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If I had a miracle cure that would guarantee you and your family living to a ripe old age whilst feeding vigorous fit. Would you be interested? Well, I do. It's called healthy living. Hello and welcome to fit and fabulous with me. Dr. Orlena Kerek healthy living for families made easy.

Hello? Hello. Hello. Welcome to fit and fabulous with me, Dr Orlena Kerek, happy Tuesday. Happy birthday to Dante. My second son. Oh my goodness. You are 12 today. I love you so much. How did you get so big? Where has that time gone? Oh my goodness. Okay. So, so, so many exciting things going on in the wonderful world of Dr Orlena number one, my book healthy, simple habits to a healthy.

Building Simple Habits to a Healthy Me is out in Paperback

His life, you can actually buy it on paperback. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has left a review. Oh my goodness. So many amazing reviews. Let me just read some out to you. Okay. Here is one.


"I was lucky to preview, preview this book and like all things from Dr. Lena. It makes healthy living sound easy and fun because it is, you will appreciate her succinct, no nonsense, no gimmicks approach.

You don't need 200 pages to figure it all out. This concise book will be. All makes sense. And I absolutely love her habit tracker. I've been looking for something like this for years, and even tried to make my own, having a visual reminder of my good habits is an invaluable tool.

Disclosure. I have been in wellness coaching with Dr. Orlena since September and today I am slimmer stronger, more energetic, happier, and getting more out of life. And it's been a fun journey that I plan to stay on for the rest of my life. She really has figured out how to teach people to live better."

Hooray. Hooray. If you want to join coaching, I will tell you about that in a minute.

Okay. Another amazing review from mamasmiles:

"Dr Orlena offers an easy to read guide to four pillars that can improve your health for life. The book includes guidance for setting and maintaining goals, meal planners, and habit trackers. I really appreciate the clarity of the book, the success stories and the way the book links to further resources you can enjoy after."

Grab your Copy NOW!

Amazon US: here

Amazon UK: here

Oh, my goodness. Thank you so much. Listen, go and grab your book right now. It's like $10. It's an amazing price. It's got 13 weeks of habit trackers. And if you do go and buy it, please, please, please take a photo and share it with me. I would love you to share it in the Facebook group. If you're not in the Facebook group.

Why on earth? Not? I know a few people are not. So then I would love it if you emailed it to me. But if you are in the Facebook group, I would really love it. If you shared a picture and if you left a review because reviews really help the algorithms and other people see, you know, what's going on and what's helpful for them, it helps me reach other people.

2 Days Left to Watch the Healthy Habit Videos

So that is amazing. That was number one. What's number two, the healthy habit challenge is still live until. My Friday morning, I will be taken down the videos on Friday morning. So many people have had amazing aha moments going through the challenge. Now I'll be totally upfront with you. There's a lot of video.

There's like five and a half hours worth of video for free. I walk you through everything that you need to implement to make healthy changes. So day one, going over an overview. Into depth in my four pellets. They too thinking about healthy eating and, you know, thinking about picky eating and how we can implement these things and why it is that we find ourselves in the situation where it's so many people have.

With weight gain day three, you will totally love all about habits, systems, routines, doing it all without thinking about it so that you can get on and create your amazing life. And also thinking about why is it so difficult to make changes? Here's some really hard truth. We are essentially wired up to go and eat glucose, and we live in a society where it's really, really, really easy to eat glucose.

Convenience foods all the time. We are also wired up for it to be difficult, to make changes. Yes. It's the hard truth. We are wired up for our habits to be the strongest thing. And if your habits are not healthy habits, those are the strongest habits. And so changing those habits can be difficult. Except of course, if you have amazing support like Dr. Orlena's coaching.

So that's what we're talking about on Wednesday. And then on Thursday, we're talking about cravings, stress, eating, emotional eating, and this is such a big aspect of making changes. And it's such a big aspect of the work that I do with my clients and helping them move. So, if you are not in the Facebook group, go and join the Facebook group.

The videos will be there. If you need some help, friend me on Facebook and I will tag you. It's sometimes kind of difficult to find these videos, but I will thank you and show you where they are so that you have a chance to watch them. Now, if you. I would like a chance to get some free coaching tomorrow, 9:00 AM Eastern time.

