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Hello? Hello. Hello. Welcome to fit and fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek. I hope that you are feeling amazing. So many amazing things going on at the moment. Number one spring is in the air. I love spring. Do you know what? I went swimming in the sea yesterday. Now, if you haven't heard about me and swimming, you must be new to the podcast.

Dr Orlena Gets back into Sea Swimming

So welcome because I'm always going on about me swimming. I live in Spain. It's about 15 minutes cycle ride to the sea. I absolutely. But obviously it has been winter, reasonably, so I have been swimming less. In fact, I have even been to the swimming pool for a few times. So yesterday I managed to go to the sea and it was full of jelly fish and really interesting little animals that sort of jetty kind of animals, just amazingly beautiful.

Those ones don't sting and they were great, but the jelly fish, they do sting and we had to do what we call the jellyfish slalom. So I managed to save. Huge total of around 20 minutes, which isn't huge, but it was the beginning of getting back into swimming and it was nice and warm and sunny when I got out.

Exercise is Easy When You Love it

So I'm super excited because I know that this is the start of not the start of summer, but you know, the start of getting back into swimming, exciting, exciting, what other amazing things, Hey, you know what I did love. I recorded a podcast on done. Hey, I'm not going to tell you what I'm going to call him is a big name, a famous person.

Who’s the Celebrity Doctor’s Podcast Dr Orlena is Going to be On?

Oh my goodness. I was awe struck. I was terrified that actually it was great. He was a really good interview and that will be out soon and I will obviously then reveal who it was and share that podcast with. Other exciting things. My book is coming out on April the 27th. It is called building simple habits to a healthy meal.

Building Simple Habits to a Healthy Me Available April 27th

And this is going to transform your life. It's around $10, I guess. Obviously currency's changed, but it's, it's like $10 and it is an amazing, amazing. I don't like to blow my own trumpet, but I'm going to super simple. There's not heaps and heaps of writing in it. It's my method. And there's worksheets in it and habit trackers in it.

So mark that date in your diary and go and get that book as soon as it is available. Now, the other thing that I'm doing to celebrate my book law. Is I'm going to be running my five day challenge again. Now I ran this a few times last year. So if you came last year, come and do the challenge again. And if you missed it last year, we had so much fun.

Healthy You Healthy Habit Challenge Starts April 25th

The five days, essentially I do a training every single day and help you develop one. That and give you so much information. It's amazing. It's like, this is how you transform your life. So come and sign up for that. I will leave the sign up in the show notes. So super, super exciting. If you can't catch the the live sessions, they will be recorded for a period of time, but it's not forever.

You get like a couple of weeks to watch it because you need to take action and do, do watching things and learning straight away.

Why Don’t People Lead Healthy Lives?

Okay. What do I want to talk to you about today? Today. I want to talk to you about so many people. I see so many people who come to me and say, yes, I want to lose weight. I want to lead a healthy life.

Hey, you know what I do eat. I was having this conversation. That pause was deliberate, by the way, I was having this conversation with my swimming friend yesterday and her husband. He did our garden. It's a lovely garden, but he's a little bit overweight. In fact, he would say, you know, I, he describes himself as overweight.

Our Brains are Good At Tricking Us into Thinking We Are Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

He is overweight. And she was talking to me about how he would like to change a little bit and make changes. And I'm like, Hey, you know what, eat vegetables. And she's like, oh, he does eat healthily. And I'm like, well, does he eat too much? And he's like, no. And I'm like, well, has he ever eaten too much? And he's like, no, he always eats the right amount.

And I'm like, well, you know what? There is a certain amount of evidence that shows that that is not the case. And I don't mean to be judgemental about this. I'm merely looking at it for. Physiological point of view, and that is. If you eat more than your body needs, you're going to store it as fat. That is just how our bodies work.

Now, the thing that happens is people don't realize that that's what they're doing. So I look at this gentlemen and at some stage in his life, he has eaten more than his body needs. Now, if you're not actually putting on weight, if you're plateauing, you're eating. What your body needs to maintain that weight.

Now, what you're not doing is allowing your body to use that fat as energy, because that's how you release that fat. You start using it. And I tell you what, it doesn't have to be complicated, but what I, the reason I'm bringing this up is because I would like you to have a hard look at your life. So many people say to me yet, I eat healthily.

It’s Easy Not To Make Healthy Changes. It’s Easy to Make Healthy Changes

I have my response is yeah, but not “Dr. Orlena healthy”. Like it doesn't have to be difficult, but people trick themselves into saying, yeah, yeah, I eat healthy. I eat few vegetables. Therefore, my entire diet is fine. Well, if you're struggling with weight, there is room for improvement. You can do things slightly differently.

And I think this is what I'm trying to say to you is that you just need to do things differently. It doesn't need to be hard. It doesn't have to be complicated. It just needs to be different. And you know what I'm like, I'm all about systems, habits and routines. Let me tell you a little story to illustrate the point.

How Life is Easier with the Right Systems to Support Your Healthy Lifestyle

In fact, I've got two. You know my stories. They're so amazing. My amazing life and adventure and excitement. So yesterday I went to my fruit and vegetable market. Every Sunday I get up 7, 7 30. I love it. I like to get there before it gets super busy. And I have some stools that I go to where I know I am going to find, you know, bargains essentially, where they reduce the fruit and vegetables.

Now there's one gentleman. I normally go to his. She's sweet and we have a chat and we talk and he's really sort of like, Hey, buy this, this, this. And he said to me yesterday hit by all of these clementines five euros. I looked at all of these clementines and I'm just thinking, there's no way I can get all these clementines home.

