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The Importance of Leading a Healthy Life

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Hello, hello, hello. Welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena. I hope that you are feeling amazing. Okay. I want to talk to you about why bother? Why bother leading a healthy life? Why bother making healthy changes? Why bother doing all of these things? So last week I mentioned that we had some friends staying and I was chatting to this friend and he was asking me about weight loss, and he was asking me about health benefits of weight loss, and I was talking about, well, you know, Losing weight can help you avoid cancer.

And he was like, what? Really? Weight? And sometimes I think I forget to tell people these things that it seems so obvious to me because I've been studying it for such a long time that people aren't aware of the amazing benefits of leading a healthy life. And in fact, you know what? I did a little bit of Googling to see what the internet says about this.

And if you Google some of the big sites and say like, healthy eating and being healthy, it will say things. Let me have a look. Let me see. Oh my goodness. What it was that the NHS website said was basically not very much. It basically says you'll get strong bones and teeth and a healthy heart and avoid type two diabetes.

The Benefits of making Healthy Changes

Well, those are some quite big benefits there, but I don't think it really does justice. So I want to rattle through some of the big benefits of healthy living. And do them a bit more justice. So I think let's start with diabetes and type two diabetes and say yes, healthy eating and living. So doing exercise and other things can help you avoid getting diabetes.

Now, this is not a small thing. This is an amazing thing, and it's a bit like brushing your teeth in that if you have got good teeth and you are brushing your teeth and looking after your teeth and you don't get any problems. How do you know it's the toothbrush? Do you see what I'm saying? Like you just think, oh, this is normal.

I brush my teeth and I've got good teeth, and it's the same with healthy living. I'm just living healthy and I haven't got diabetes. But if you are not living healthily, you are at risk of getting diabetes. Now, that risk of diabetes does depend on other things. It depends on genetics. It depends on family history, and it depends on the distribution of the weight.

Preventing Diabetes: The link between Healthy Living and Diabetes

I do actually have a quiz on my website, which helps you understand your risk of diabetes. The one thing I will tell you is my uncle died of diabetes a few years ago. I didn't know my uncle very well, but he developed type two diabetes and sadly, he had his legs amputated and then sadly he died. And the heartbreaking thing to me is he could have done things differently.

He could have made healthy living choices, and he could have reversed his diabetes. It could have been a totally different story. I know there isn't any benefit in going down the what if pathway when things have already happened, but diabetes is a really, really big one. So if you are standing there and you know that you are beginning to get either slightly higher sugar levels or you've got a family history and you're thinking, yeah, I know it's something that's in the future.

Heart Health: The Connection between Heart Disease and Diabetes

The future starts now, really and truly making changes starts now. So diabetes is a big one. And linked to diabetes is heart illness. Heart disease. Now if you haven't listened to the podcast that I did back years, years, years ago with Dr. Zarrin, go and listen to them and we had a big chat about how to lead a heart healthy life, how?

How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease with Diet With Dr Zarrin

How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease with Lifestyle with Dr Zarrin

Eat healthily and how to lead a healthy life, and she really dives into, okay, what is it that you can do to decrease your risk Factors of getting heart disease. Now, heart disease and diabetes are hugely linked, so one thing is avoid getting diabetes in the first place, but really all the stuff that I teach is gonna help you avoid getting heart disease.

And she did a wonderful podcast. I think their podcast, they're right at the beginning. They're under number 10. So heart disease is a really big thing too. And again, I know it sounds so in the future, oh my goodness, I'm gonna do all of this work to avoid getting heart disease. But yes, do it because avoiding, getting heart disease is huge.

The Benefits of avoiding Obesity through Healthy Living

Okay, now the NHS also mentioned bones and teeth. That is a good thing as well. Having healthy bones and teeth really is important. It's important to keep our teeth, it's important to have healthy bones. It helps us with our morbidity. It helps us do amazing things. So I don't think it's. Something that we should minimize.

But I just think we can go a little bit further actually, healthy eating, or let's put it this way, avoiding being overweight, health, health effects of being overweight and obesity. Let's look at it in a different way. And I'm now looking at a page on the cd, C D C, which is the Center, center for Disease Control and Prevention.

And they have said that the health effects of being overweight and obese, all causes of. So people who are overweight and obese have, are at increased risk for all causes of death, all of them. So you can see that if you can avoid this, if you can reverse this, you decrease your risk of dying. And that's not a small thing.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, type two diabetes, coronary heart disease. We've talked about those, but also stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, that's a problem with your bones and your cartilage. The more weight you have, if you have osteoarthritis, the worse it is because you're putting weight on your joints.

Sleep apnea and breathing problems. Types of cancer, I'm gonna get to cancer now. They've put low quality of life. And I think that this is also an understatement. And I think the benefits that you get from leading a healthy life, from having a body that really functions well, that you can move, that you can enjoy is amazing.

You get confidence, you enjoy that movement. I just dunno how to express it to you. They've written mental illness such as. Clinical depression, anxiety, and other medical disorders. So you are at increased risk of these things. And yes, I would agree that I see so many people who are really struggling with their weight and that is very connected to their confidence, their happiness, and it's almost like, well, if I could fix the weight loss, I could fix my happiness, I could fix my confidence levels.

