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Podcast: The One Thing You Need to Do Today to Lose Weight and Get Healthy


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Hey, Hey. Hey, amazing, amazing people. I hope you are feeling amazing and wonderful and enjoying summer or winter, depending on which hemisphere you are in. I cannot believe that it is halfway through the summer already. How has that happened?

How Do you Start to Make Healthy Changes so You Can Lose Weight and Increase Energy Levels?

Okay today, I want to talk about how do you make sustainable changes in your life?

How do you get off that yoyo dieting train? How to you say, “Time for a change! I want these changes to be changes that I enjoy and changes that are really gonna support me. So I'm gonna get amazing, good results. And this is just the way of life. This is what I'm gonna create. This fabulous healthy, amazing life.”

I always talk about “healthy amazing you”.

How Do You Stop Feeling “Fed Up, Fat and Sluggish”?

It may be that you are a little bit like one of my clients who said, “I was feeling so fed up unaccountable all over the place, unhealthy fat sluggish.” (These are her words, not mine). “Grazing on snacks and found herself constantly waiting for the next sugar hit.”

How do you get over that obstacle? And get to, “Hey, you know what? Amazing healthy I'm loving my life”!

How Do You stop Turning to Food for Emotional Support?

Here's another one. “Overeating and turning to food for emotion feeling burnt out. I remember one week I spent lying on the couch with zero energy and it was like I was sick, but without the usual symptoms”.

How do you change this around?

How Do You Stop Struggling With Excess Weight?

Here's another one. “Busy, stressed, struggling with excess weight, feeling tired, lack of energy, uncomfortable in your body and knowing that your stress levels are leading you to emotionally.”

How do you change that around? I'm not talking about doing something for a few weeks, and then going back to the same way I'm talking about how do you make a totally new way of living so that you have what I call food freedom.

How Do You Get Food Freedom?

My idea of food freedom is this that, you know, when you are in the grasp of emotional eating, Food feels like it has a hold over you and your brain is using a lot of energy thinking about food. And when you're gonna get that next sugar hit,

How do you change that to, “Hey, you know what? My mind is free of those thoughts. And now I can use my mind to think about all the other things that I want to do in my life, and I can enjoy healthy living and I can enjoy food, but without that feeling of, oh my goodness, I need that next sugar hit. I need. that food to get me through the day.”

How do you make those changes now?

The First Big Step You Need to Take is To Commit to Making Changes

I think that the first big step is just decide like it is seriously as easy as that.

I'm not saying the decision is a light decision to make. It's not like you just go, oh, I decide. Well, it could be as easy as that.

You could just go, “Hey, do you know what right now I'm gonna commit to it.”

I'm gonna make this happen. I don't know the hows. I don't know exactly what this is gonna look like, but I'm going to commit to doing it. Go on. See if you can do it, say it out loud. I commit to healthy amazing me!

When I Moved to Spain I Committed a Long Time Before I Moved

I'd love to tell you a story about when we move to Spain. If you're new to this podcast, you may not know that I live in the Spain.

I live in Spain. I am from the UK and it's a reasonably long story, but essentially 11, 12 years ago, back in the day when I had two small children, now I have four more grown up children.

We decided that we wanted to move to Spain.

Now this wasn't a decision that we had made lightly. We had thought it over and thought it over and thought about all the different places in the world that we could go to. I could have worked as a doctor in Australia. That would be relatively easy for me to do. I've got cousins in The Bahamas, you know, and we'd traveled the world a reasonable amount and thought, okay, where is it that we want to go to?

In the end, we decided that we wanted to go to the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Step One Decide To Make Healthy Changes

That was step one. Just make a decision that is where we're going to go. And then there was the decision of, well, when aren't we going to go? And in the back of my mind, I had this idea of, I was gonna finish my pediatric training and become a consultant, which is the highest level doctor.

In hindsight, I look back and think, oh my goodness, it's amazing. I didn't do that because I probably would've never left the United Kingdom. If I'd done. but something happened. There were just a series of events that happened. I had an episode at work. I remember talking to my mom, she was living in France.

It was October, we just turned the heating on. And essentially I made this decision. No, I want to do it now. Now when I say now at that time, it wasn't like, Hey, I'm going tomorrow. I still had to have a conversation with my husband. This was before I think I was pregnant with my second son, so he hadn't even arrived and we decided, okay, We're gonna have a year after my son has born, was born and then we're going to go then.

And so I set up, I made this decision. Yes, this is what we are going to go. We're gonna, my son's gonna be nearly a year old. Then we are going to move to Spain. And that was it. That was decision done. That's it. That's all you need to do is just go. Yep. We're moving to. Or in my case, in your case, yeah. I'm committing to healthy.

