Podcast: The Truth About Long Term Weight Loss


Today I'm talking to Heidi about her weight loss journey. Heidi is a member of my Healthy You Healthy Family program. She's had amazing results with her weight loss, losing 25 Ilbs in just 2 months.

But that's not the end of the story.

After 3 months, Heidi stopped working with me and old habits started to slip back. Life kept on "life-ing"!

Happily Heidi got back on track and continues to make progress towards her health and wellness goals.

Transcription of Podcast

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Welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek. Happy, happy September. Happy end of summer. Happy start of academic year 2022 to 2023. I hope that you are excited to see what new things. today.

The Truth About Long Term Weight Loss

I have an amazing treat for you. I have invited one of my clients called Heidi to come and chat about what it's like in the healthy you healthy family program.

An Honest Review of Dr Orlena’s Healthy You Healthy Family Program

Now. There are several reasons for me inviting her to talk. Number one, if you are thinking about joining the healthy you healthy family program, which will give you all the tools that you need to lead along and healthy life, to lose weight in a natural way to enjoy healthy living, to enjoy movement, to enjoy all of those things so that you do it all without thinking.

Then I want you to know what you're letting yourself in. No seriously. I want you to see how easy it is and to see. How you can do things with support and what it's like being in, in the program. So that's number one. Now, if you are not considering joining the healthy, you healthy family program, well, number one, why not?

Because it really is an amazing program, but even if you are not, I want you to have a listen to what Heidi says, and there's some really big take home messages. And I think for me, When you listen to her story, you can see that she started really, really well. And then life started happening and she slid back a bit.

Her, in her words, she describes it as a roller coaster. And I think this is something that I want people to understand because people always have this idea of, Hey, I'm going to. Make amazing progress. Now you may make an amazing progress, but it may also be that things slow down. Things speed up just like a roller coaster.

And that is perfectly normal. And the other things that I think really resonate for me when I listen to Heidi is her talking about motivation, accountability, and being in a group.

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So if you are interested in joining the health of you healthy family program throughout the month of September, And even if you're not interested, you can still have this chat, but throughout the month of September, I am doing a get on stock chat.

Now places are limited because my time is limited. But what we will do with this chat is figure out where you are getting stuck. And get you unstuck. And then when we've chatted about where you are and where you want to get to, if you're interested, I can tell you about the group program. Now, one thing I will say about the group program is it is a lifetime program.

Yes, lifetime. Now there are several reasons that it is lifetime and one of them is Heidi because when I. Doing my program before I was doing a three month program. And I realized that what happened was Heidi did really, really well. And then we stopped working together and, you know, life happened for her.

And I don't want that for people. I want people, I want my clients to feel supported forever. And so at that time I made a decision to make. Program lifetime. I know it is absolutely amazing. It really is amazing. There are very, very, very few health coaches who offer lifetime coaching. Now, obviously, legally, I can't say lifetime because what does lifetime mean?

So what I do is I guarantee a year and. After that you can just carry on attending all the coaching classes. So come and book, get on stock chat. They will be offered on a first come first serve. If you can't find a slot that works for you. Just email me, email me on my email list. Okay. Take it away. Heidi, Heidi, Heidi.

Introducing Heidi

Hello, thank you for spending a little bit of time here and chatting to me and being honest and upfront about what it's like to be in the healthy you healthy family group program. Do you wanna just start by chatting people who you are and a little intro. Yeah. I guess I'm just like a lot of us women out there.

I'm a busy mom in my mid forties and I have two young boys four and seven. And I do have a partner, but he lives away at the moment. So yeah. And I'm busy with work, so yeah, it's been pretty full on for me. But yeah, I guess that's just what you do when you have kids and you grow up and It's good.

You know, life is life having the yeah, totally.

Before we started working together, what challenges you were experiencing?

So physical, mental, emotional, what were your frustrations?

I guess my frustrations were that. I kind of lost the old me in some ways, cuz I've been so busy, being busy, being the new me, which is the mum and working as well.

