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Podcast: Help! I don't like healthy foods. And what to do.


If you prefer junk food to healthy foods, it's really difficult to change how you eat. Which means, losing weight and leading a healthy life is going to be difficult.

Today I'm looking at why you prefer packaged foods and what you can do to start loving healthy foods so that you can enjoy healthy eating. And all the benefits that come with healthy eating.

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Hello, hello, hello. Welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena. Now, you may have noticed that I didn't do a podcast last week for the first time since my podcast has ever been going. There was no Tuesday podcast because my daughter on Saturday had an accident and ended up in hospital. I have to confess, it was the longest day of my entire life, and luckily I can talk about it now because she is safe.

She is back at home. But essentially she had a small bleed in her brain and it was absolutely horrific. And I'm so very, very grateful for all the amazing healthcare that she got at Jonah. . Now, I had a podcast that was ready to go, but I was in hospital with her, so it didn't ever get released. So I'm releasing it now and it's all about what to do if you don't like healthy food, because clearly this is a big problem.

But in the recording of this, you will notice that I have said things like, Get your Unstuck Chat by the end of October. Well, obviously it didn't come out in time for that. So what I'm doing is extending everything. So there was a get unstop chat, there was a special Bundle that I put together that was supposed to be going out till October the 31st.

Now I didn't do anything last week in terms of work. So all of those things will be available till November the seventh, and if you're on my email list, but if you're not, why not? But I will email you over the week and let you know. So anyhow, here is last week's.

Hello, hello, hello. Welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr Orlena. This is another of my Facebook Live stroke podcast recordings. I hope this is going to work. We are going to be talking all about what happens if you do not like healthy foods. Now you can see that if you want to eat healthy foods, this is gonna be a problem for, for you. . But first, if you are listening to the podcast and you're not in the Facebook group, come and join the Facebook group.

It is an amazing place to connect with other people to get support, to just talk about healthy living and how we do that and why we do that. I shared a really interesting article the other day about how number one, there was an article about how scientists have basically said, basically estimated that if you lead a healthy life, and hey, guess what?

Healthy Living Can Add an Extra 10 Years to Your Life

That. Healthy eating, sleeping, all of those things, exercising, you can lead an extra 10 years. You can live an extra 10 years array for an extra 10 years, who doesn't want an extra 10 years? Also, I shared in that in the group an article about how the World Health Organization has recently estimated that governments really need.

Help people do more exercise. And if they don't, by 2030, there's gonna be an extra 500 million cases of diabetes and other horrible illnesses like that that are related to not doing enough exercise. Now, my message to you is you do not need to wait for your government to take action because I don't know, I'm just slightly disillusioned about governments and they don't seem to take the right kind of action, and I'm all for empowering you to take.

and go, Okay, forget what governments are doing. This is my body, this is my health. I am going to take charge of that. Okay, so let's have a little think about, Hey, I don't like healthy foods. Hands up if you think I don't like healthy foods. And that makes it really, really difficult to be able to choose healthy eating.

So I understand that I want all of those amazing benefits. I want to be able to lose weight. I want to have lots of energy. I want to lead a long and healthy life. However, if I'm really honest with myself, I prefer junk food over healthy food. So if this is you, do not panic. You are not alone. I have clients in my Healthy You Healthy Family Group program who start here who make an effort and they do well.

Healthy Living Isn’t About Discipline

But really the issue is, you know what? Every time I make a decision to eat food, the junk food is there going, Hey, I, I'd rather eat that food. So you can see how this is a problem. And one of the things that I'm constantly teaching people is. If you put your brain in a position where you have to be constantly making healthy choices, i e relying on discipline, it is not going to work in the long run.

Discipline is a finite resource. So here's, here's an example. If I say to you in the morning, Hey, do you want broccoli? Or do you. Cake for breakfast, and you say to me, Well, I'm being super, super healthy, so I'm gonna go with the broccoli. Great. Now it's lunchtime. And I say, Hey, broccoli or cake, which is it going to be?

And you're like, Okay, I'm still being healthy. I'm still thinking about weight loss. I'm still thinking about all of those things. I'm gonna go with broccoli again, and now it's dinner time and now you've had a super stressful day. Traffic work, kids, whatever it is that adds stress to your day. That was a question I asked in the Facebook group.

A few weeks ago or a few days ago, and now I say to you, Do you want broccoli or do you want cake? And you say to me, Oh my goodness, give me the cake. I don't care what is more healthy or not, I just want to eat the cake. So you know, you can see how you've relied on discipline a couple of times. You've made a good choice.

