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Podcast: The ONE Thing That will Help You Lose Weight and Get Healthy



Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena. I hope that you are feeling amazing, amazing, amazing. Today I want to talk to you about the one thing that is really gonna help you get healthy. Lose weight, lead a healthy life. Can you guess what it is? I'm sure you can.

Now, before I dive into the one thing that you need, oh my goodness. Just a little bit of catching up on how we're doing. I'm having a bicycle disaster at this moment. My poor daughter, we went cycling yesterday. She went round a corner too quickly. Skidded. Nearly crashed into somebody. Luckily the other person managed to break and she scratched her arms and legs.

Oh my goodness. It is the worst thing when your kids are unwell or something happens to your kids. It really, really is. And on top of that, my wounds from falling off my bike last week are beginning to heal. Oh my goodness. My bike has a flat tire. Despite having fixed it twice, I clearly am not designed to be a bike mechanic.

The Power of Mindset: Taking Charge of Your Health

So anyhow, that's us caught up with bike disasters. This is what I'm, this is an article that I read in The Guardian, and this is what we ma made me think of this podcast. So this article. That I was reading yesterday evening and as I was just perusing thinking I was a little bit bored, not doing very much.

It's called, it's in the Health section and it's called Should I Worry About My Belly Fat? And it was quite a small, quick article and actually quite good information, quite succinct. I liked it. One of the things that I really liked it, they talked to a nutritionist and she basically said everything that I say, so obviously that's great.

What she really talked about was, you know, focus on nutrition, focus on more plants and less meat, and cutting out refined carbohydrates. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. All of this is good. She even she talked a little bit about exercise and she talked about sleep, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, loving this.

And she talked about stress levels as well. And so there you go. She's covered all four of my pillars. Hey, you know what? My pillars are based in scientific evidence as opposed to, I just made them up. But here's the thing that I had, the issue I had with this article. Now what she says is, and I will read a little bit for you.

Diet is a key factor. Where possible try to reduce alcohol intake and particularly beer consumption says hope. Who is the dietician? Also, try to avoid high sugar, high salt foods that are easy to overeat and where possible, try to incorporate more vegetables into your meals as this can help to keep you fuller for longer due to the fiber content, et cetera, et cetera.

Breaking Habits: Transitioning from "Try" to "Do"

And she goes on. Now the issue that I have with this is the where possible the try, try to do this, try to do that. And I know that it's probably couched in a way to encourage people and say, it's not such a disaster. It's actually quite fun. And I know that where people are standing when before they've made any changes, it feels scary.

I talk to so many people who want to make changes and one of the things that is really keeping them stuck, Without them really wanting to voice. It is, oh my goodness, what does life look like without sugar? What does life look like without my favorite dessert? What does life look like if I don't do all of these things that I don't do?

It's almost like I'm changing myself and I'm a bit scared to do that. Now, to that, I would answer, oh my goodness, actually, it's not changing yourself. It's you turning up as. Your best is you doing the things that you enjoy, the things that you really want to do. And going back to this article and thinking the problem with this wording, try to do this, try to do this, is it, there's a huge great opt-out clause there.

Oh, I did try. I went to a party. And I did try to eat vegetables, but there weren't any vegetables, so I just ended up eating lots of cake. Or I did try, I went to a restaurant and you know, I looked at the menu and I ordered this thing. And what it really doesn't do is set that tone of, hey, guess who's in charge of what goes in your mouth and what you do.

Yep. You, and actually, when we think about it, when we think about development of a baby, what is the first thing as humans, we learn to do. So if you look at a baby, the first thing they do is right at the beginning. A baby is sort of like flapping its arms and legs around without any direction. And you know, you might see a baby's hand sort of like fly across its face and it's almost going, Hey, what is this thing?

And eventually the baby realizes that its hands are attached to it and that actually part of it, and it learns to control its hands. And the next thing it does is it learns to take its hand and take anything and put it in its mouth. And this is called mouthing. I'm sure if you are a parent, you've seen this.