And I, I just lost my mojo to have faith and confidence in my myself. To get back on to where I left off, I suppose. I, I was just eating whatever I wanted to, and I'd put some weight on and yeah, I was just called in a roundabout, I suppose. So I guess I was. Sort of thinking that I probably do need something different, maybe some support and help just to pull me out.

Cuz sometimes when you're in those roundabouts, it is hard to step out, even though you think, well, you know, I should be able to do this. I've done it before. I know how to eat healthier. How hard can it be? Right. But when you, when you're in it, it's, it's hard to get out of it sometimes. So. Yeah. That's I guess how I found you was listening to a, a few podcasts and I thought, wow.

That's that resonates with how I think and, and things that you said. So here I am. Perfect.

How Heidi Lost 25 Ilbs in 3 Months

And when we started work together, what results did you get?

Well, I, I think initially the results was just different ideas. I guess of how to go about things. A big thing was accountability. Just checking in with you every few weeks as to where I was up to and starting to hone in on, you know, the four pillars and, and a big one for me was I guess, just being mindful of, of what you're eating.

And you know, why you do wanna eat a lot healthier than what I am and, and be a lot more accountable in, in what I am eating and, and, you know, setting the goals as to where I want to go. So I guess when you have somebody else to talk to about that, other than in your own head and support then yeah, it, you know,

Some pretty good results straight up. Yeah. You, so you started, like, I remember you started off and you lost like 25 pounds in, in three months and it was amazing. Yeah. Yeah, it was unreal. I was like, oh my God, is it, how can this be so easy? And I think it was just the fact that I, for the first time, in a long time I got serious, I got my mindset.

Right. And I just started being accountable for what I was eating and you know, it wasn't just. To eat what you want when you want. It was mindful eating. So, you know, eating healthier choices, not eating when you don't need to like cutting out the snacks. I was already doing some good exercise when I started with you and it just all came together and it was a really good boost to my confidence.

To get that result straight up and to prove to myself that, you know, you can do it. You just have to put that effort in and keep turning up every day and you know, and you do have some setbacks here and there and, you know, because you've, I've been sort of eating not the best for a while now. So yeah.

So I was gonna say that that three months, like it, it always sounds amazing. Yeah. I lost 25 pounds in, in three months and I think a lot of people. Grab onto those results. And you know, you see them all over the internet. I lost a hundred pounds in 10 days and things like that. And I always think, but that's not the end of the story and it wasn't the end of the story for you.

Old Habits Started to Come Back and Heidi Put on Weight

So at that stage, we actually stopped working together because I was doing a three month thing at the time. And things started to slide backwards for you. So what happened there? I, I guess, you know, your old habits just slip back and if you're not you know, I guess catching up every fortnight and, and, and nutting out a few little bugs here and there.

Heidi Gets Back on Track

And just reporting in, just keeps your mind in the sink and, you know, encouraging my mindset a little bit. Like I remember a before I did the last reboot. I was talking about summer coming up and saying, oh, well maybe, you know, I'll just lose a few kilos. I'll wait till summer. And you're like, why wait, why are you waiting till summer?

Why, why don't you do it now? And I kind of thought, well, yeah, why don't I like. That doesn't sound silly to me. And so that's when I thought, well, alright, if I'm gonna get serious let's do another reboot, which just re jogs my taste buds, my mindfulness, and my eating habits and, and drops a few of those kilos couple that I might have put back on and a couple that I needed to take off or try and do anyway.

And it, it just inspires you to push on. So yeah, it's a, it's a roller coaster, but what you say just time, you're doing some amazingly well, and I'm super proud of, of you buddy. I've been really happy about it, you know? But yeah, I, I, I can see that, you know, I, I'm not a hundred percent the healthy hearty that I wanna be yet.

Heidi Knows She Can Reach Her Weight Loss Goal

And I, I still have my personal goals to lose some more weight to fit back into my bag of skinny jeans, which before this, I used to look at that bag and go as if you're gonna fit back into them, you know, wake up to your. But now I'm like, well, you know what, that's what your goal is, you know, don't say you can't just say you're going to, and you know, it might not happen as quick as you want, but yeah.