Our brains do not like making decisions. You've made a good choice. You've made a good choice. You've made a good choice. Eventually you get to the stage where you make a choice that you don't really want to. because of decision fatigue and because of life going on around you. Now, let's say same scenario, but I say to you, Hey, you know what?

What do you want for breakfast? Do you want broccoli or cauliflower? Now bear with me. I know we don't eat broccoli and cauliflower for breakfast, but you get to the point like healthy or healthy broccoli or cauliflower for breakfast, you're like, Oh, I'm gonna eat cauliflower because I like cauliflower lunch.

Broccoli or cauliflower. Yep. I'm gonna go for broccoli. Like it doesn't really matter. Dinner. Yep. I'm gonna go with cauliflower. So you are giving yourself a choice between healthy and healthy or you know, in another analogy you could just say, Hey, broccoli or broccoli, which one are you gonna. , but you are not giving yourself, you're not putting your brain in that decision to make a decision, which is potentially a decision that you don't want to make.

So every single time, if you prefer junk food and you've got junk food, easily accessible. Every single time you eat, you're putting yourself in that position where you're going brain, Do you want healthy food or junk food, Healthy food or junk food? And yes, sometimes you're gonna make healthy decisions, but invariably, at some stage you are going to make a decision, which isn't.

Healthy, and then you're gonna beat yourself up about it and go, Oh my goodness, I am hopeless. I can't do this. Dr. Orlena, please help. I feel stuck. Oh, by the way, get your unstuck chat in October, so you know that I have declared October, the get unstuck month, get unstuck in October before the holidays. And what does this mean?

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Get Unstuck Chat

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Get unstuck in October. It is a free chat. It's 30 minutes of your time and it will help you move forwards and help you understand what is going on. Okay. Back to healthy eating. So how do we change this? Well, there are so many things going on. There's so many amazing things that you can do. So number one, what I teach people to do is go through a reboot.

What's a reboot? It is basically eating healthy foods for two weeks. Now why do you want to do that? Well, it retrains your body. It's, it retrains your mind. And one of the things that's going on when. hooked, shall we say, on junk food Is there is your body's reaction to that junk food there is. Like you love that taste and all of the things that are going on.

So glucose and you know what they do? They do like, they have so many food scientists who are busy there trying to make that food as appealing as possible to. and it is delicious. Those foods are delicious. They do give us high glucose that, you know, we enjoy that high glucose. They do give us a dopamine reaction.

When you do a reboot, you see that life isn't so bad without it, and it helps you to retrain your body. It helps you to understand that you don't need that high glucose level. And it helps you to see that actually life without all of this food isn't actually as disastrous as you thought. It helps, you know, when you're standing there at the beginning, your brain is going, Okay, I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared of the unknown.

So as you go through it, you see that actually you can start to enjoy some of the healthy foods. So that is what I do with my clients. And on another note, I've got an amazing offer for people. I do my end emotional eating program, which is like a do it yourself. Here's everything that you need to know about emotional eating.

Get Unstuck Bundle

I also have a, a healthy eating doctor re's healthy eating reboot, which is all the things that you need. And essentially the, the process that I use with my, my clients in my group program, and you can grab that right now, I've got a special offer just till the end of October. All of it, it normally adds up to like $500 and right now it is $99. Find out more here: https://www.drorlena.com/offers/FnYcR95N/checkout 

So I will leave that link in the show notes as well. So,

That's what I recommend doing. But there are other ways of thinking about this too. So number one, you really need to train yourself to like healthy foods. And the first step of training yourself to like healthy foods is to start eating healthy foods and start seeing that you enjoy them. Now, a lot of people complain.

They go, Oh, healthy foods are expensive, or Healthy foods are bland. Hey, they don't have to be bland. They're only bland because that's in your mind. You're not picking those healthy foods. Healthy foods can be full of flavor. Now, here's the reality about healthy. Number one, I think you basically need to be making your healthy foods.

It's very difficult to go and buy healthy foods. Well, it's not difficult to buy healthy foods. They're called fruit and vegetables mostly, but you do tend to have to do something with them. But that's great news because it gives you the control to be able to add whatever flavors and essentially look at what flavors you.

and use them. So if you like Chinese spices, use Chinese spices. If you like Italian spices, use Italian spices. If you like hot and you know Mexican spices, use those spices. But really have a think about what it is you like. Now you might say to me, Hey, you know what it is, It's junk food. Yeah. So what's in junk food?