People Questioned My Decision

Amazing you. Now I remember during that year, so we had a year before we were going to go and people would say to us, Hey, how are the plans going for moving to Spain? And there wasn't really anything to do it. Wasn't like I had to. Find stuff out. Like obviously we had to find a house. So we spent a week, we went there, but before we went to Spain to find our house, I think people didn't believe that we were going to Spain.

I'd be say, I'd say, yep. Yep. Perfectly fine. They're great. They're great. We haven't made any plans, but we're still going on this day. It's gonna be may whatever year. It was 2011. We are going to move to Spain and people were just like, oh, okay. And because I hadn't got any. think to show them, people were just like, oh yeah.

Okay. I'll believe that when I see it, but in my mind, in my body, I had a hundred percent committed to that and I made it happen and we moved to Spain.

Are You Excited to Get Healthy You?

So that is the first step.

Your commitment to you. And you can do that now. It doesn't mean that you have to start tomorrow.

You can say, Hey, you know what? I am going to commit to healthy amazing me in the autumn. I'm gonna finish the summer. I'm gonna have, you know, carry on doing what I'm doing in the summer, but in the autumn, this is something I'm actually gonna sort out. And if that's the case, oh my goodness. I've got an amazing, amazing thing that I'm gonna tell you in a minute.

So that is really what I want to say to you today. How do you make those changes? The first step is to commit to yourself. And the second step is to work out the hows, the hows, and the whys, and you don't need to work out all of those hows right now. When I decided I was going to move to Spain, I had no idea exactly where I was going to move to.

Step Two Figure Out the Details

We had from Barcelona up to Perignan, that's like an hour's drive that we could have found a house. I had no idea about anything. Did we have a house to move to? No, I hadn't worked any of that out. Could I speak the language? No. Do you know what? I didn't even know. They spoke two languages here. I thought everyone spoke Spanish here and it wasn't until we had.

Being here for a bit that I realized that actually people speak Catalan here and not Spanish, and that I had a whole other language to learn, but you know what? I knew that I was a resourceful person and that I would overcome any of these hurdles. And you are a resourceful person too, and you can overcome any of the hurdles that life sends you away.

You’ll Hit Obstacles But Keep Going!

And let me tell you, this life sends you hurdles. Life continues. Lifeing one thing that I will say from having worked with loads of people. On their weight, loss and healthy, amazing new journey is that life is always throwing you. A curve ball life always happens. You think you're doing really, really well.

Then you hit an obstacle and that is perfectly normal. That is part of the journey. Don't let those obstacles get you down. Or as my dad says, don't let the turkeys get you. so that was the first thing I wanted to tell you today.

Dr Orlena Changes a “Not So Healthy Habit”

Now the second thing super, super exciting is I have ordered an ice cream maker. You might be saying Dr. Orlena, we really don't care about your ice cream maker, but yes you do. It's super exciting because one of the things that I look at, one of the things that I advise you to do, if you don't want to work with a coach, if you don't have the budget or the inclination to work with a coach, you need to decide how you are going to make changes.

Now I have. Budget friendly resources for you, which I really do think you need some kind of system to help you because otherwise you get a little bit lost in all the, the things that you're doing. But one really good thing that you can do is take the worst habit you have and change it. So how does this tie into my ice cream make it?

How Can You Change Your Worst Habit?

Well, it is hot and sunny here in Spain, as I have mentioned, and I love ice cream. I really do love ice cream. It's cold in the afternoon at like three O'. it's so hot here and you think, oh, I just want something cold and refreshing to eat. Now, over the years with my young children, I have done lots of different cold ice creamy type snacks.

So one thing that I used to do is make frozen yogurt, super easy. You freeze a little bit of fruit, normally peaches in our case, cuz we have loads of peaches and then you just wizard up with a bit of yogurt. So, so. you take the frozen, the frozen fruit, and you mix it with the UN frozen yogurt and you have to eat it straight away.

It's not like you can put it back in the freezer and we've made ice pops and various different things throughout the summer. Now this summer, I have noticed that we don't have lots and lots of ice cream, but it is really easy to go to the supermarket and buy ice. . But when you look at the ingredients in those ice creams, oh my goodness.

They are filled with horrible stuff that I don't really want to eat. Yes. I enjoy the experience of eating ice cream. It's cold, it's refreshing. It's sweet. But when I look at the ingredients and it's got glucose and another sugar and high fruit toes, corn syrup and emulsifies, those emulsifies are generally not great.

