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Podcast: Step into Future Healthy You and Get Excited


Transcription of Podcast

Hello, hello, hello. Welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena. I hope that

you are feeling amazing, amazing, amazing. Okay. Today I want to talk about stepping into your future and really claiming healthy, amazing you. Now, a little bit of a backstory are, it's really, really cold here in. and the wind is blowing from the north.

A Future Moment From My “Past Self”

We have this wind, which is called the “Truamontana”, like the bull from the wind and it runs down the Pyrenees and it's super cold and windy and all my plants are dead, which is a little bit sad. Why am I telling you this? Because I walked to school with my children today, wrapped up nice and snugly. I have my thermals on.

I have nice warm gloves and jumper, and I have my beautiful, beautiful, lovely snugly winter coat. Now, a few years ago, it was Covid and I remember ordering my coat, and because it was covid and partly because I live in Spain, it took ages and ages for my coat to arrive. And at that time, as always, I'm always working on.

Creating positive thoughts and being grateful, but I remember really being grateful for my coat arriving. This idea that you can be grateful for something in the future. And I remember thinking, I'm so grateful that I've ordered my coat and my coat is gonna arrive, and I am going to feel the snuggly warmth of my coat.

Well today. . I walked back home, my face feeling cold, the rest of me feeling nice and snugly warm, and I felt that like I walked back going, oh my goodness. I'm so grateful that I've got this coat actually physically on me now as opposed to something that is in the future. And this idea of really creating our future and using it now.

Now obviously, in that example, I had to take action to order the coat. But in other examples, you need to take action to do other things. But really this idea of bringing your future alive is part of motivation. And for those of you who came to the goal setting exercise that we did before Christmas, the let's make 2023 the most healthy.

Amazing. You. It's a similar idea. It's about getting clear on what is possible and what you need to. and so I invite you to create your healthy, amazing you.

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So last week we did the challenge. By the way, if you haven't done the challenge, it's not too late to sign up. And if you're halfway through the challenge, you have signed up and you think all these videos have gone, that's okay.

There's no being behind. This is your journey. The videos are still there for you to go and watch. And if you haven't signed up, then if you sign up, it will send you out all the videos and you can work. and actually at some stage this week, I'll put them in a little place on my website so that you can actually access them and see them, and that will be totally free.

So go and sign up. That's really the groundwork of what you need to do of, you know what everything I'm talking about. I'm talking about leading a healthy life, eating healthy food, doing some exercise, getting good sleep, and really paying attention to our emotions and our mindset so that we can lead a healthy life, lose weight in a natural way, and really enjoy our.

So today I want to ask you some of, some questions that are gonna help bring, bring Healthy, amazing You alive because this is what is gonna motivate you to take action. Now, before I do that, a few announcements. Number one, on Wednesday I am doing what is called Dr. Orlena's Open Hour. And this is essentially a group coaching session session which is available to everybody.

So that is at 7:30 AM Eastern. and we will go through some of these questions together. And then obviously if you have specific questions that you want to ask me specific obstacles, you are able to come and do that. So if you are already signed up for the challenge, I will send that Zoom link out for you and I'll send out the invitation to you.

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And what we will do on that call is talk about healthy, amazing you and what that looks like. . And then if you want to find out about the program, I will tell you about the program. So come and book a healthy amazing you call. Okay, let me get some questions so that you can start thinking about your healthy, amazing you.

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Your Negative Brain Likes to Sabotage Your Possibility Brain

And remember that this is how the brain. I always think that our brain works like this, or rather, I know our brain works like this. We get this idea called possibility, and Possibility is a very positive place to be and we think, Hey, yes, it's gonna be amazing. This is gonna happen. The possibility is dot, dot dot healthy amazing you.

And then what happens is what I call Habit Brain. Now, habit Brain. Is trying to protect you. Habit Brain is trying to keep you safe, and the way that habit brain keeps you safe is by doing the same things over and over again. But at times habit Brain sounds like the voice of despondent and goes, it's not gonna happen.

You can't do it. This isn't realistic. All of those negative sabotaging thoughts that are gonna stop you from stepping into possibility. And your brain flips in and flips out from possibility to despondency, possibility despondency. And where you need to keep it is in possibility. And so often what happens to people is they come and talk to me and I energize them and go, yes, this is definitely possible.

Of course you can do it. And then you get off the call and think, yes, this is amazing. And then you go and talk to a whole load of other people who are. . No, don't do that. Despondency. Of course, it's never gonna happen to you. Now, there's lots of reasons why that second conversation happens, partly because those other people are in despondency as well, and their habit brains are saying, oh my goodness, don't change.

