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How Magic Words Change Your Actions. Podcast Episode 14.


The way we talk to ourselves can have a powerful impact on the actions we take.

I introduced the “thought/ emotions/ action” circle in podcast episode 2, “Letting Go of Anger”.

Change Your Actions with Magic Words Podcast

We Want to Feel Emotions Without Being Overwhelmed

A great analogy is being on a raft in the “river of emotions”. When we are overwhelmed by emotions, we’re swept along with the current.

When we understand how our emotions work, we’re able to steer our raft down the river. The swirls of emotions will affect our raft, but we’ll be able to steer it where we want to go.

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My Kids Demonstrate How We Talk to Ourselves Affects Our Actions

Kids can teach us so much about how our minds work.

When my daughter was learning to ride a bike, she kept telling herself that she couldn’t do it. Despite the fact that she could.

Another example is my son who tells himself that he doesn’t like certain foods. (There are some instances when we truly don’t like foods and others when it’s just in the mind. This is an example of the later!)

The famous Henry Ford Quote says, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Magic Words Help My Kids to Not Wet the Bed

After moving house, both my 6 year old twins started wetting the bed again. We tried for months to help them be dry.

Eventually we started using the “magic words” last thing at night.

“I will be dry at night!”

It worked like magic! I’m sure the words entered their subconscious minds. And helped them to identify as children who are dry at night.

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How We Identify Ourselves Affects our Actions

What we think of ourselves and how we talk to ourselves are connected. These thoughts will affect our emotions, which in turn affect our actions.

It’s important to have a positive identity.

A useful tool is to create “I am” phrases. “I am amazing!” “I am happy!” “I am an amazing mother!”

These “I am” phrases will affect how we talk to ourselves.

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Try Your Own Magic Words

Try it for yourself. What would you like to achieve? How can you talk to yourself to create the thoughts that will lead to those actions?

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