Free Coaching on May 4th at 9AM Eastern

I am doing a free group coaching session. We will be going through your roadmap. So thinking about what you can do moving forward. So if you're interested in that, then sign up for the email list and I will, it's going to be on zoom. I will email that out to anybody who wants to. And I look forward to chatting to you.

These free coaching sessions are really fabulous for getting to meet people and know who is out there, listening, listening. Okay. So I said that I have an amazing opportunity for you and I've been going on about this I'm so, so excited. I have 10 places now, why would you need coaching? Because you want to make changes and you know that you cannot do it by yourself.

You look back and you have tried this and you have tried that and you feel stuck and you feel overwhelmed and you know that you want to make changes. You know, that there's like just a shift and you're going to feel so much better yet. Somehow you can't do it by yourself. So if you're feeling like that and you're thinking, oh my goodness, I really, really, really do want to change that.

I would love to join Dr. Orlena's amazing community and join these amazing women who are loving their healthy life. And when I look at them, I can see when people join, they feel overwhelmed. They don't really know what to do. They know that they turn to food out of habit. When, you know, they're emotional or they're just in the habit of eating junk food or eating too much.

And they know that it's a habit, but they don't have to check. And then in a really short period of time, they change things around and they are they're going. I could never go back to that. Right. I love my healthy life. I love waking up with energy. I love my new body and Hey, you know what? I'm inspiring.

Other people around me, that dress that I wanted to get into is now too big for me yet. True story. Oh my goodness. My win. One of my clients wins the other day was that dress I wanted to get into. It's too big for me. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Oh, what other health benefits? What other benefits do we see? We see blood work.

One of my clients had blood work done all perfectly normal. So just amazing. Amazing, amazing. So if you're there going, okay. I'm standing here thinking if I don't make changes, I'm looking at diabetes, I'm looking at heart disease or I'm just looking at having extra gain weight gain and that constant.

Sort of drip, drip, drip of thinking, I know I should be healthier and I can't do this. Well, you deserve help. You deserve sport support. There is nothing more important than your body and your health. So I have 10 amazing places. I have had one person already upgrade from the three month package to the year package.

The year package drum roll, please is now lifetime. That is amazing. It is huge. It is like, oh my goodness. Amazing. Huge with bells on. I am going to stand there and say, I am going to support you until I'm 80. Okay. I don't know about 80, but for what I'm going to do is guarantee a year. And you know, I have no plans to get rid of my amazing tribe of people.

But yeah. Are you guaranteed? Excuse me. The peanuts at the back of my throat. As long as the program is running, as I say, I have no. No designs to stop doing the program. But yes, I was joking to my clients the other day saying we are going to be 80 and we are going to be meeting up over zoom and, you know, comparing notes and seeing how things are going.

But this is an amazing opportunity. Why have I made it lifetime? Well, I tell you it's really easy to look at coaching packages, and it's really easy for me to tell you about all the success stories and say, Hey, you know what? Heidi lost 25 pounds in two months. Cora is no longer emotional eating and, you know, so-and-so has got this amazing life, but the real question becomes okay, but will that happen to me?

And will it happen in that timeframe now? I cannot guarantee the timeframe. Yes, you can get quick wins by making changes. You can see results very, very quickly. What I want is for this to be so ingrained that you do it with. And that being ingrained takes time. It does take time. It takes time to keep going, to keep going to keep going to be motivated.

And I personally have done coaching practice where I have paid an awful lot of money for my coaching package. And for example, a three month coaching package, I've done my three months. I've put in the work and yes, I can see I'm making progress. And yet suddenly the coaching package finishes and I'm thinking, but I just need a little bit more help please.

I haven't quite finished this and I don't want that to happen to you. I want you to feel that you are supported from here onwards. And so I opened up my year's program to lifetime. Now. I don't expect everybody to say, okay, I'm going to do weekly coaching for the next five years, but. After a year, you might go, Hey, I only want to come once a month or once every two months, or I just want to pop in or something might happen.

