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How to Love Your Life Without Alcohol. Podcast Episode 16

Alcohol is widely accepted in society today. It’s considered normal to drink large amounts of alcohol because it’s fun and helps us to socialise.

We’ve all been there. I don’t know about you but I look back on my University years and my liver shudders. Medical students are some of the worst offenders when it comes to alcohol consumption.

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Alcohol is Bad For Us

The sad thing is that alcohol is bad for us. I know many people don’t like to think about it but alcohol damages our bodies.

Much easier just to pour yourself another beer and forget about the consequences.

Alcohol is a risk factor for many cancers. Drinking alcohol in excess damages our livers, pancreas, hearts and immune system.

(For more horrible details of what alcohol can do, check out this article.)

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What is “Excess” Alcohol?

The problem is that none of us think we drink in excess. We think everyone else drinks in excess!

It’s true that studies say “a small amount of alcohol” has health benefits. But very few of us drink in moderation. (Although many of us think we do.)

Also, those health benefits can be found in other places such as eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle.

Alcohol and Sobriety Interview with Rebecca Weller. Podcast

From Binge Drinker to Sexy Sobriety

Today I’m super excited to welcome Rebecca Weller to talk to us about her story about giving up alcohol.

You can read the full story in her fantastic book “A Happier Hour”.

She describes how she gradually came to realise the damage that alcohol was doing to her. And the struggles that she had giving it up.

Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca tells the story of how she used alcohol to give her confidence in social situations. She turned from a shy, anxious girl to a self assured woman.

Her social drinking continued during her time working in the corporate world.

When she opened doors as a health coach, she wanted to help women lead a healthy and fabulous life.

One day, whilst talking to a client, she realised that she was still binge drinking.

Drinking Lots of Alcohol Isn’t Normal

Rebecca thought that drinking lots of alcohol was normal because so many other people were doing it.

Gradually she realised that it’s not normal. She could see all the negative effects it was having on her. Making her feel terrible the next day. Affecting her relationship.

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The "What is Life Like Without Alcohol?" Experiment

She decided to conduct a “health experiment” and see what life would be like without alcohol for 3 months.

A terrifying experiment!

Alcohol Makes You want to Drink More

Not only does the desire for alcohol trigger a dopamine response, it also affects your brain chemistry. You feel less inhibited. You’re more likely to start drinking more.

The more you drink, the more you want.

This makes it really difficult for people to enjoy alcohol in moderation.

Shots at the end of the night are not a good idea!

Social Pressure to Drink

There is so much social pressure to drink. And to drink “more and more”.

It’s difficult to resist that pressure.

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Alcohol is An Easy Way to Repress Emotions

When we don’t want to feel emotions, it’s easy to gulp down a glass of wine or beer.

Being in touch with your emotions is not always easy.

You want to get the balance right between allowing them to come up and not getting overwhelmed by them.

We’re often afraid of emotions but when we allow ourselves to feel them, they just disappear after a period of time.

Change isn’t Always Easy.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

Sexy Sobriety

Rebecca’s website is Sexy Sobriety. You can sign up to get the first chapter of her book plus a free training video.

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