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Why I Didn’t Want to Sign Up With Another Coach. And Why I’m Talking About it.

Now, today, I want to talk to you about why I got myself yet. Another business coach. I have had so many business coaches now, normally I don't talk to you about business development and what's going on in my business and all of those things, because.

My podcast is about inspiring you to take action and lead a healthy and fabulous life. But today I want to talk to you about this. I'm gonna be vulnerable. I'm gonna open up and tell you exactly what was going on for me.

And the reason I'm doing this is because I can see parallels between my hesitation in plunging in and getting yet another business coach and when people are standing there going, oh my goodness. I want to take my health and wellness, weight loss journey to the next level, but I don't know how to do it. And I think a coach may help me, but I'm not a hundred percent sure that that's the right way forward.

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Now, before we get started, I want to invite you to the end emotional eating challenge that I am taking part in or doing.

Next week. So if you're listening to the Facebook live next week is Monday the 19th of September. It's starting then if you're listening to the podcast, this comes out on Tuesday. So you've already missed day one, but don't worry. You can come and catch the replay and you can still come and take action.

So what is the end emotional eating challenge? Well, if you are an emotional eating, if you. Food for comfort. If you know that you've built up this habit where you are eating just really for emotions and you don't know what's going on, do you find yourself eating foods that you don't really want to then this challenge is for you.

And I hope that what you get out of this challenge is number one, clarity in what is happening, because when you can really understand what is going on, and I may really understand what is going on, that gives you the ability to take steps going. to make changes. You know what they say? If you carry on doing the same thing, you're gonna get the same results and you need to do things differently, but it doesn't need to be difficult.

It can be easy and fun. And that's what we're gonna talk about. So over the week, we're gonna kick off on Monday with a workshop, which is going to explain what's going on and what your homework is. And then on we. Which is tomorrow. If you're listening to the podcast, I'm gonna be doing what we call Dr. Orlena’s office hours. And that is gonna be far more interactive. So we're gonna be going over some of the theory on Monday and on Wednesday, you can come and you can talk to me and it will be more interactive. We'll have a think about what is going on for you in terms of your emotions and why you are turning to emotional eating.

How Thoughts Can Sabotage Your Actions. And How to Change Your Thoughts

We'll be having a look at some thoughts as well. And I've got the most amazing exercise that I have been doing with my clients recently. And thinking about. What thoughts are stopping you from going forwards? So for example, one of the thoughts that we were working on last week is I enjoy eating healthy foods.

And you can see that if you don't believe this thought, I enjoy eating healthy foods. It makes it very, very difficult to go and eat healthy foods. If you genuinely believe that junk food, More appealing, more desirable. Every time you go and eat the lure of junk food is going to be calling you. Now, if you can work on this idea of, I enjoy healthy foods so that when you come and make a decision and both of them junk food and healthy foods have the same appeal, it makes it so much easier for you to choose the healthy foods.

So that was an example of one of the thoughts that we were working on. And I have some amazing exercises that can help you. Really believe that thought. Now you might be saying, Hey, what are you talking about? Believing your own thoughts? Well, it's totally true. We believe things in different ways. So for this particular thought, the client that I was working with said she only believed it six outta 10.

I'm like, that's no good. You need to believe that idea. 10 out of 10, because if you don't. You don't believe it essentially, you don't genuinely believe it. So that's one of the things that we're gonna be working on on Wednesday. And during the week, people will be taking action showing up. A lot of it will be happening in the Facebook group.

Now, if you're not on Facebook group, I totally respect that. you will be able to watch replays, but it is about creating community, seeing a group of people doing things together. So you'll get much more value if you are in the Facebook group.

Why I Didn’t Want to Sign Up With Yet Another Coach

Okay. Anyhow, back to me and my business coach. So just a little bit of a backstory.

I trained as a doctor in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, the healthcare service is entirely run by the government essentially. Or at least it was when I was training. Why is that important? Because I went through training as a doctor, being a doctor with no thought to building a business. My salary was paid by somebody else.

And this is important because when I moved to Spain and basically decided, well, long story short, I didn't work for in clinical medicine. And I thought, aha, I will do something else. I'll build a business except I had no idea, literally, no idea about building a business. I remember years ago having this thought, oh my goodness.

I have to kind of do something for people to pay me money. As in, I have to kind of think about that as opposed to just turning up to work, which is what I used to do before. So you can see that my mind was not at all in creating money and. I went through a long period of time going how am I ever going to make money from anything other than being a doctor being, doing clinical work.