I don't want that Kevin tones. So he's like, okay, one big bag of clementines, a Euro, and these clementines are slightly. You know, they need to be cut up and there's some delicious bits in them, but I need to spend a bit of time separating them. So in the end I bought two kilograms of those clementines and another, sorry, not two kilograms, two big bags, two euros, and some more of his ankles as well, which were nice apples, but they needed little bits cut out of them.

And then he sold me potatoes that I don't normally buy potatoes because they're not on my list of things that I normally like to cook or eat. But I have one son who really likes them and he's here saying, Hey, have these potatoes. I think it was like 10 kilograms for three euros. And I'm thinking, okay, my husband is going to come and help me carry everything back.

So, okay. I'll buy these. So I'm here and I've got so much. That I just can't carry it home by myself. I've got a trolley. My trolley is full. I've got several bags. And normally what happens on days like that is my husband comes and he has another trolley and he comes and helps me carry it home. Fabulous, great plan.

So I phoned my husband who is asleep. It's eight o'clock. I'm like, you need to come and help me. I need rescuing. I can't carry all of this stuff. 10, 15 minutes later, he turns up really, really sleepy. I think he fell back into a deep sleep and he's sort of a bit groggy and I'm like, Hey, where where's the trolley?

And he's forgotten to bring the trolley. So we struggle home him carrying bags and bags. And me pushing my trolley. We're probably carrying about the same amount of stuff. Now, this may sound like a really boring story too, but it really demonstrates a point and that is I'm carrying the same amount of stuff and I'm walking home going, Hey, this is fine.

I'm just pushing a trolley. And he is carrying. Kilos and kilos of fruit and vegetables, which by the way, all the bananas got totally squashed by the time we got home because they weren't in the trolley, but he is really struggling. He's finding it really difficult. And I keep stopping and saying, Hey, do you want me to take some more or let's swap?

And he's like, no, no, I'll make it. And he did get home, but this just demonstrates the point that with a good system, which we do have, the system felt pieces this time. Normally we have a good. With a good system, life is so much easier. Normally the two of us push trolleys home and fruits, vegetables make it home without being extra squashed, but it's a pleasant walk home.

Yeah. It's quite kind of difficult to push the trolleys up the hill, but it's not. Oh my goodness. I am really struggling. Just a simple thing. Like taking a train. And if you don't have those habits, systems and routines installed in your life, it feels like it's so difficult. But when you do have them installed, it feels like, oh my goodness, life is so easy.

Another Story to Show How Little Changes Can Give Big Changes

Take another example. My son this morning, bless him. Two of my children have had flu in the last week and they've been on well in bed. So he has had a glass of water in his bed. Now I did mention to him that he might want to have a bottle other than a glass of water, but anyhow, he's 13 and he needs to learn things by himself.

So what he learned today was he spilt his glass of water at five o'clock in the morning, his bed got entirely wet and he got. To go and sit on the sofa and read a little bit at five o'clock in the morning. But the knock on effect of not having that simple system is that he gets a bad night's sleep. He wakes up early, he wakes up everybody else in the house.

Cause he's sort of like a herd of elephants and. All could have been avoided by just having a simple system of having a bottle. Now I know these things sound like, oh my goodness, this is just so mundane. Yes. But that's what we're talking about. We're talking about how to lead your life in an easy way so that things just flow so that things just happen easily to set yourself up for healthy living.

And obviously it looks different for everybody else. Sorry for, for different people. Like, you know, your easy is different from mine. You don't have to go to the market. You don't have to go swimming in the sea. You don't have to do the same things as me, but what you do want is these systems, habits and routines that really work to support your healthy living so that it is easy.

And so that you can avoid all those diseases and that you can shed that extra weight and you can have the amazing. And you can do it all with out thinking, okay, there you go. That's my soap box for today. I always say it is really easy to not make change. But it's so easy to make changes. It's really easy to lead a sedentary life, but it's also really easy to lead an active life.

It’s Easy to Eat Unhealthy Foods. It’s Easy to Eat Healthy Foods

It is really easy to eat unhealthy foods, particularly when supermarkets and society are they're saying, Hey, eat me. I'm a lovely cake. Eat me. I'm a lovely packaged food. Eat me. I'm this it's so easy. It is also really easy to eat healthily when you have the systems. And when you have the support to put those systems in, it's really easy to carry on as you are.

You Have a Chance to Make Healthy Changes Right Now

And then you look back in 20 years time and think, oh my goodness, I had that opportunity to make changes and lead a healthy life. And now it is too late. Why didn't I listen to Dr. Orlena? When she's told me you need to make changes. So it's really easy to carry on. It is also really, really, really easy to make changes, particularly when you have somebody helping you.

So there you go. My soap box for today. Now, remember my book is outbuilding simple habits to a healthy me. Put that date in your diary. April the 27th, an audio copy immediately come and join the healthy you healthy family habit challenge, which will be starting on April the 25th. On leave the sign up in the show notes.

And if you would like, if you think, right, I am ready. Dr.Orlena, I'm here with you. I want to make these changes and I want to lead my healthy life so that I shared the extra weight. I fixed my relationship with food. I have bucket loads of energy. I live a long and healthy life and demonstrate healthy living to my family and friends.

I want support. Contact me and we will chat and we will see if I can support you. Okay. Have a fabulous fabulous week and I will see you next week. Bye-bye.

Written By Dr Orlena

Dr Orlena Kerek (MBChB from the University of Bristol, UK) trained as a pediatric doctor. She is now a family health coach. She helps busy mums who want to feel amazing by eating healthy food, enjoy a healthy life, get back into their honeymoon shorts and teach their kids healthy habits all without thinking about it.

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