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How to Start Crafting with Kids in Lockdown. Interview with Maggy from Red Ted Art. Podcast Episode 14

I have to confess, I don't normally do podcasts about crafting. But these are extraordinary times. So many of us have our kids at home 24/7. My kids are definitely getting more screen time than normal but I also want them to do different things. Such as crafting and nurturing their creative sides.

Maggy from Red Ted Art Makes Crafts for Kids Easy

I'm thrilled to welcome Maggy from Red Ted Art to talk to us about how to help our kids enjoy crafts and for it to be easy on us parents!

A kid playing with paints while making crafts #lockdown #crafts #crafting #craftingkids #kidsactivities #lockdowncraft #lockdownactivities

Top Advice for Encouraging Kids to Start Crafting

  1. Lower your expectations. It's not going to be "pinterest perfect". Changes are it will be messy. Sadly it's not going to give you a side line in "homemade kid's crafts" on etsy. But remember it's about having fun and being creative. 
  2. A small project is fine. Maggy's "paper helicopters" only take 10 minutes.
  3. Get back into the routine when you stop.
  4. Try different things such as knitting and sowing.
  5. Get started yourself. Kids can join in later.

Red Ted Art Paper Craft Book

Paper is a great way to keep the mess to a minimum. I bought Maggy's book for my twins for their 7th birthday. Their 9 year old brother took the book and made most of the things in it by himself (and helped the little ones too.)

I was super impressed by how much they enjoyed it (and all the book marks I got for my birthday!)

You can order her book from

Kid's hands covered in paint while making crafts #lockdown #crafts #crafting #craftingkids #kidsactivities #lockdowncraft #lockdownactivities

Be Inspired By Red Ted Art

Maggy posts easy projects every day on Instagram and Facebook.

You can also go directly to the Red Ted Art website (and sign up to her newsletter.)

Red Ted Art Pinterest page.

Easy Kid's Crafts to Get Started

How to make a doll's house project.

How to make a doll's house bed.

How to start finger knitting.

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A mom and son making crafts inside the house #lockdown #crafts #crafting #craftingkids #kidsactivities #lockdowncraft #lockdownactivities


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