If you're thinking that you can do it and you're aiming towards it and you get there. Well, you know how Great's that? So I'm not gonna say not, I'm gonna say I'm trying to, you know, and I'm getting there. I'm getting there. Yeah. Happiness. So what do you think has made this experience different from anything else?

Heidi Gets Support from Other Women With the Same Goals

I don't know. I just, I guess just catching up with a couple of other women in the group too, and, and hearing about their little you know, hums that they have along the way, you know, we're all struggling. We're all busy. We're all tired. We've got kids we're working. Oh my God. My health just goes out the window.

So. You know, just feeling that support that, you know, you're not alone and you're not a marsh. And with, with all that going on and you can't handle it, it's a normal thing. And you know, here's some strategies, you know, what's worked for me, maybe it'll work for you. And and just, you know, being mindful about what I'm doing and, and, and catching up on a regular basis.

So. Yeah. You know, I seem to be getting the results and it's, I'm enjoying it and it's just something I wanna do otherwise. I think, you know, if I did finish up in that three months, I'd probably. Flake off and, you know, maybe start slowly putting the weight back on because I'm not staying on my track, you know?

So I think you do need it a long amount of time just to yeah. Keep yourself going, you know? Yeah, absolutely. And partly your story. And partly one of the stories that I had with my own coaches was that I decided to, that I wanted my program to be lifetime. And, you know, I don't envisage people spending.

I don't think you're gonna. Want to necessarily come all the time, but that you have that possibility to come when life is lifeing.

Would Heidi Recommend Dr Orlena’s Coaching Services to Other People?

So my last question to you is would you recommend my coaching services to other people?

Look, I definitely would, for me, it's worked, but, but, but it's like anything at the end of the day, it's up to you and you've gotta put the work in and you've gotta get that mindset that I am gonna do this.

I am giving it a go. And with little things that you say, like it's only two weeks, you know, like that. To me. I, I can manage two weeks. It's when I come off the two weeks, you know, I'm in danger a little bit. So that's why I'm keeping on keeping on because I'm monitoring that and I'm aware of it. And I know if I start sliding back really badly, rather than letting the bandwagon go, I'm gonna just jump back on me two weeks.

Reboot to, you know, keep my journey going. And that is to be healthier stay mindful and, and lose those kilos and try and get back into those skinny jeans. Happiness. Yeah. You know, if, if you've got, if, if you want to do something, then you know, here's some support here, but you, you know, you are not gonna do it for us.

You support. No, exactly. So what I say to people is I offer you the expertise so that you know what to do, and then it's accountability and motivation. And I think those are the three things. I offer people in the group, plus, you know, the motivation and accountability of having other people in the group is not just me, as you say, it's that whole group and being spurred on by other people.

Yeah. And it takes a while to think in, like, it's a funny thing, you know, like you. You don't just come away after one meeting and go, oh, well, I've got all the points I need. Like sometimes you just need to hear the same thing over and over again for a few catchups. And then finally, I don't know, the lights come on and you're like, oh, I am home.

Oh, I get that. Now that's relevant. And, and it helps you. So, you know Just practicing the talk and then practicing the Walker are two things that I think that, that have helped me, you know, because otherwise you're on your own and you, sometimes you can be your own worst enemy because you just go round and round in your head.

you're still looking in the mirror going, oh God, when am I ever gonna stop this bloody diet? But you know, the whole time we've never talked about a diet. It's just about being mindful and eating healthier and, you know, getting to where you need to be. You. Yeah, that's interesting.

How Has Your Relationship with Food Changed?

So I guess another question really is, you know, how is your relationship with food?

Do you feel that that has changed?

Look, I think it has there's still the old bad habits that are gonna take a while to shake, but in saying that. I I'm just not this unaccountable person that I used to be, you know, like life was great before in a bad way, because I could eat whatever I want whenever I wanted however much I wanted.