There is just nothing else I can do now. Clearly that isn't true, but that was what I felt. And you can see how that thought is not very helpful. If you want to make money doing something else that isn't being a doctor. So over the years, I have invested lots and lots and lots of money on business coaches.

Who have helped me build my business and helped me think about how I'm gonna build a business and all of those kind of things. Now, I will be totally honest with you. Most business coaches, whether they are programs or actual coaching are expensive, what I consider to be expensive. And I will also be honest with you that although I've always gained something positive out of the courses I have done, some of them have been.

I Felt Like I’d Spent So Much on Coaches Before that I Ought to Be Further Along

Had much more impact on my business than other things. So some of them have given me, you know, a short win and I've thought, yeah, that's good. Some of them have given me lasting wins. Some of them have got me to a place where I'm grateful for, but also I've had that niggling doubt of, I wanted to get further than this.

Now on a side note, one of the things I will always say as well, is that. When I have had the experience of being coached, being the coachee. I've always looked at that experience with my eyes of being a coach as well. So for example, at the beginning of the year, I paid a business coach, lots of money to do a three month course.

And her course kind of worked a little bit, but I, it was basically putting in Facebook ads and then my Facebook ads. It worked for a bit. They got changed. The Facebook said you can't run this ad anymore. By this time, my three months with this lady was up and I find it felt a little bit high and dry and felt, okay.

Previously I Haven’t Got Results that Coaches Promised

So I put all this money in and I started getting results, but I never got the results that I wanted to. And now my three months is up and I could see that your system could work, but I can't do this by myself. That's why I've paid for a coat. And so that left me feeling. A little bit bitter and a little bit like, Hmm, what can I learn from this?

And it was at that time that I decided that my coaching package was not going to be three months. It was going to be lifetime. Now there is still an option to pay for it for three months, if that's what you genuinely want. But I had structured it such a way that you're much better off just diving right in and getting my lifetime package.

When I say lifetime, I joked my clients that we are gonna be 80 and we are gonna be meeting regularly. Talking about how we can enjoy life and be healthy and fit. But the reality is I guarantee a year, but you, you carry on, you get basically lifetime access. So from being a coachee, I have made changes to the way I coach as well in that I have gone.

I don't like what happened to me? I don't want that for my clients. I want to be there to support my clients even when life is up and Downing. And in particularly when life is Downing, because that's when you need a coach, when things aren't going well, when things are going super well, you don't need a coach.

So anyhow, long story short, I've had lots and lots of coaching and. I am doing well. My business is doing amazingly. I have lovely clients. They're getting amazing results, but always there is that strive when you are a business owner to think, okay, I need to take it up a level. I need to take it up a level.

And when you have no training or, you know, your training, your background, isn't in business development, it can be difficult to do that. So I find myself yet again going, Hmm. I quite like this lady who I've been following for a while and I would quite like to do. Coaching package, but now there's lots of butts, all those injections that are going on in my mind.

I Didn’t Want to Spend the Money On Coaching (Again)

And for me, my big number one is I don't want to spend the money. My thought is I have paid so much already. I don't feel I should be. I should be in this position where I have to do this. Now you can see that this is not a great way of thinking because I am in this position. And so on one level, it doesn't matter what I've paid before.

I just need to forget about that, but it is difficult. Money is money. We have bills coming in. We've just overstretched ourselves to get our house done and we need to carry on paying for those bills that we have had for our house. So there's that big, big thing about money owe my goodness. This is not how I want to spend my money or rather reluctant to spend any money on anything that isn't a necessity.

and I am sure that if you have thought about health coaching, that is a big thought that has come up for you. Now here's the thing. If you are thinking about health coaching and thinking, I am standing here where I am, this is where I want to get to. I don't want to have to spend that money. now the way my brain works is there's a lot of other stuff going on underneath there when I'm thinking about money and the way my brain works is it just equates it all into money.

Would I spend this much? Would I not spend this much? So I think it's worth teasing out all of those other things and thinking, yeah, it's not just about money. Yes. I don't really want to spend money right now, but there are other things going. So one big thought that I have, and I know that a lot of you may have when it comes to health coaching, because I hear this a lot is I should be able to do this by myself.

And I know that I feel I should be able to do it by myself. And I definitely know my husband feels I should be able to do this by my myself. Now, when I look at my business, I. I am doing it by myself. I am making good progress by myself, but here's the thing I want to get there quicker. I want to do it more quickly.

