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Combating Self Sabotaging Behaviour. Podcast Episode 7

I’ve seen this with several clients. As they get closer to their dream weight, they find themselves doing things that they wouldn’t normally do.

Eating stuff that’s sabotaging their efforts.

It’s as if their body is saying “whoops, we’re getting a bit close to that goal so let’s eat loads and stay this weight because it’s safe.”

Sound familiar?

(It doesn’t have to be a weight loss goal. Could be anything!)

I notice myself doing it with work related goals…

“polishing my podcasts”

“tidying my computer”

Keeping myself busy “doing” stuff that isn’t going to get me closer to my goals.

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Is it Self Sabotaging or Self Protecting Behaviour?

Actually I think we should rename it “self protecting” behaviour. It’s our body’s way of keeping things normal and avoiding the dangerous unknown.

We just have to be the leader and say “it’s OK body, we’ve got this! it’s going to be great on the other side!”

If it was the other way around, and you were doing something that was “weight promoting”, we’d think of it as self protecting behaviour.

What about you, any self protecting behaviour?


How to Stop Self Sabotaging Behaviour

Step 1 Identify Self Sabotaging Behaviour

Identify the self sabotaging behaviour. Is it self sabotaging behaviour? Or is something else going on? Is there another stress?

Step 2 Change Self Sabotaging Behaviour

Think about the thoughts, emotions, action cycle. You can create changes in any of these areas.

You can create new positive thoughts.

You can create new emotions. There are different ways of doing this.

You can change your actions.

The easiest way to access the circle by changing thoughts and actions.

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We Can’t Rely on Discipline to Create New Habits

Willpower fatigue is a real thing! If you’re planning on relying on willpower to create new habits, it will be a struggle. It can be useful to use willpower or discipline for a short period of time to show yourself you can do something.

But for long, sustainable changes, you can’t rely on discipline.

Dr Orlena Author Bio

Dr Orlena is a health coach. She helps busy mums go from "I can't lose weight" to feeling fit and fabulous. Find out more about her here.

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