But these days I'm kind of like, I. Oh, no, you know, you don't wanna keep eating processed food. It's a little bit, and it's only sometimes, and you know, you're not hungry and you're making better choices at breakfast and you're having better dinners. And I, I just don't eat as much food and, and I don't need it, you know?

And even the, in a minute fasting or I do like fasting on Mondays to reward, like just to catch up over it from a weekend. I, I just think that's been a great thing to do. And some Mondays I don't do it. It doesn't happen. I decide I wanna eat. Whatever, it's not the end of the world, but a lot of Mondays I do because it just keeps me, helps me stay on track and my body does enjoy it.

It's just your mind. You've gotta fight because your mind becomes used to eating. Yeah. And you stop listening to your body. So I think it's something, you know, you, you, you're fighting those two parallels when, when you are eating healthily and you know, you are in the swing of things.

Are Your Energy Levels Higher?

Yeah, definitely you do. If you're eating better food, you know, your body's feeling better and you're getting better results for longer where, you know, if you're eating those high carb, high sugar, you know short hits, then, you know, they're just gonna pick you up and, and dump you back where you started.

So, you know, you are, what you eat is they say, I guess here's my last question for you, Heidi. Is there anything I could do to support you more? Well, I guess you're doing the best you can. It comes back to me. I've really gotta think about what's going wrong here and there. And, and being honest, firstly, with myself, and then secondly, to share it with you to nut these little things out, you know and, and a lot of it, you can work out yourself, but sometimes when you sit back and have a good thing, you think, well, yeah, I, I do need to.

Talk to Dr Orlena about these little things. Like I find with my weight, I, I go good for a while and then I'm like a bit of a yo-yo and, you know, I'll sit on a certain weight for a while and then up and then there, and then I'll jump down and then I'll be sitting on that lower weight and then up and then down.

And so it's it's. Yeah, it is a roller coaster. Because I, I guess I'm just not perfect. I just can't stay, you know, I don't eat like I do on a reboot all the time. And yeah, that's just life, isn't it? You know, there's, there's that, and it's, it's ING a busy life and I think you're absolutely right. I think people have this idea that weight loss is going to be this, you know, straight lying down.

And that's not the reality of weight loss is that it goes up and down. And a lot of that is reflected in, like, you can probably predict when it's gonna go up and down. So when you're doing a reboot, you're doing well. Yeah. And when you're feeling less accountable, you're noticing that weight go back on and, and that's life, we're busy and we have to just manage the best we can and do what we, what we have capacity to do.

That's right. And I think staying on track with your weight, like I, I weigh myself a fair bit because you can, your weight reflects on what you ate that. And so, you know, when you've you've over eaten or you've done something you shouldn't do, your scales will tell you that. And when you have been good, your scales will tell you that as well.

Heidi Has More Self Awareness

And so to me, you know, a lot of people go, oh, you shouldn't weigh yourself every day, but that's my accountability as well. And for me personally, that keeps me in check too, and I can start to see them rise and I'm like, hang on, Heidi. You need to do something about this. You need to reign it in. You either need to get back on a reboot or make sure you do that Monday, you know fast, because you don't wanna undo all the good work you've done and you know, you know how to do this.

So that's, that's how I kind of keep myself going too. You know, that's what for me anyway. Thank you so much for chatting. Any last thoughts for people? It's up to you. You know, the information's here, the support's here, but at the end of the day, it's up to you. And, and I think we all need a bit of a helping hand to get out of our own roundabouts.

And so that's how this has worked for me. It's, it's been a great opportunity to share with other women that struggle with the same struggles that I have with normal life and being a working mom to do something about your. You know, or your health in general, because, you know, you wanna live the next 40 years as healthy as you can.

You know, it's not just about the way it's a, it's about longevity of your one body that you get. So I, I think taking care of it as best as you can is something that we need to do for ourselves. And, and if you need support to do that well, who cares? So what that's, what you need. So, yeah. Yeah, no, I totally, totally.

I totally, totally agree. Thank you, Heidi.


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