Don't change. And when you present them with, I'm gonna Change, they rebound with that and think, oh my goodness, does that mean I have to change? I don't want to change. So I'm not gonna look at the possibility of you changing. But being aware of the fact that this is how your brain works allows you to understand, oh my goodness, when I hear that voice of despondency of doom and gloom and nothing is gonna work, I am aware of it.

I can see it happening and I can go, hello, voice of despondency. And you can give it a name if you want. Hello Eeyore. I was one of my kids are being grumpy. I always call them Eeyore. I hope you know who Eeyore is because they don't. They have no idea who Eeyore is. Eeyore is Winnie the Pooh’s donkey friend who is always gloomy and miserable.

So when, when I hear that voice of doom and gloom in anybody, I like to call it eel, but obviously you can have your own name that you call it. But being aware of it helps you to realize that it is just a voice in your head. And of course, you can make these changes. So now that we are aware of Eeyore and doom and gloom, let's step into your.

Now, obviously this is different for absolutely everybody, which is why I love doing love chatting to people about this because I can really help you to bring it alive. . When you start answering these questions and when you start answering the questions, there's a sort of snowball effect. Do you know what I mean?

Like you start going, Hmm, I'm not really sure. And then you start to open up and go, yeah, it does feel like this and this means that I can do this and this means that I can do this. So as I say, if you want to do this, ex this conversation with me, then either come to the session on Wednesday or book a call.

I'll leave a place to book a call in the show notes, but let's have a look. So you have magically jumped forward. 10, 20 years in your life and you are now leading your healthiest life you love healthy. You really enjoy healthy food and enjoying healthy food means that food no longer has a hold of you.

It means that you have lost weight naturally. Now, you also love exercise. Now I know that you might be saying right now I don't do any exercise. This isn't realistic. You have to let go of the house. You have to let go. Okay, organizing and minutia. You just need to step into the future and think, okay, I don't know exactly how this looks like, but somehow I am enjoying movement and I have got a strong and fit body that I'm proud of.

I'm proud of all the work that I've done. I'm sleeping well and I have got a very positive mindset. I know how to manage my emotions when big emotions happen. Managing your emotions isn't about just only ever having happy emotions. Managing your emotions is about being able to manage those negative emotions without running off into a tailspin.

So another example of managing your emotions and positive mindset is being aware of Eeyore and going, aha, I see you Eeyore. That's okay. It's okay for Eeyore to come and try and protect you, but being aware of it and not allowing Eeyore to be in control. So that's another example of positive thinking of how to manage your thinking.

So you've got all of these things happening and it's years down the line, and you've been doing this for years and years, and. So that it's just habit, it's automation. You just do it on on autopilot and you are enjoying it. And so what does your life look like then? And I will give you some examples of my life and how my life looks and how I compare it to years ago when I didn't have these four pillars.

Definitely not as strongly in thinking at that time. Oh my goodness, Doom and Gloom. Everything is a disaster. So here's a question.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Future Healthy You

  • What does it feel like?
  • What big changes have you noticed?
  • How does it feel to have lots of energy every day?
  • What can you do with that energy?
  • How does it feel to have reached your ideal body weight?
  • You’re confident you’re doing everything you can to lead a long and healthy life. How does that feel?
  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What is the best bit about your life now?
  • Skip to the end of your life, would you be happiest and proudest not making changes? Or making changes?

What It Feel Like to Be Future Healthy You?

What does it feel like, and I really want you to get to the nitty gritty of this. So the first question, the first answer that's gonna come to your brain is, yeah, it feels great. It feels fabulous.

Now that is just your thinking, brain talking. That's like data. Like when people first say to me, I say to them, what do you want? And they say, I want to lose, I dunno, 10. 15, 20, 30, however many pounds they want to lose. I want to lose that. Yes, that's your thinking brain. You've got that answer automated, but I want you to dig down deeper and deeper and deeper and really dwell on this question.

What does it feel like when you have got your amazing body, your enjoying life? , it feels amazing. Now I have to say that I'm at that place now. My body is fit. I enjoy exercise. I enjoy healthy eating. It feels amazing. This is my normal. and it, because it's my normal, I forget about it at times. So actually things like being unwell over Christmas are a really good reminder to remind me how amazing it does feel.

And sometimes I do just have to remind myself, I'm so lucky to be able to swim in the sea every single day in the summer, in the winter not, but it gets so automated that it's easy to just. , jump on my bike, go swimming, come back and go, yeah, that was great. But you know that again, that automated rather than actually feeling it.

