eating, to really understand what is going on. So that is the first the first truth bomb is, you know, you might not actually be eating as healthly as you think. And it is very, very easy to think.

Yes, I am eating healthily and I look, you know, and healthy to different people means different things. I look at. My parents, for example, my mom, and she thinks that she eats healthily and I look at the way she eats and thinks, oh my goodness, you eat a lot more cakes. And this and other things that when I look at the whole of what she eats, you know, none of these things are forbidden in moderation, but when you take it as an overall, this is everything I'm eating, not so healthy.

Food Proportions and Portions are Important when it comes to Healthily Eating

And you need to have a look at the proportions. So the ratios of, you know, how much fruit and vegetables am I eating compared to. how much white refined carbohydrates I'm eating. So that is truth bomb. Number two, now truth bomb. You might actually be eating quite healthily.

Dr Orlena’s Truth Bomb Number 2

It might be the case that you are eating healthily, but what you not doing is giving your body a chance to use that energy as. I'm gonna say that again.

You're not giving your body a chance to use the energy as fat.

So here's the truth. In order to lose weight, you need to eat less than your body needs.

It's it's basically simple maths. Your body uses a certain amount of energy every single day. And if you are feeding yourself that amount of energy, it's gonna use the energy from, from what you're eating. And you need to give it a chance to be using the stored energy. Like basically there's two ways of getting rid of fat.

You can either use it, burn it as an energy source, or you can get it cut off. And I think the first one is a much, much nicer way of doing it. And it's not as difficult as people think, but you do need to eat less. And you know, other ways of saying this, or you need to have a calorie deficit. Now that sounds very scary, but it is basically true.

You do need to have a calorie deficit. Now what I would say is it doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to be difficult. And you know, the way I advise people to do this is to eat lots of vegetables because. If you are going to eat and you are eating lots of vegetables, you are naturally getting less calories than if you are eating high calorie foods, like cake and biscuits and cookies and all of those things.

It's really easy to eat lots of calories when they're easy to eat calories. I have my brother staying with me at the moment. It's amazing. I haven't seen him for ages, but I made him breakfast yesterday and we had a big bowl. We eat lots of fruit and nuts and a little bit of oats on top and you know, the whole oats.

And he said, oh my goodness, this is such a big bowl of oats. Now it wasn't such a big bowl of oats. It was lots of fruit. And the oats were sort of piled on top because the whole bowl was filled. Like they're small bowls. The bowl was full of fruit and nuts and seeds. And then I'd sort of like gone, oh my goodness.

I'm just gonna pile the, the oats on. but he's like, oh, this is, you know, a huge bowl of oats. Now, number one, I definitely don't have an issue with my weight, but number two later on in that day, my sister-in-law came around and she bought some Coca-Cola and he had a cup of Coca-Cola now, where, where are the calories?

The calories are in the CocaCola and he drinks it thinking it's like water. whereas he finds it difficult to eat the oats. The oats are much lower in calories. So there's a total mismatch in the way people think about things. So truth bomb. Number two is that you might actually be eating reasonably healthy, but what you're not doing is giving your body a chance to use up flat energy.

Dr Orlena’s Truth Bomb Number 3

And as I say, it can be easy and it's about finding a way that works for your body. And yes, there may be a little bit of adjustment time doing anything new takes adjustment. okay. Now here is truth bomb.

You Aren’t Taking Care of Your Other Pillars, Exercise, Sleep and Emotional Wellness

Number three, it might have nothing to do with your food. Well, okay. I haven't phrased that exactly correctly.

It might be that there are other things going on. So if you have been around before, you know that it teach four pillars and I teach. Loving healthy eating exercise that lights you up, delicious, healthy sleep, and emotional wellness. And that includes stress levels and emotional eating. So those are the four pillars and you need all four of those pillars to lose weight.

And it might be that one of the other pillars is not working. You might not be prioritizing sleep. You might be super stressed so that you are not giving your body a chance to lose weight. You need all four of those pillars. One of the things that I really love is this analogy. If we, a little story, if you look back in history English cycling team.

Wait, wait with me. This does have a point. I promise you. So the English cycling team, thinking about tour de France and, and those big races like that used to be absolutely hopeless. We always, the British team always used to come at the bottom. Everyone would be like, oh my goodness, the British cycling team, they're hopeless.