Reducing Your Risk of Cancer with Healthy Living

What else? Okay, let's go and have a look at cancer. So this was the thing that I was talking to my friend about, and he was like, really, I didn't realize that cancer was linked to healthy living and being overweight. So here are some of the cancers that are linked to being overweight and obesity. A men in joma that's in your brain.

It's the tissue that's surrounding your brain. Thyroid. Breast cancer for, for women who are post-menopausal, being overweight is a risk factor for breast cancer, liver cancer, gall bladder cancer, upper stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon and rectum cancer. Ovarian cancer, endometrium, cancer. That's the lining of your uterus, your womb, kidney cancer, multiple myeloma.

That's a blood cell cancer. Esophagus. Esophagus. So, How many is that? That's like 10 or 12 different types of cancers that you increase your risk for by being overweight. And so the converse is true. If you are a healthy weight, you have a lower risk factor than other people. So health is an amazing, amazing thing.

It really, really cannot be, I cannot stress it enough that being healthy is, is everything. If you have your health, everything else you can figure. Now, I know that all of these things feel like a long way down the line. Well, unless you have been recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes or something, you've had some kind of scare.

For most people, it feels like, okay, why should I make changes Now? Yes, I understand all of the stuff that's gonna happen down the line, but that feels like such a long way away that it doesn't really give me motivation to make changes right now. Because the motivation, the the changes feel So d. And to that, I think that you really need to get personal.

You really need to understand what is your motivation, and you also need to look for some. Short term motivation. So think about like what's going on now? What are the, some of the things that I'm really gonna get benefit from right now? And some of those things I think are increased energy levels. Some of them are things like confidence.

If you know that you are doing things that are healthy, that you are leading healthy lifestyle, that you are working towards this healthy you, that is gonna give you more confidence. Confidence to know that you are doing everything possible to lead this healthy life and to enjoy your healthy life. What about confidence in body?

Confidence in what you're wearing in the Northern Hemisphere, it's going to be summer soon, and that means swimming suits and being on the beach or going on holiday and being able to wear nice clothes. So there are things that happen sooner. Now, I talked as well about. Making it more personal. Now, this can be long-term as well, but it's really what are the things that I can do.

So it might be that you have young children and you want to be able to play with your children or to be involved in your children's life as they grow up. It may be that you are. About to become a grandparent or that you are a grandparent and you're thinking about, well, I want to be able to play with my grandchildren and enjoy my grandchildren.

Really get down on the floor and run around with them. Or I want to go skiing, or I want to go hiking. I want to be able to travel in my retirement. So really understanding what the benefits for you are is really going to help you with motivation. This is your motivation. Why do it? Yes. On one level, you've got Dr.

Alina saying, do it because. You're gonna be healthier. You're gonna be so much healthier. You're gonna live a lot longer. And not only are you gonna live longer, but you are also gonna live a better quality of life. Yes, I understand what Dr. Le is saying, but that doesn't really bring it alive to me. I need something to bring it alive to myself.

So have a think about that. And you can think about the things that you won't be able to do if you don't make the changes. And you can think about the things that you can do or will be able to do if you do make the changes. So I want to know, let me tell, let, I would love you to tell me what is your motivation?

Do You Want to Be Positively Healthy? 4 Week Program Starting April 27th

What would you like to do? What does healthy, amazing you look like? And to remind you, oh my goodness, positively healthy is kicking off next week. I can't believe how, how how time has just quickly gone past. But I have got an amazing program that is starting next week. It's a four week live program, so you need to sign up before the 27th because we kick off on the 27th and this is what it's going to be involved.

It's called Positively Healthy. It's two weeks focusing on your positive brain and building up your positive brain strength. So that is. Turning off those saboteurs, all of those things, those voices that tell. We'll explore what those voices tell you, but typically they say things like, you can't do it.

It's not gonna work. Oh my goodness, you are useless. All of those voices, we're gonna turn those off. We're gonna get to know them, we are gonna turn them off, and we're gonna turn on our positive voices, which go, oh my goodness, I'm curious. Why didn't this work? And let's make this work, and how can I make this work?

What do I need to? How can I make it easy? All of those voices. So we're gonna spend two weeks really focusing on understanding your brain, getting to hear your negative brain so that you can turn it down. And turning on your positive brain. And don't worry, I've got lots of amazing tools to help you with this.

So that's the first two weeks, and then in the second two weeks, we are really gonna be focusing on healthy Mediterranean style eating and really enjoying healthy Mediterranean style eating. So the, the end of four weeks, you have really started to gain some habits, some solid habits on enjoying healthy eating and being in your positive brain.

Making it easy so that you can lead a healthy life so that you can lose weight so that your energy levels can, can come up. So this is a really big kickstart towards Healthy, amazing you. So I invite you to come and join. It is a paid program. It is 199 US dollars. It includes group coaching. It is going to be absolutely amazing.

There is also an option to pay what you can. So if you're really feeling the crunch right now, the option is $49 or above and you get to choose what that is. If you have questions, let me know, but I am amazingly looking forward to helping people really make this transformation a big step towards healthy.

Amazing. You okay? Have a lovely week. I will see you soon. Bye.


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