Salt. A lot of salt is in junk food. And if you go through the reboot and you stop eating junk food, You stop needing the salt and the sugar and all the other things. And so it's about retraining your brain and your mind and your body. And I always remember a few years ago we, I have porridge for breakfast, oats for breakfast, and I used to put a teaspoon of honey or condensed milk or something on that.

Then we came back from Christmas and my husband said, Hey, I'm gonna stop having my condensed. Or honey, and not to be outdone. I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna join you. And for the first few weeks I felt like something was missing. I would sit down and eat my breakfast and go, Oh my goodness. It just feels like something's missing or something was missing.

My teaspoon of honey or condensed milk. A few years later on, I don't even think about. It doesn't even pass my mind that I could put honey or condensed milk. I've stopped even buying condensed milk. I do have honey. I don't use very much of it, but it, you just get used to it and you stop that desire for it disappears.

So I think this is all in your mind. It, you need to retrain your mind to understand that you do like healthy eating. You have to give healthy eating a chance. And yes, I know that that is difficult. Essentially, if you're saying, I really love junk food, what you're saying is I have a habit, a really strong habit of eating junk food.

And now what I need to do is go back to basics and really, How to eat healthy foods. Now, another objection I hear is people say, Oh, it takes so much time to, to create these healthy foods. Well, it doesn't actually take that much time. It's all about working it in to your habits, systems and routines. But here's another question for you.

Well, and so what really it's like you get to choose, You get to choose to carry on eating junk food with all of the negative consequences. The not being able to lose weight, the. Problems that it is going to cause. Or you get to say, Okay, I'm gonna take this on board. I'm going to prioritize this. I am going to put in the time, the effort, the energy that it needs to change this.

And if that means that I have to do some cooking, will I have to do some cooking instead of relying on the packages that are so easy? So it's another mindset. It's another, okay, I need to prioritize. And another thing I would say about healthy foods is if you are trying to lose weight or indeed lead a healthy life, you don't actually want to be eating those.

Really appealing foods all the time because they are really appealing. Now, I'm not saying that healthy eating is bland. I really enjoy all of the food that I eat, but I don't eat that food that is super appealing. So it's really easy to say, Hey, you know what? I can stop eating this because the food isn't appealing me.

It's not pulling me in and going, Oh, eat me eat. It feels a need. When I'm hungry and I sit down to a plate of being chilly, I'm like, Wow, that's amazing. It nourishes my body. I feel great because I was hungry and I wanted to eat something, but now I've eaten a plate, I can stop and it makes it so much easier to listen to your body.

So if I have been swimming and exercising, I'm probably gonna eat a little bit more because I'm still feeling hungry. My body is basically saying, Hey, you need a little bit more. You need to replace that. . If I haven't been swimming, I find myself eating less. But it's not difficult to stop. It's not so alluring that you think, Oh, I'm just gonna eat that because it tastes so nice.

Yes, it's great when I'm eating it, but it's also much, much easier to stop. So I think really this idea of healthy. Eating, enjoying healthy for eating is all in your mind and you need to change how you think about things. Now I have amazing tools that I use to help people change the way that they think about things, and that can really give you a mindset shift, but also you need to carry on.

Once you've used the tools, you need to carry on and you need to be able to show yourself. So for example, I have one of my. , if she eats something healthy that she likes, I make her do a little dance so that she can remind herself, Yeah, you know what? I ate something and it was healthy and I enjoyed it.

And that really helps you to show, yes, I do enjoy healthy eating and I really want to get to that place where I love healthy eating and I eat it in a way that I don't really have to think about and I sustain my body in an easy. without having to think about it. And naturally then I'm gonna lose weight because healthy eating is really the key to losing weight and I'm gonna lead along in healthy life because healthy eating is also important for that.

So many health benefits. So it is all in your brain. It is about retraining and having that mindset shift and learning how to enjoy healthy foods. Okay, I hope that was useful, my friends. So quick. Come and join the Facebook group. Oh, the other thing is come and sign up for my October healthy recipes because I put a PDF together of healthy recipes, which I'm giving out.

It's part of one of the products that I use, but I'm giving out the October ones for free. So if you want that, I have made a pdf. You can grab [email protected]. That's dr dot o rna.com/recipes, and you can sign up and get those recipes there. So recipes come and get those. Come and join the Facebook group if you're not already in.

Come and book your Get Un Chat Unstuck Chat. Seriously come and book that chat. If you do nothing else, book that chat, but also I do have that product bundle as well, which I will leave in the show notes. Have a fabulous week and I will be back next week. Bye-bye.


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