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How to Be Like Your Skinny Friend Who Can Eat Anything. Podcast Episode 27


How to Be Like Your Skinny Friend Who Can Eat Anything.

Do you have a skinny friend who can eat anything? And you wonder how they manage it? You watch them wolfing down cake at a birthday party and think how unfair it is! How come they don’t put on weight whereas you avoid cake and still put on weight!

Do You Know How Your Skinny Friend Lives Her Life?

When you look at a snap shot of someone’s life, it’s easy to make assumptions about how they eat and live. A bit like social media. People tend to put the highlights of their life on social media.

You need to consider how your skinny friend lives her entire life. How she eats (other than when she’s at a party.) How much sleep and exercise she gets. How stressed she is.

Our gut flora, our “biome”, also plays a large part how our bodies put on weight.

It’s easy to watch your friend eating a piece of cake, without understanding their entire lives.

How Frequently We Eat also Affects Our Weight

If we eat frequently, our insulin levels increase. Increased insulin levels prevent you from losing weight.

How Can I Change My Own Eating?

The 4 pillars of health and wellness are:

  1. Nutrition. What, how much and when you eat?
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep
  4. Emotional Wellness

Where can you start to make changes to your life so that you can loose weight and feel fit and fabulous?

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