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Top 10 Fit and Fabulous Podcasts Episodes

Can you believe that the Fit and Fabulous podcast is over 6 months old? Part of me feels like I've been podcasting forever. The other part feels like it's only been 2 minutes.

Why Fit and Fabulous?

The "reason" behind the podcast is to show you that what you do influences your health and wellness. We have it in our hands to lead a healthy and amazing life.

Many people think that it's "too difficult", or they'll "get to it another day".

I want to inspire you to start now!

I want to show you that what you do does affect your health. And that you can make changes that are EASY and FUN!

I'm all about "easy", especially when it comes to cooking for my 4 kids! (None of them like the same things. In fact, it feels like some of them don't like anything.)

Top Take Home Messages of Fit and Fabulous

Here are the things that I like to chat about.

  1. Specific illnesses and how we can avoid them.
  2. What is a healthy life? We look at nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindfulness.
  3. Weight loss. Many people get stuck on weight loss. I want to show you can lose weight.
  4. Habits. Easy ways you can change your routine.

Top 10 Episodes of the Fit and Fabulous Podcast

The most popular episodes!

I hope you enjoy them. Please remember to share them with your friends.

1. Letting Go of Anger

2. 7 Easy Things to Lose Weight

3. The Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Style Diet

4. Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease Through Diet and Nutrition

5. How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease with Lifestyle

6. Everything You Need to Know About Sleep

7. All about Stress Incontinence

8. How to Lead an Amazing Life

9. How to Make Big Changes

10. Reducing Your Risk of Cancer With Lifestyle


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I want to lose weight and create an amazing life!

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