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Hey, hey, hey, wonderful people. Hello. Hello and welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr. Orleba. I hope that you are feeling amazing, amazing, amazing. Today I want to talk to you about how healthy living can help you live longer. Yes, it can help you live longer. Now, before I dive in and start telling you all the exciting things I want to tell you about, number one, a little teaser, a little tease, I am planning a new, it's not a challenge, it's a, a workshop that is gonna be happening the week of March the 20th.

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You don't have to do that. Okay. Let's talk about healthy living and why healthy living. can help you live longer. And I suspect this isn't really big news for you, but what I do want to do is dive into some research or an article that came out recently and the article that I saw was in The Economist and it was talking about Seventh Day Adventists.

What Can We Learn About Healthy Living from Seventh Day Adventists?

Now a little backtrack. Hands up if you know what a blue. Now, I know some of you will and some of you won't. So let me just recap on what a Blue Zone is. A blue Zone.

What is a Blue Zone?

There are a few areas over the world that have been designated Blue Zones because they have a higher percentage or more people who live to a hundred and researchers are interested in really what's the difference between this community here?

And other communities. Now, obviously there is more than one difference. There's lots of differences, but really the idea is, okay, how can we tease out some of the things about the people who live in these communities? So the areas at the moment are, you have to excuse my pronunciation in Japan, Sardinia in Italy, Niko in Costa Rica, and I iCare, I'm, as I say, saying these all incorrectly in Greece.

So at the moment there's these four. Now the seventh day Adventists have also been dubbed a blue zone as well, because they have lots of people who. live much longer, and I'll dive into this and tell you a little bit more about this. So really the question is why, why is this happening? And this is based on research that has been done by a university in the, in the States.

And I can leave a link to the show notes in the show notes to this article if you're interested. But essentially in the mid 19th century, A lady called Ellen White, who was one of the prophets and founders of the seventh day s had a vision and she said that her brethren should eat food. And I quote this as it grows out of the ground.

And that they must also be mindful of eating animal products and avoid smoking and alcohol. So you can see that they are leading a healthy life now. Devout followers, mostly eat plants, vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and whole grains. Now, some may eat animal products, but most do so sparingly. Are you seeing some parallels here with my beloved Mediterranean style diet?

Yes. They're eating really what sounds to me like a very Mediterranean style. . So some of the things that they, and we'll dive into this a little bit more, but some of the things they do eat is less red meat and less ultra processed foods. So they are doing really well and they're ticking the boxes.

Now, the interesting thing is that if you look at their life expectancy, they have a much higher life expectancy than other people who live in the United States. Now, if you live in the United States and you are a black male, you are in the worst situation in terms. Life expectancy. However, black males in the seventh day , it is all evened out and they have a similar life expectancy.

So you can see that living healthily in this population has really shown that you live longer. Now, some of the things that they teased out were red meat, and they said that eating red. You get 118, sorry, you get an 18% higher mortality rate than if you don't eat red meat. Now what does that mean? That means out of.

118 deaths a year for people who eat red meat. There are only a hundred deaths in a similar population for people who don't eat red meat. Yeah, it is that big a difference. And also the same was true. It was slightly less. It was 14%. For people who eat ultra processed food, such as white bread, white bread has been included in ultra processed foods.

What they said was, people who consume these foods for half of their total calories have a 14% increase in mortality compared to those who eat them for a smaller portion of their diet. So what that again is saying is out of 114 people, 114 deaths in people who eat a lot of processed foods. There are only 104 people who don't eat that.

And this really made me stop and think, and we have been discussing this in my coaching last week. We've been discussing this article and really what it means to me now. I hope that you've seen a few videos that I've done on recently on this thought that a lot of people have, which is, you know, when I'm eating a treat, when I'm eating cake or chocolate, or whatever it may be.

I deserve to have this, this treat. I deserve to feel happy and I deserve to feel comforted, and I deserve all of these good things. And one of the things that I'm very keen on is how we think about things. And when we say things like, I deserve something, we are kind of really thinking of it as a good thing.

Yes, of course you deserve to feel happy. Of course you deserve to feel looked after. Of course you deserve all of these things. But I put it to you that. actually eating food is not the way to get there. For two reasons, number one. Number one, when, when that happens, part of your brain is going, Ooh, I know that this isn't great.

And actually what happens is you end up feeling guilty for eating the food and you feel worse. So really, you are hoping to feel happy, you're hoping to feel all of these things, but actually what happens is you feel guilty. You feel. A failure. You feel overwhelmed. You feel all of those negative emotions that you're really trying to avoid.

Now, the other thing that I would like to point out is actually when we go back to this study and we say that eating ultra processed foods can increase your chance of dying. Yes. I'm gonna say that again. Eating ultra processed foods can increase your chance of dying. It's a bit like saying, I deserve a treat.

I'm gonna smoke a cigarette. Yes. It's like saying, I want to smoke a cigarette. It's a metaphorical cigarette. Now, obviously there is a dose related. The more processed food you eat, the higher your chances are of dying. But that is also the same with cigarettes. The more cigarettes you smoke, the chance, more chance you have of getting nasty, horrible diseases such as lung cancer.

But if we can make this change in our brain when we start thinking. sugar and treats and all of these things and think, Hmm, this is a little bit like smoking. I think it'll give you a little bit of a shift to see that food, not so much as a treat, but as something that is really doing your body damage.

Now again, I want to emphasize that that doesn't necessarily mean you have to exclude all of sugar and white processed foods from your diet. Let me go back to what it said it said. It was the difference between people who have a high percentage of those foods as their total calories. Compared to people who had a small portion in their diet.

So there is scope to have a small portion, but another part of me would say, do you know what? You actually really don't need it. Life without sugar isn't as bad as you think. When you learn to enjoy healthy foods, actually you enjoy healthy foods and you get as much pleasure from the healthy food as you do.

Ultra processed foods. Now obviously there is a learning process that you need to go through. It doesn't just happen instantly. You do need to retrain your mind and you need to retrain your body, and that's a lot of the work that I do with my clients is helping them really get to the place where they actually genuinely enjoy healthy foods and they actually enjoy healthy living so that it's easy and fun and you lose weight and have more energy in all of those.

Amazing. But my message for you today is two things. Number one, healthy living helps you live longer, and that really is amazing. And number two. , I would like you to start thinking about the damage that those ultra processed foods, such as white bread are doing to your body When you think of them as a treat or something nice.

I want you to start thinking about the negative aspects as well, rather than just focusing on the positive aspects. Okay? I hope that was useful. I hope that is gonna spur you into action. Remember, if you're not a member of the Facebook group, come and join the Facebook group. We have a lot of conversation going on.

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