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Is Making Healthy Changes Worth the Effort Podcast Episode 151


Is Making Healthy Changes Worth the Effort Transcription?

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Hello, and welcome to fit and fabulous with me, Dr. I hope that you are feeling fabulous today. It's Friday as I record this. Hurrah for Friday. Now, first things first are you signed up for the healthy habit challenge? It is day two today of five days of amazing value. Learn how to live your healthiest life in a way that is easy, fun, and doable.

Come and Join the Healthy Habit Challenge

If you're not signed up, come and sign up. Sessions will be taking place in my Facebook group, but there are also recordings because I know lots of people don't do Facebook. And I totally understand that. But right now it's what I'm using. But as I say, there are recordings. So come and join that and invite your friends because the more people you have around you doing making changes, the more likely you are to make those changes, doing things together is for.

Let’s Get Clear on What Making Healthy Changes Looks Like

Today. I wanted to talk a little bit about the journey, what I call the rickety bridge. And you'll hear more about the rickety bridge. If you come and join the healthy habits challenge now. Oh, let me tell you a little story. Today. I have just come back from what I call my house meeting. Now, if you have not heard me talk about my house before when earth have you been, but a little bit of backstory, we are having our house renovated.

So we bought a house, a bit of a “doo-er upper”. And for the last nearly yet we have been living, not in our house whilst they do. The house that it is super exciting, but I will be honest with you. It's also quite stressful at times. Not least the project is stressful, but also living in a house, which is really quite small for sick people can be stressful as well.

And, you know, there are other things like getting the kids to school where much further away from school. So the bonus is that we've been cycling to school, which I, I love cycling. I find it quite difficult cycling with my two. You know, it's an extra added challenge. So there have been some great things about this year, but we are looking forward to getting back to our house.

Is the Journey worth the End Result Of Your Amazing Healthy Life?

It's going to be the end of a long journey, a journey that has basically started five years ago. So five years ago, I started thinking that the house that we were living in was too small. I have four children at the time they were between the ages of four to eight sharing bedrooms and me thinking this is a lovely house for now, but as the kids get older, they will need more space.

And if I leave it too late to get my dream house, they will have left home. So that journey started. Five years ago, you can see the endpoint is really clear. We moved back into our house. It's a big, big, big difference. Now, why am I talking about this? Why am I telling you about my house? Because it's really good analogy of the journey that you make from where you are now.

Get the Support you Need to Help You Make Healthy Habit Changes

To where you want to get to. And in the group program this week, we have been doing what I call my magic goal setting activity. And it's really a fabulous activity to get clarity on what you want to change. What is that end goal and how are you going to get there and what are the pros and the cons. So being really honest with yourself, I'm thinking, okay, am I in this?

Am I prepared to make these changes? So if I had asked myself however many years ago and gone, oh my goodness. You know, you're going to have to move out of the house for an entire year and it's going to be stressful. Is that something that you're prepared to do now? I'll be honest with you. I thought we were going to have to move out for a few months.

I never thought it would be an entire year. So I don't know. I suspect yes, by the time I'd thought about it. You know, I know that it's a little bit difficult, but oh my goodness. The benefits from when we move back, aren't going to be amazing. We're going to have a house with heating with windows, with doors.

It's going to be fabulous. But I think when you're standing at that moment and thinking. Do I make changes? Do I go for this? Do I create my healthy life so that I get all the things that Dr. Lena is promising bucket loads of energy and health in a way that is easy and fun. Yes. I'm going to have to make changes.

And is that something that I am prepared to do? And you know what, for some people, the answer is no, I'm not prepared to make those changes. And if you're one of those people. That's okay. But getting clarity on that is really good, because then you can say, okay, I don't need to think about this anymore.

Making Healthy Changes Can Be Easy when You Have Support

Now, if you all, one of those people, what I would say is it's not as difficult as you think it is. Go and listen to last week podcasts where I was saying, what if it was just easy? So this is what we were talking about. The group coaching last week. And as I say, when you get to that end point, there isn't such a big dramatic end of pay.

Getting Clarity on Your Healthy Living Goal

I've just moved to a new house, but you do need to know, have I reached my goal or not? So really getting clear on what your goal is and making it something that is measurable so that you can say, yes, I'm clear on what. This is a process that I take all my clients through because you know what, if you joined a group program and you're not clear what you want to get out of that group program, well, number one, how can I help you get there?

And number two at the end of the year, do you feel, Hey, yes, this is great. Or do you feel disgruntled because you haven't achieved your goals? So if you don't set your goals, you're in a bit of a place where you don't really. So goal setting is really, really important. And here are some of the questions that we talked about.

Now there's lots of questions, but here are some questions to think about what will happen when I reach my goal. Now, for me, I'll be living in my new house. It will be amazing what won't happen when I get.

Another question, what will happen if I don't get it? What happens if you don't reach your goal? And I think this is a really interesting question because if we don't reach our goal, a lot of people make it mean, oh my goodness, I can't do this. I have to give up. I'm going to be a failure. It's all my fault.

Whereas actually the answer is no, you have, if you've made some progress, you've made progress and you may not have reached your goal, but that doesn't mean stop and give up. That means just keep going until you reach your goal, which may take a bit longer than you intended. What won't happen. If I don't reach my goal.

Now another really important question, because we put so much pressure on ourselves to reach goals, and then we make it feel like if we don't reach that goal, the world is going to end. We're going to be bankrupt. Everyone's going to stop loving you. Your world is going to fall apart. And the answer is no.

What what's going to happen to me if I don't reach my goal of getting in my house in four weeks time. Well, it will probably be five weeks time or six weeks time. I will be disappointed, but I will still get that. Goal setting, I think is amazingly important. Not just because it helps, you know, when you have reached your goal, but also because it keeps you motivated when you know what you are working for.

Do You Really Want Your Healthy Living Goal?

And you've been through Dr. Orlena's magic goal-setting exercise. And you know, when we go through this exercise, you really have to create a goal. You feel as achievable that you want. So one of the questions is out of 10, how much do you want this goal? And if the answer is nine, then you need to do some thinking.

You need to think, okay, why is it nine? Why, what is it that I don't want about this goal? And it may be that you need to change your goal, or it may be that you need to rethink. About it. So it might be for example, that you think, okay, I'm scared of getting this goal because I think that I'm going to have to deprive myself of all those lovely treats that I love doing all that I'm going to have to get up and go for a run every morning at five o'clock.

And I don't want to do that well, if that's what you're thinking and you think that's going to be hard, then you're not going to want that goal. 10 out of 10. Now you can change that by going. I don't have to deprive myself and that's all about mindset. So that is what we were chatting about in Dr. Orlena’s group program.

Wins from Dr Orlena’s Group Program

Really powerful session, a few wins that we've had going for walks every day, enjoying vegetables. I'm super excited about new tennis and his fault. Excuse me, sports facilities. Going on vacation and doing lots of activity, eating lots of food, but not letting myself get carried away and not limiting myself dramatically, either.

All amazing wins. I am so proud of everybody in my group. Now, if you would like a little taste of what it's like to be in my group, the number one sign up for the healthy habit challenge. But number two, I am doing Dr. Orlena’s inner circle as well, which is. A group coaching session and the price is $97.

Join Dr Orlena’s Healthy Habit Challenge

Now you need to come to the habit challenge because it's going to be talking about what we're doing in the habit challenge. So each day it will be a group coaching session, which is following on to applying what we're learning that day. So come and sign up. I will see you in the healthy habit challenge.

I'm super excited about it. And I look forward to getting to know you. Okay. Take care.


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