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My Proven Method to Teach Kids Healthy Eating Without the Fuss. Podcast Episode 80

Most kids don't eat healthy foods by choice. The good news is we have the whole of their childhood to teach them healthy eating habits. Taking a step back and looking at the big picture allows up to create habits so that healthy eating for the whole family is easy and fun.

- How to present healthy foods so your kids choose to eat them which means no more meal time battles
- Create a healthy routine so you don’t have to think about it which means healthy eating comes naturally
- How to easily teach your kids healthy eating habits so they love healthy eating and grow into adults with healthy habits
- Why your healthy eating is the key to teaching your kids healthy eating without the fuss

Healthy Eating for Kids Podcast

Why Bother Teaching Our Kids Healthy Eating Habits

  • Stop meal time battles and enjoy meals as a time to connect to your family. Create a nurturing environment that is fun for everyone.
  • Short term health benefits. E.g. not getting constipation or childhood obesity.
  • Long term health benefits. Your kids will grow up with healthy living habits and less risk of loads of diseases such as heart disease, obesity, some cancers.

How To Teach Your Kids Healthy Eating Habits

The most important things is to model healthy eating and living yourself. Kids earn by copying. If they grow up in a household with healthy habits, they'll naturally develop healthy habits.

Pressuring your kids to eat will normally result in meal time battles. 

Here's why I don't recommend pressuring kids to eat:

Stop Picky Eating With this One Simple Phrase

1. Start by taking a step back. Looking at over all diet.
2. Routine
3. Pay attention when eating
4. Portion sizes
5. Lots of vegetables and variety
6. Not emotional eating

Dr Orlena's Healthy Eating System:

Healthy Kids and Mum Bundle:

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