I Thought I Could Get There By Myself

So yes, I can do it by myself. Why am I paying for a coach? Because I want to make sure I'm doing it the quickest way I can. That's still me doing it. My coach, isn't doing it for me. She's just helping me. And it's one of the really funny things about coaching is. I know that we can have a look and explain why coaching is so powerful, but sometimes the they're just little things.

Have you ever heard that story? I'm sure. You've heard me tell this story before about the British cycling team who used to be useless essentially. And then they made small little changes, like 1% changes. The, the coach would go and have a look at the pillows where they slept and things like that. So just small little changes.

But I Know Coaching is A Powerful Tool that Can Get Me There More Quickly

And over the time, those little changes add up to being an amazing cycling team. Now, now the same analogy can be used with coaching as well. It's not, oh, wow. It's not. Oh my goodness. My coach is telling me something that I don't know it's that I am making a small change. Thank you to my coach. And those small changes are going to add up over time so that I do get there quick.

And I think that is the same. That is why coaching is so powerful. It's not that they're not that any coach is telling you something so amazing. Whether it's about health or business. I always say people don't have a knowledge gap. They have a doing gap and I definitely don't have a knowledge gap when it comes to business.

I know what I'm supposed to be doing and I even get on and do it. So I am doing, but I'm just not doing as efficiently as I know that I could. So this idea of, I should be able to do it by myself is one of those disempowering thoughts that I think that there is nothing wrong with getting help. If it's gonna be good help to get you there more quickly.

I Was Disappointed With Previous Coaches so I got to Know This One Better

Now I am gonna say good help. And you know, I will tell you, I have been stung by other coaches. Now. All of those coaches were okay. None of them were awful, but a lot of them didn't get me the results that I wanted to get for whatever reasons, for different reasons. And so one thing I would say, if you are thinking of getting coach is number one, get to know that coach, get to see that coach and see how they work.

Take Advantage of Coaches Free Resources to Get to Know them Better

So if you are thinking of working with me, come to my free events first, because my free events are a taste of what it's like to be coached by. So get to know them, get to see what they are like and what they represent and what their messages are. And I have stalked this lady. Should we say for a little bit before I signed up with her?

And I invite you to stalk me. If you are thinking of working with me, you're more than welcome to take advantage of any of the free things that I offer. So whether it's the challenge next week or a different workshop or coming and having a free chat, having a free chat is your way of being able to test the water and see what it's like to chat me to work with me.

It's not an obligation to sign up with. so what other things do I think have been holding me back from not making the plunge and joining this coaching? Well, I'm scared it won't work for me. Yeah. Do you know what? I am scared. It won't work for me. I'm scared that I'm not gonna get the results that people always talk about.

I Know Testimonials Always Show the Best Results. But I Want to Know What My Results Will Be

So you always see coaches who say, Hey, I've got these results and they always give you the good results. They never give you the bad. Now, this lady has her guarantee, which basically says, if you show up and do the work and you are not satisfied, you can have your money back. And I think that is a really fair guarantee.

Look Carefully at a Coach’s Guarantee

In fact, that is the guarantee that I have now adopted. I've been playing around with my guarantee and what it should look like. And I think that is a perfect guarantee. If you show up and do the work and you are not satisfied, then you get your money back. And I think this is important because. As a coach, I can't coach people who do not show up.

And for me thinking about being a coachee, I know that I'm gonna show up and do the work. I'm worried that the coach isn't going to put in what I find reasonable. So if I do everything that they say, and I still don't get results, that's when I'm feeling miffed and like that wasn't worth it for me. This lady also has a lifetime coach as well.

Is there a Time Restraint to Get Results?

So it takes off that. That time restrained of, okay, I'm gonna get the results, but just not as quickly as you have promised or implied. And lastly, I think another big thing to think about is I don't want to invest the time and I know that time is important for me. . I know that I want to be doing other things.

I Didn’t Want to Invest Time and Have to Change Lots of Things

I don't want to have to reinvent the wheel of how my business works. Every single time I sign up for a business coach. And I know that if you're looking as a, at a health coach, you don't want to be thinking, oh my goodness, I'm gonna have to learn all of this and all of that. And all of this. And so I think that's a really important thing to think about.

But I Know I’ll Save Time in the Long Run

And part of that is knowing what you're letting yourself in for in the first place. So with this lady, I have talked to her a period. I know what it is that she's teaching. It's very aligned with what I'm teaching. It's just gonna be tweaks. And if you're thinking about a health coach, then you really want to be thinking about, well, what does this person teach?

Does The Coach Teach What You Want to Learn?

