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3 Easy Ways to Connect with Your Kids so They Grow Up Fit and Fabulous. Podcast Interview with Kristina Campos

As a parent of 4 young kids, I've noticed that kids can add a lot of stress to my day. All the shouting, screaming and big emotions.

I want life to be calm and stress free. And I want to enjoy my kids! I want to have fun with them rather than feeling I'm battling them all the time.

Connecting with Kids Reduces Family Stress Levels

Dr Orlena chats to Kristina Campos from The Impactful Parent about easy ways to connect with our kids so that we can all enjoy a calm and less stressed family life. And so our kids can grow up fit and fabulous.

What Can Parents of Younger Children do to Set the Stage for Success for the Adolescent Years?

It’s all about creating connection. It’s normal for kids to start to pull away from their parents as they enter the teenage years. It’s a time of transition and self discovery for our children.

Inevitably, they’ll face problems during these years. If you’ve build a good connection with your child, they’ll feel more comfortable coming to you for help.

If they don’t have a good connection with you, they’ll feel alone and rely on their friends for help.

How Can Parents Create Connection with their Kids?

As parents we want to create a sense of security and “I love you no matter what.”

The importance of connection

  1. Routine. Life is predictable when we have a routine. They understand the expectations. For example meal times together. Or going on a walk on Sunday morning.
  2. Set Boundaries. Boundaries create security. They understand what they’re allowed to do and not allowed to do.
  3. Unconditional Love. “I love you no matter what!” This message often gets lost amongst our criticism of how are children are behaving.

What are Some Mistakes Parents Make When Trying to Connect with their Kids?

The biggest mistake is they quit the routine.

Sometimes the routine has to change as your child grows up. That’s fine. You can adapt it to their wants and needs.

Meet Your Child Where They Are

You getting involved in your child’s interest is a good idea. For example, playing their video games.

Stay Connected With Kristina Campos

Kristina Campos lives in Colorado and has four children of school age.  She has been an educator for over 20 years, working with all grade levels Pre-school through 12th grade.  Kristina helps parents of school-aged children by providing parenting tips, resources, and community to those that follower her.  

Check out her website The Impactful Parent


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