They're hopeless. They're hopeless. They got a new trainer, new trainer. What? He's not that new. He's been around for ages. I'm super sorry. I've forgotten what his name is. But anyhow, what he did was he started looking at little ways of. Improving small things. So for example, he would go to the hotels and make sure that his riders were getting a good night's sleep, that the hotel was optimized.

And I'm sure he did things on the bike, but all these small little things. And now the British cycling team is, you know, one of the best cycling teams because they made little little changes and your body is the same. You might think, okay, I've got this. But you haven't, if you're not losing weight and you want to lose weight, you haven't got it because there's other little changes that you need to make, and it might be changes the way to eat.

Going back to referring you back to points one and two, it might be that you're not eating as healthily, or it might be that you are eating healthily, but you just need to find a different way that is gonna work for you and your. It might be that you need to increase your exercise. Now, I always say, you know, when you are thinking about weight loss, it's 80% food, 20% exercise and a hundred percent mindset.

Exercise Will Help you Lose Weight

Now that doesn't mean don't ever do exercise. That means exercise is really important. The main benefits of exercise are fitness, lots of energy feeling amazing in your body, but yes, exercise does also help you lose weight. It's 20%. So if that 20% isn't 0%. Exercising and exercise doesn't have to be, you know, super strenuous walking is a really good place to start if you are new to exercise, but building up muscle.

It's gonna help you increase your metabolic, excuse me, metabolic rate. It's you know, it generally helps you if you want to lose weight. So having a body that is high in muscle and low in fat, I know it feels a bit like catch 22. I totally get that. But those little tweaks are gonna help you get there. So it might mean that you need to tweak your sleep.

Good Quality Sleep Will Help You Lose Weight

You might need to think about sleep. You might need to think about your stress levels. Stress is a really, really big one. And you know, along with that is the emotional eating ride. So there you go. My friends short and sweet, but three big reasons why you are busy saying I eat healthily. , I'm not losing weight.

Now the problem with saying I'm eating healthily, I'm not losing weight is what you are also saying is nothing works for me. I can't do this. I can't make any changes. There aren't any changes that I can make that will work. And that puts you in a really unempowered place. You're basically saying I might as well give up because nothing's gonna work.

So I hope this. Video or podcast has given you a little bit of, oh, actually, you know what? Yes, I am eating healthily, but there are other things that I can do as well, and I can lose weight and it is totally possible. Even though I'm eating healthily, perhaps I can eat healthier. It's not just about. In comparison to the rest of the world, how healthly they are eating, you may be eating really healthy compared to everybody else.

Dr Orlena’s Big Question for You

What do you need to do to help your body lose weight?

And that's the only question you really need to ask. So get out of that mind frame of I'm eating healthy. It's really frustrating. I dunno what to do. Yes. You do know what to do, and if you don't know what to do, come and chat to me.

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It looks like applying those four pillars. So loving, healthy, eating. Exercise, sleep and emotional wellness in a way that works for you. So we build on these things and you have motivation. You have accountability, you have my expertise and yes, I am a hundred percent sure that you can do it by yourself.

Motivation and Accountability Will Help You Lose Weight and Keep it Off

But why would you, let me tell you another story. I fell off my bike two days ago. It was a bit dark cycling to the sea, a place that I don't normally go down a really steep. Pot holy road. And my wheel kind of got caught in a pothole and it twisted. And I went over the, the handlebar and I've got a scratch on my knee, which has now started to get infected.

And I was looking at it yesterday evening, going, oh my goodness. It is getting infected. I can see the redness. My leg is beginning to. Get sore. Now I could leave my leg and it will fix itself over a period of time. But why would I do that when I can just pop into a pharmacy and say, Hey, can I have some antibiotic cream, please?

Five euros job done. Put it on yesterday. I can already see that it is beginning to get much better. Yes. My body is still working to heal. The antibiotics isn't doing at all. My body still has to heal itself, but it's having some. And it's the same for you. Yes, you can get there by yourself, but it's gonna be a bit of a struggle.

You're gonna be constantly wondering what to do, lacking motivation, lacking accountability. Why would you do that to yourself? Get the help that you need and deserve. It will be so much quicker and so much easier. So if you're interested in applying these four pillars so that you can lose weight, increase your energy levels, lead long and fulfilling life.

This is a life change we're talking about. It's so exciting. If you'd like to chat to me, then feel free to book a call. I will leave a link in the show notes or in the comment. If you're listening to the Facebook live and have a fabulous week. Okay. Take care. Goodbye.


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