They're horrible for your bio and your body. And I just think. I don't want to eat those. I want something healthy and delicious. And then you look at the alternative ice creams. Now we don't have heaps of alternatives here in Spain. I'm afraid, but you can get some which market themselves as healthy. They might be.

Lactoses free Orco gluten free, or I don't know what, but they still contain loads and loads of added. so I want to experiment with ice cream. Now I've got a little ice cream maker, but it's one of those ones that you have to put in the freezer. And it doesn't really work. I made something yesterday that was kind of cold and runny and not at all like ice cream.

So the one that I have ordered is arriving tomorrow and it will make proper ice cream. And I'll tell you how it goes. I'll be making healthy alternatives that are delicious and. so you can see I've taken my worst habit and thought, okay, how can I make this more healthy? I still want to enjoy the niceness of having ice cream in the middle of the afternoon on a super hot day, but I want it to be stuff that I know what I'm putting in.

So the recipe I tried yesterday had cashews, peaches, old milk, and a little bit of vanilla, super amazing, totally happy to eat any of those things. Okay. Okay. so listen, going back to making this commitment. It is the summer. Now it's halfway through the summer. I'm looking ahead and thinking, oh my goodness.

Resources and Help For You

  1. Free video. Sign up for the 2 week free membership here: https://www.drorlena.com/offers/izxhw6Bd/checkout
  2. End Emotional Eating Program $27. Find out more here: https://www.drorlena.com/end-emotional-eating
  3. Back to School Special. Want to join Dr Orlena’s life time program to get to “healthy amazing you”. Book a call here: https://bookme.name/drorlena/back-to-school-special

Autumn is nearly here. It's nearly back to school. Okay. I know some of you have just broken up. If you're in the UK, you've just broken up. We've been on holiday for weeks and weeks. So I'm thinking about back to school and getting back on track. So you can make this decision. Now you can go, okay. I am going to commit, I'm going to do it in the autumn.

I am committing to healthy. Amazing you. Now, if that's you, let me tell you what resources I have for you. I have amazing resources. I have. If you want something free. I have my amazing video called the five steps. My clients use to eliminate emotion leading drop 10 to 50 pounds naturally, and lead a high energy life.

And it's a video that is 45 or so minutes long. I will leave the link in the show notes. You can sign up to it. It is free. you get two weeks to watch it. It's part of my V I P it's inside my V I P area. And you can sign up to the VIP area. It's got that video and it's got some other little bits and pieces and you get access to that for two weeks.

So that is super amazing free resources that you have access to for two weeks. Now you might say to me, why do I only get access to it for two weeks? And the answer is this. I know that I can give you access to that forever and you will not watch it. Because you think, oh, I've got it forever. I'll get round to it.

Two weeks has gone past a month has gone past, and then you kind of forget about it. If I allow you to have it for two weeks, you are far more likely to actually watch it because you know that your access is going to end. So access for two weeks for that video. Now, if you want something a little bit more, I have my end emotional eating program.

actually, the program is amazing. It's just $27 and it includes a video program. Plus there's loads of bonuses, which includes my book. So I would say you could go buy my book, but really, I mean, you can get the book of Amazon. It's called building simple habits to a healthy me, and it's got the habit trackers.

It's got the whole system you need. Now, listen, this is really, really amazing. If you sign up to the end, emotional. it's $27 for an extra $10. You can get my magic likes and dislikes exercise, which normally I charge $300 for, if you do it one on one it's $300 and it is amazing. I have had so, so, so many amazing wins and results with that exercise.

And then if you want to, you get an offer it's called a one time. and you get my two week reboot, which normally is $300. And if you do it through this system, it's $27. So for $70 or just under, you can get the end, emotional eating course, you can get the magic likes and dislikes, and then you can get the reboot, which is the next step.

So the end emotional eating is to get you from a to B. And then the reboot is to get you from B to C. I hope that makes sense, but essentially that is my system and you can get my. or most of my system for $70. And that's a sort of do it yourself fund. There's no coaching. There's no hold handing, hold, handing handholding with that system.

But if you are 100% committed and you think, you know what, Dr. Orlena, yes, I am committed. And I really want your support. And I wanted to join your program. And I want to, to be like all of those people who are in your program, who are making amazing transformation. if that is you, well, let me tell you about some of those people.

So let me tell you about Carra, who was overeating and turning to food for emotion. And now she has, I've lost track of how much weight she has lost, but she's down to her last five or 10 pounds and she is doing amazingly well, and yes, life has happened, but she continues to move forwards and she continues to move forwards.