You know, life happens and old habits come back and then you have the ability to be able to go. Yeah, I'm just going to pop in and see what's going on. So you always, always, always have that support. Isn't that amazing. So 10 places, I have 10 places for. Why templates is because I have to do onboarding. And that is, you know, having sessions.

There's only one of me at the moment, perhaps in the future, I will have someone who will help me run the business, but at the moment it is just me. So it's just a capacity thing really. Now there's a big question. People get, oh no. Before I talk about the big question, I want to have a little heart to heart, about money with you, some uncomfortable.

Things that people don't like talking about. But before that, there is essentially, you know, this big question, will it work for me? And there are two qualities that I look for in people. And if I find these two qualities, I know that I can get amazing results for you. And if I don't have that, if you don't have these two qualities, then essentially I can't, I can't get results.

And here are the two qualities, one being committed and. And what does that mean? I don't mean being committed to your seven minute workout or being committed to getting up at five o'clock and chopping vegetables or being committed to whatever. Now we decide upon it's being committed to the journey, being committed to healthy, you being committed to making changes, being committed to my program.

So you don't have to come to the weekly coaching sessions every single week. Now you're welcome to, but you don't have to, but what you do need to do is keep in contact with me. So when I emailed you and say, Hey, how's it going? You reply and you let me know. Now, normally people turn up to the coaching sessions.

So that's where we have the, the commitment, the, the chat. But if you can't, then you need to watch the replays and you need to just talk to me now, if you don't talk to me, if you don't answer my messages, I cannot help you. You are not committed to this. So that's one quality and the second quality is being coachable.

Now, what does being coachable? It mean, it means being open to doing things differently and finding a way that works for you. So the question is, how can I make this work for me? It's not, Hey, Dr. Orlena was telling me to do this thing. Yeah. We work out. How can we make this work for you? But you have to be open to doing things slightly differently.

If you're stuck doing things the same, you're going to get the same results. If nothing changes, nothing changes. So if you have those two qualities being committed to the program and being coached. Then you will get results. You will get to lose weight naturally in a way that works for you. You will get to have lots of energy.

You will get to lead your healthiest life. You will get those amazing results with the support that you deserve. So the other thing is. Understanding that you can't do this by yourself, or rather what I mean is the people who really thrive within my coaching program are people who understand that they cannot do this without coaching, that they have tried to do it without coaching.

And that coaching is what makes the difference for them, that they value the coach. Now, if that sounds like you, and you're there going, yes, I want to join your amazing tribe. I'm committed to making changes. I am committed to healthy me. I'm committed to doing health, sorry, weight loss in a way that is healthy and works for me and sustainable.

And I'm committed to making the changes. If that is you, then reach out to me and we will have a chat. So now the uncomfortable. Money. Okay. Coaching costs money. It's not free. Newsflash. I'm offering a professional service here and in the same way that you would pay a lawyer or an architect or a painter, my coaching is not free.

Now. I'm looking at a builder. Who's in my garden, a painter. Now I'm perfectly capable of painting my house by myself. I've just, we've just had our house. And I can paint. In fact, quite honestly, I feel at times that I would paint better than the people who've done painting my house, but I've paid them to paint my house.

Why to save myself time, because I don't have time. We've got quite a big house and I don't have time to paint it. But we pay people for services and I am offering a professional service, so it costs money to join my program. And that's okay because. You will get amazing results. How much is your health worth?

Your health is priceless. What would you rather do pay now or pay later in the future when it's too late to make changes? When you're there looking at an operation and thinking, oh my goodness, you might live in the UK. You might not actually have to pay for the operation if you live in the states. Oh my goodness.

Operations cost a lot of money. If you live in the states and you have heart problems, you're looking at 70 to 200,000. Now, if you live in the UK, you don't have to pay that, but if you could pay some money and say, I wish I'd made those changes back when Dr. Lena offered me that opportunity. Oh my goodness.

Would you do it? So, yes, it costs money to join my program. I'm not like going out for a meal, I'm an investment. This is an exercise that I always think is really, really. Before I talk to you about the exercise. One thing I would like to remind people is that we do things because we want to do things.