Yes, this is amazing. I'm so amazingly lucky to be able to do this and this feels amazing. So I really want you to bring a life. What is, what it feels like? What does it feel like for you? What big changes have you noticed? And again, , you have to think about this. So I can tell you from when I look back to, from say seven or eight years ago, I think when I had young children and now my children are older, what big changes have I noticed?

I really love exercise. I really love moving my body. I'm very aware of exercise now. When I was growing up. I was what I call exercise phobic. I didn't do any exercise at all. Yes, I walked and I did little bits and pieces, but I wasn't somebody who really prioritized exercise and moving my body. And now I totally, totally love it and I'm aware of when I'm doing it and when I'm not doing it.

And it's easy for me to do something. So now it's cold and windy. I do more cycling than I do, do swimming in the sea or even in the swimming pool, but I'm still doing something so. It feels amazing, and I enjoy it a lot. That's a big change that has happened to me. Another big change that has happened to me is I'm really much better at being positive.

Like when I look at my mindset from years ago, I don't think I was super, super negative, but I definitely wasn't E. But I definitely wasn't bouncy Tigger. I wasn't somebody who really could see how my thoughts were. Sabotaging myself and that my thoughts really like when you are inside your thoughts, you don't really notice them.

So I think for me, the thoughts I would have were, oh my goodness, this isn't working. All of those kind of negative thoughts, whereas now I'm super aware of my thoughts and I can shut off those negative thoughts, or not so much the negative thoughts, but the ones that aren't serving me and go, okay, how do I take action from a place?

You know, positivity, moving forwards, take action from an inspired place rather than being pushed and dragged and making it disastrous and horrible. Okay, so how does it feel to have lots of energy every single day? Again, another question that you really need to dig into. It's very easy to say, oh, it feels amazing.

It feels great, but no, how does it feel when you wake up in the morning? And you have lots of energy. So I will tell you how it feels. So I wake up in the morning and sometimes I just wake up naturally and think, hooray, it's time to get out of bed. And sometimes I wake up and, you know, your sleep cycles have been a little bit changed.

So for example, if I wake up at, say, five o'clock in the morning, and then I go back to sleep, I know I'm being woken up by halfway through a sleep cycle when my alarm goes off and I'm a bit like, oh, Bleary-eyed and a bit like, oh, what is going on? And I get up, I normally go and wake my middle son up cuz he likes for me to wake him up.

And at that, that moment it's a bit like, oh, what's going on? I'm confused, I'm waking up. But after a few minutes I'm like, oh yes, and now I'm gonna do my exercise and my movement and I enjoy it. And I'm like, oh, I'm excited for the day. I look at all the things that are gonna happen today and in this week, and some of them are just mundane things, you know, I'm gonna walk my kids to school.

Hooray. Today we walk to school and walking my kids to school. I walk my twins to school. Sometimes it can be a challenge. They argue quite a. And I get sucked into that argument today. We had a really good conversation. Sebastian, my son, got annoyed with my daughter for, she said something in a crossway and he gets very upset when people talk in a crossway.

And we talked about mirror neurons and how, why do you get cross when other people get cross because we have these mirror neurons. So we had a really, really good conversation today. Now that doesn't always happen, but it is an, you know, I look forward to all of these little moments in my day. , what else can you do with that energy?

Now you are at a place where you really have 10 out of 10 energy every day. You've got enough energy to do the things that you want to do. Now, how can you use that energy? And it might be just that you're using that energy to plow into whatever it is you are already doing. You haven't changed anything, but you are really enjoying the things that you do more, and you're doing them from a place of energy and excitement rather than a place of dragging myself through the day, and I have to.

Again, these are all very personal to you. How does it feel to have reached your ideal body weight? , and I think most people here will say amazing and proud, but I really want you to tap into that proudness now. I feel proud of my body. I look at my body and think, do you know what? I'm 47, nearly 48, and I am in the best shape fitness-wise that I have ever been in my life, and I'm proud of that.

And I do it because I enjoy it. I don't do it so much because I want to be body beautiful, but I enjoy being able to move my body and I feel proud of that, and I feel proud of the work that I do. I get up and I go for a run. Now I enjoy going for a run, but sometimes it's cold and I get back and I have a sense of achievement and think, yeah, it was a challenge.

The first few steps particularly were a challenge. There were times when going around the run, I really wanted to stop and just. Yeah, I'm gonna walk back, but I didn't do that. And that gives me a sense of achievement and proudness. So for you, I want you to. How does it feel to have reached your ideal body mate?