And Angela exactly the same. Ups and downs life happens, but continuing to move forwards and Leah amazing transformation, Leah has just changed her life. She says, I am quite literally a new woman and it didn't take long for those changes to happen. And now she's going from strength to strength, to strength and just loving her life and, and thriving.

Essentially. She. that she's getting thinner. Her energy level is phenomenal and her zest for life is thriving. So you can do this. And if you have someone to support you and someone to keep you motivated, then the world is your oyster. That's an interesting phrase. Why is the world your oyster? But you know what I mean?

I have five places in my group program for back to school. So a back to school special, and there are five places, just five places. I can't allow too many people in at once because I support people so well now that program is a lifetime program and I will tell you this, my lifetime program is about half the amount that most health coaches charge for a six month program.

Yes, that is. . Yes, it's not, it is an investment in yourself. It's not free. If you have zero budget, then go for the budget options. But if you are serious about making a transformation and you think, yep. Do you know what I want in the autumn? I really want to get back on track. I want to do this in a way that I'm gonna be motivated and carry ongoing and really enjoy my new healthy.

I want to lose that wobble. I want to have extra energy levels. I want to know that I'm doing everything I can to be healthy. Then book a chat with me. I will leave a link to book a chat with you. So over August I have bits of holiday. There's no huge rush other than do it. Now, book the call now and com commit to coming to the call because.

Your brain does this funny thing. It gets really excited where it goes. Yes, yes, yes. Commit, commit, commit, and then it'll go. No, no, no scary, scary, scary. You need to take advantage of that commit, commit, commit, and then you actually need to commit so commit to doing that call and we will have a call and we will chat about it.

and I will talk you through my program and what it involves because you have to understand my program. Now I will teach you the Mediterranean style diet. Yum, yum, yum, healthy, healthy, healthy. What I love about the Mediterranean style diet is that it's so versatile. It's different for everybody, but there's a F.

I will teach you my four pillars, essentially. So that's healthy, delicious eating that you will love, essentially the Mediterranean style diet, how to move your body and exercise in a way that you love that lights you up, really lights you up. The third pillar is. Delicious healthy sleep so that you wake up refreshed sleep is so important.

If you want to lose weight or be healthy, sleep is so important. Oh my goodness. I need to tell those Spanish people here. We've had four days of parties in this, where they have this thing called fester, me York. Excuse me. and music has been going on all night for the last four days. I'm hoping today.

It will be nice and quiet, cuz I would like to have a good night's sleep. The fourth pillar is the emotional wellness piece and that encompasses ending emotional eating. my guess is that 98% of people who want to lose weight have an element of emotional eating. I know that all of my clients' emotional eating is a big part.

Excuse me, excuse me. A big part of, of the puzzle. In fact, I think ending emotional, eating and putting in habits and systems. If you can do those two things, life is so easy. So those are the four pillars, eating, exercising, sleep, and emotional wellness, and that emotional wellness piece also could include stress.

So it's a life changing course. It's a life changing program on one level. Yes, it's just how you eat. But on another level it is going from tired. Overwhelmed frustrated my brain thinking about food, my brain, thinking about how do I change this thing to, I have changed this thing. It is amazing. I'm loving how I'm eating.

I'm loving exercising. I'm getting delicious, healthy sleep. I've sorted out my emotional wellness and I. But in habits. So I'm doing all of these things without thinking, and I am loving my life. I enjoy what I do every single day and yes, obstacles happen, but I know how to handle those things and yes, life isn't perfect, but I know how to handle those things.

That's one of the really good side effects. Is that any problem? that happens. You have the tools to, to sort it out. So if you are interested book a call sometime in August, as I say, just five spaces for people who want to start in September. So it will be booking now and booking now and getting ready to start in the autumn.

If you have kids, when your kids go back to school, so that you're doing things, you're sort of lining yourself up to fly off that runway. so my friends, I hope that has given you. A little push, a little motivation. Yes. You can make healthy changes. Yes. You can lead your most healthy life. Yes. You can lose all of the weight that you want to lose.

Yes. You can increase your energy levels and lead a life. That you love and you don't have to go swimming in the sea every single day and sports stingrays like I do. Oh, I saw a stingray this morning. It was amazing. Okay. My friends have an amazing week. I will see you next week. Seriously. If you are interested back to school, special five places come and book a call with me.

Resources and Help For You

  1. Free video. Sign up for the 2 week free membership here: https://www.drorlena.com/offers/izxhw6Bd/checkout
  2. End Emotional Eating Program $27. Find out more here: https://www.drorlena.com/end-emotional-eating
  3. Back to School Special. Want to join Dr Orlena’s life time program to get to “healthy amazing you”. Book a call here: https://bookme.name/drorlena/back-to-school-special

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