We do things from emotion. And that basically means we do things because we want to now, what does that mean? That means if you truly, truly, truly want something, you will work out how to make it happen. I look at my kids and they really want mobile phones. They have a mean, mommy. I call myself Lama polenta, which is the bad.

And I'm not buying them mobile phones. So they have figured out how to get mobile phones. I had an opportunity for writing a book and they jumped on it. They're like, mom, we will write this book and we will get paid and we would use the money to buy mobile phones. So they made it. I did obviously help them, but opportunities arise.

And you know, if you really want to do something, you figure out how to do something and yes, I totally get budget. Now. I have been in situations where I've thought, oh, I'd really like to do that coaching program, but it's a little bit out of my budget now. Could I have just made it happen. Yes I could. But when you're using money as an excuse, it's not really about the money.

It's really about saying, Hey, that money is putting the brakes on and making me think, I don't really want to do this. Do you see the difference? Like if you really want to do something, you make it happen. If you don't want to do something, do something, you use money as an excuse. And I know that that is a hard line, but.

It is true. And you sometimes just have to have a hard talk with yourself and go, you know what? I can make this happen. And if you are thinking, yeah, budget really is an issue. And I know some people have budget issues. If it really, and truly is about budget, then email me and let me know, let me know what your budget is.

Now. If you say I have no budget, sorry, I can't do stuff for free. But if you say, okay, look, I hit your prices. And I can make this or I can be flexible. I'm happy to have that conversation with you. Now. I have started an amazing payment plan for this lifetime. So, if you're interested in it, let me know. I will tell you it's in the region of fountains, not hundreds, this is a lifetime deal for coaching so that you can lead your amazing life and avoid all those horrible diseases.

Is it worth it? A thousand percent with bells on a thousand percent with bells on whether you want to join it's up to you. It's your decision. I invite you. I have 10 places right now. I'm looking to fill them by the end of may, by the end of this week, all the bonuses that I'm offering as part of the healthy new, healthy habit challenge will disappear.

You'll still be able to get amazing coaching. It will still be a thousand percent worth it, but those little incentives that I've offered, those extras will be disappearing on Friday to just help you make your decision. Making a decision it's really, really hard for the human brain. It really is. And part of what we do when we're thinking about habits is avoid making.

Our brains do not like to make decisions. It's such hard work. But where I want you to be when you sign up for my program is, oh my goodness, this is scary. It is scary making this investment. It is an investment, but it's money well spent. And I am excited to make that investment like going on, you know, a big journey I'm traveling around the world.

Yes, I'm terrified, but I'm also super, super excited. And just to leave you with this. One of the ladies who joined in March, she joined for a three month program. If you totally want to nail emotional eating, and it's just emotional eating that you want to nail. I have a three month package. She joined that three month package.

And when I announced this lifetime package she's like signed me up. I want to upgrade. So welcome. Welcome, exciting, exciting. Listen, are you ready to create your amazing, healthy life? And do you want the support that you deserve to make sure you get those goals and you reach them now? Okay. If you do message me, we will chat.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to tell you about the exercise. Hero, you're standing here and you are going to go and have a chat to your future selves. First of all, you aren't going to fast forward 20 years and you are going to chat to the person who has made no changes. What so ever now we don't have the ability to see exactly what that is going to be.

So you can do a sort of worst case scenario. Oh my goodness. I've got heart disease. It's all a disaster or best case scenario, which is, I'm just exactly the same as. But go and talk to that person and, and see what life is like then. And see, you know, if you could go back to 20 years time, would you pay this money to change things and then go and talk to your other future self, the future self, where you have made these amazing changes and you're living your healthy life and loving it and think was that investment worth?

And see what happens. Go and chat to yourself. Now, listen, you have a decision to make, but if you are interested, reach out let's chat. Okay. Next week we will be talking about intimacy. Excuse me, intermittent fasting with Matty Lansdowne. Again, I have an amazing show for you and have a fabulous fabulous week.

I look forward. Oh, remember the coaching tomorrow. I look forward to seeing you with coaching tomorrow. Okay. Take care of.



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