Is this how I see my life in years to. is this person teaching the way I want to eat. So for example, if you want to do ketogenic diet, I am not the coach for you. You need to go and find yourself a different coach. Now I'm not saying that the ketogenic diet isn't worth doing it works for some people. I think particularly if you've got lots of weight that you want to lose, the ketogenic diet is something that you can do for a little bit personally.

I don't think it's something that you want to stick to for ages and ages. But if that's what you want to do then know in advance what your health coach is talking about, go and find someone who specializes in the ketogenic diet. I am not that person. So. I hope this has been helpful. Just thinking about the reasons why I was hesitant to basically jump in and get another coach.

When really I felt I would rather be putting that money towards paying off the money for my house than investing it again in myself. It's not that I mind investing it. It's just, I don't really want to do it right now. And here are some of the big thoughts that I really unearthed when I was looking at this.

I should be able to do it by. And the answer to that is yes, you can do it by yourself. Excuse me. But the quickest route is to get help. It's so much money. Yes, it is money, but it's money well spent. And when you're thinking about your health, what is more important than your health and thinking about, I know on a business level, it's much easier to make this a, this equation.

Is This Money Well Spent? Would I Pay that for the Results?

If I pay for this, this is. However many clients I need to book with your health. It's much more difficult to make that unknown jump, but it might be okay, this is how much I have to pay for this coaching. What is that gonna buy me in terms of years of being healthy, being, feeling amazing? What is it gonna buy me in terms of not having to pay for healthcare?

Which obviously depends on where you. So if you live in the United States, you actually have to pay bills for your healthcare. If you live in the UK, you don't have to directly pay those health bills, but there still is a cost to being unwell. There's a cost in terms of not being able to work and not enjoying your life so much.

So how can you equate those things to. And I think it's really about prioritizing yourself and saying, okay, how much is my happiness and my wellness worth to me? And at what stage do I say, yes, I am worth it. And I can invest in myself and mothers. I'm talking to you because I know that as a mother, it's really easy to put everything.

Everybody. Before yourself, but there comes a time when you have to say no. Okay. It stops here. And I am gonna prioritize myself, not just in terms of money, but in terms of being able to say, yeah, do you know what? I can leave my children to go swimming? That's what I always do. Whatever it is, go to the gym, go and do this thing.

And I can leave them obviously in a safe place, but I can do that. They will survive. And actually I'm gonna feel better in the long run and they are gonna benefit in the long run as. So number three was, I don't want to invest the time. No, I don't really want to invest the time, but I know that in the long run, this is going to buy me time because I am going to be more efficient.

I'm gonna be more productive. I already went and spent my Friday morning with my husband cycling to the beach, knowing that I've got a system that I'm working to, I'm gonna show up when I need to show. And I'm not gonna waste my time doing things that don't benefit me, or at least I'm gonna waste less time.

I Was Scared It Wasn’t Going to Work For Me

Cause there's always bits of time that we do things that don't really move the needle forward. Or at least I do in business. And number four is I'm scared. It won't work for me, but I've done my research. And I know that it will work for me. And also my coach has an amazing guarantee so that I know that if I turn up and do the work and I don't get the results, but I know that it will work for me.

If I keep showing up, it will work for me in the same way that if my clients show up, it will work for them. So I hope this is shed a little bit of light over what it is like. to start work with a coach and what people are thinking now, where I want people to be. When they sign up and work with me is excited a little bit scared, but good, scared.

Now I'm not gonna tell you all about my group program today. I will tell you about it next week. And if anybody's interested then have a chat and come and talk to me about it, but I'll do a video about it at some stage next week, but where I want people to be is feeling. Yes. Okay. It's difficult to take that plunge.

What Are Your Objections to Joining a Coaching Program?

I know this is a big step. Am I all of these? Objections are coming up and I'm thinking help. Do I really want to do this? But what I want is people to be saying, oh, and I'm excited. I'm excited to be taking this step forwards. And that's exactly how I feel signing up with my new business coach is, yeah, it's a little bit scary.

I kind of wish I hadn't got to this, but I am super excited to start this. Leg of my journey. Now, I obviously want to get my results tomorrow, but it might not happen tomorrow. It might be in a week or the next day. And that is perfectly fine as well. Particularly if I'm spending my spare time swimming in the sea and cycling and enjoying my life.

So my friends come and sign up for the end, emotional channel end, emotional eating challenge next week, which is gonna be amazing. Or if you're listening to the podcast, come and join us. It's not too late. I hope this has been useful. And I look forward to connecting with you soon. Bye bye. I.


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