Natural weight loss, energy restoration and healthy living for busy women made easy.



Healthy living for families made easy.





Because what you really want is a body you're proud of and bundles of energy,

so you can lead an amazing and healthy life without having to think about it

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Healthy eating and living should be easy and fun for the whole family.

There are so many benefits of healthy living. Living a long and healthy life, getting to your ideal weight, feeling amazing and being able to do things. (Think running after your kids or to catch the train!)

But most of us are stuck in unhealthy habits. Especially us mums who have to look after our kids and put everyone else's needs above our own.

Then we feel guilty, resentful and frustrated.

Guilty because you'd love to be a good role model and teach your kids healthy living. Except you never have time to create healthy foods your kids will actually eat.

Resentful because you'd love to carve out time to exercise or have a little "me time". But everyone else always comes first.

Frustrated as you “know what you ought to do” (more veggies, less junk), you just can’t seem to actually do it.

Any of these sound familiar?


Sitting down at the end of the evening and feeling exhausted, you haven't had a minute to yourself all day. You switch on the TV, knowing you want to go to bed at 10.30. You get sucked into "one more episode", go to bed at midnight and feel grumpy when you wake up tired.
You get home after work. You want to cook a healthy meal but you don't have a plan so you reach for something easy and not healthy. Or you dial for take out.
You're driving home from work. You indulge in a bar of chocolate to treat yourself for a hard day (and to prepare yourself for an evening with the kids.) Then you feel guilty. You know this isn't helping you lose weight but you feel you deserve something!

It doesn't have to be like that!


Healthy living for you and the family can be easy and fun. And you can do it on autopilot.

It's all about routine, habits and systems.


Hi, I’m Dr Orlena.

I trained in the UK as a paediatric doctor and now lead a mediterranean lifestyle in beautiful Spain.

I am the author of “Building Simple Habits to a Healthy Me”, and host of the “Fit and Fabulous at 40 and Beyond” podcast. My mission is to help women create healthy habits for them and their families. So they all live long healthy lives and feel amazing.

As a mother of 4 kids (2 of them super fussy), I know what it’s like to “lose yourself” to motherhood. You put everyone’s needs above your own and wonder why you’re tired, exhausted and overwhelmed.

My favourite saying is “The best thing you can give your kids is your own happiness. And the second best thing is vegetables!”

We want to teach our kids healthy habits, but the best way is to demonstrate them. We need to start with ourselves.


Get back to your ideal weight with bundles of energy whilst teaching your fussy kids healthy eating habits. In a way that’s easy and fun!


Dr Orlena's 4 pillars of healthy living.



What we eat is so important. Think less "white carbs and refined food, more veggies".



The key to feeling fit and fabulous; to enjoying moving our bodies and having buckets of energy. The key is to find things you love to do and turn it into a habit.



Everyone knows sleep is good for your health, productivity and weight. Yet who's guilty of staying up late even when you have a busy day ahead?


Emotions and Mindset

The pillar that knits everything together. Happiness and mindset aren't things that come naturally. We have to work to keep our emotions positive and not to "spiral down the negative plug hole" when life gets tough.


You can do it all! You can lead the healthy life you love, feel amazing and have enough energy to be the "best you".

Healthy eating and living habits for the whole family. So you’re confident your kids are growing up into healthy adults without having to think about it.

Routine, habits and systems are the keys to doing things without thinking.

Once your healthy habits are established you do it all automatically.

The problem is the “wobbly bridge” from where you are to “healthy living on autopilot”.

Let me guide you across the wobbly bridge!

You'll discover how easy and fun healthy living can be. 





How you can all eat healthily as a family

get back into your wonderful clothes and know your kids are eating healthy foods and learning healthy habits


How you can fit it all in

and it feels like you’re doing less even though you have a busy schedule.


How you can look after yourself

so you can lead a long and healthy life that you love and be a role model for your kids. Plus get buckets of energy so you can do all the things you want to.


How it can all be easy and fun.

(Did I say that already? But I want you to know that it’s not going to be “hard” and “will power”. It’s about creating a routine that you and your family enjoy.)


And how you can do it all without thinking about it.


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