And what are the knock-on effects? So yes, you might be proud, but now you are also confident in wearing whatever clothes you want, and that confidence has knock-on effects within you. What does that confidence give you confidence to do? So it might be it gives you confidence to go and ask for a raise at work or to seek a different job or to do something else, but that inner confidence is going to help you move forwards in other, in other.

And another thing, you are confident doing everything you can to lead a long and healthy life, and I think. . The flip side of this is you are not worried about lifestyle diseases. So you know, if you're worried about diabetes or high blood pressure or whatever runs in your family, when you get to know that you are leading your healthiest life, you can take away a lot of that worry and go, I am confidently doing everything in my power to lead a long and healthy life.

How does that feel? Oh my goodness. It feels amazing. . Okay, what do you do enjoy doing now? So you are leading this amazing life and what do you enjoy doing? And some of that is gonna be stuff that you enjoy doing now, but some of it is gonna be new stuff and you may not know what that stuff is. So really just journal and have a look and think, Hey, this is what I would really like to do.

Now you might not be in a place to be able to do it right now. It might be that you have young kids or you don't have the finances to be able to do it. It might be that you want to take up hot air blooming, and that's a really. Hobby and you don't live anywhere near the, where they do hot air looney. But really getting clarity on what you want to do.

And some of these things might be things that you just want to do once, but some of these things might be things that you want to do time and time again. So this process can really help you. And for me, I, I'm constantly doing this for myself. One of the desires that I had was to do the Camina, the Santiago, which is a sort of pilgrimage route that goes, one side of Spain to the other across the PIIs, and you can walk this route and it's meant to be an amazing experience.

You can also cycle this route. And I thought, oh, I'd love to cycle this with my kids. Now, this was before Covid . We've never actually got to do this, but one of the things I really realized was I've got this desire to go on this holiday to cycle across the piran, or it's not quite across the pyran. It sounds very, when I say across the piran, it sounds very hilly.

It's like there're obviously some hills, but it's not super. , but actually how can I implement some of that right now? And I did implement it. We go cycling much more with our children. In fact the year before last when we were, when we had to move out of our house because we were having works on our house, we had to cycle to school every single day.

And that was a challenge. It wasn't easy all the time, but actually it really helped. And the children be able to cycle. So now if we want to, we can go, right, let's go for a cycle ride and all the kids will get on their bikes and we can easily go for a cycle ride. And I have yet to make the Camina to Santiago happen for various reasons.

But it will happen one day in its own time. Okay. What are the questions? What do you enjoy doing? Okay. What is the best bit about your life? So let me just recap the questions of stepping into your future. What does it feel like? What big changes have you noticed? How does it feel to have lots of energy every day?

What can you do with that energy? How does it feel to have reached your ideal body weight and you now know that you're confident doing everything you can to lead long and healthy life? How does that feel? What do you enjoy? What is the best bit about your life now? Now, any other questions you want to put on, feel free to answer them.

But here's the thing. I really want you to step into the future and really make that experience come alive for you. And if you watched the challenge, if you took part in the challenge, you will know that I quite often talk about this golden moment that you have. You're standing at a crossroads and you can choose to carry on doing the things that you want to do.

Now, I have deliberately not talked about that today. , that's like the doom, the gloom, the let's keep things the same fork in the road or you have this golden moment and you can change and you can do things differently. Now if you want help a really encourage you to come and book a call and just start with that call.

And that call is not you not obliged to join my program. I think my program is amazing. I know my program is amazing. I know my program really will help people who want to make changes, start making changes and implement these changes in a way that they can carry on moving forwards. Now, the last question to ask yourself is this.

Now skip to the end of your. And have a look back on your life and have a think your future self, which are they gonna be most proudest of, which is gonna lead to most happiness. And you have to kind of step away from the eel, the doom, and the gloom. You have to do this in a way that is not connected to your thinking brain.

So step away and have a think. Which one. If you could pick either of those right now and say, okay, at the end of my life, this is the one, the path that I wanted. Which path would you choose? Would you choose not making changes or making changes? So your future self, when you look back at the end of your life, would it be happiest and proudest of just carrying on, or would it be happiest and proudest of making those changes and really grasping life and health and everything?

Okay, my friends, I hope that was helpful. This is how you continue to motivate yourself to make changes. This is how you step into possibility so that you can carry on making those changes. So come to the coaching session on Wednesday and if you want to come and book a call as well, you're welcome to book a call with me and I will leave the link in the show notes.

Have a fabulous week and I will see you soon. Bye.


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