The first thing we learn as humans is to feed ourselves. And that is really, really important that we maintain control over that. And actually as a parent, it's really useful that we allow our kids to have that control. Not entirely, obviously, we are not saying, Hey, you can eat cake the whole time, and that's fine.

Obviously we have to present our children with healthy food options. But what we don't want to be doing is force feeding them and ramming food down their mouths. We want to allow them that control to take the food and pick it up and put it in their mouth. So going back to this article and thinking, Hey, do you know what?

Enjoying Healthy Living: Nourish Your Body and Mind

I actually think this is a bad message to be giving people. The message I would like to give people is, number one, you don't understand how much control you have. That actually if you don't try and you actually do, and you actually start eating healthily, you're gonna really love it. You're gonna enjoy it.

And as you walk through this journey of enjoying it, at first it's a little bit scary and you think, Hmm, this is a bit scary. I'm so used to these habits. I'm so used to eating all these refined sugars. And as you cut them out, you stop wanting them because you stop having that external dry for sugar.

Your body's perfectly capable of getting its own sugar. We've got loads of stores of energy. Everybody has stores of energy. You are not gonna run outta energy, believe me, you've got. Stores and stores and stores of energy, and your body knows how to break it down. You don't have to know how to break it down.

Your body knows for you. So understanding that you have enough energy, understanding that actually healthy foods are enjoyable, healthy foods are delicious, and that you are in charge of all of this, you are in charge of how you turn up. You are in charge of saying, okay, yes, I want to eat healthily. I'm gonna enjoy eating healthily.

I'm gonna enjoy exercising. I'm gonna enjoy leading my most healthy life. When you get to that place of I'm in charge and I'm enjoying it, and it's great and I love it, you are no longer trying. You are just doing, and you're doing it on autopilot. Now, I know there are a few caveats. I know that there's what I call the rickety bridge in between A and B and that a lot of people have those negative voices in their heads that go, I'm too busy or It's not gonna work for me, or whatever it is that your voice says.

Yes, I know, I know there are about, well, there's probably not a thousand billion different excuses, I guess they're different for every single person, but there are a few of them that come back and come back and come back. And essentially those are habits. They are habits in the way that you think, and they are habits in the way that you do things.

Healthy Living with Ease and Flow: Strengthening Your Positive Brain

And your brain is basically saying, I like this habit. I've got, let's just carry on doing this habit. So I, it was Sunday yesterday. We, I go to market on Sunday. I love my fruit and vegetable market. I come back with, Kilos and kilos and kilos of fruit and vegetables to set me up for the week. And then we set out on a bike ride myself, my daughter, and my husband.

And as we left, we bumped into our neighbor. And our neighbor is a lovely, lovely guy. And he's like, oh, you're going out and doing sports, are you? He's got a cigarette in his mouth and he's going, I'm just gonna go and get in my car to go to the pharmacy. We live in a small town, like there's nowhere that you can't walk to, especially on a Sunday when you know, he, he doesn't work on a Sunday.

And so that huge great contrast, just these little things. Here we are cycling to the beach. Okay, Celeste fell off. That wasn't great, but the difference, buying fruit and vegetables and getting on your bike and doing something active in the day as opposed to having a cigarette, getting in your car and going to the pharmacy.

Like it's such a small thing, but that's what he chooses to do. Now, he may not realize that he's chosen to do that because he's just in habit brain, but when you get intentional and you really look at your life and go, oh, I can see these habits, side note, you don't need to beat yourself up about it. You just need to say, okay, I can see this habit of getting in my car everywhere when I could walk.

It's not serving me. It's not helping me. Feel amazing. It's not helping me get to healthy. Amazing you. And so that brings me to another point is that when you implement all of these things, healthy eating, healthy living, oh my goodness, you feel so much better. Everybody always says to me what I'm really interested in, it's feeling good.

It's my physical energy, it's feeling healthy, knowing that I'm doing stuff for my health. Yes. How do you do that? Again, it comes back to you and everything that you do, your lifestyle, it is you who chooses. Now, obviously, we can't allocate every single random opportunity. Every single possibility. There are some genetic problems that you can't change.

You can't change having accidents. Things happen to us. My daughter fell off her bike. I fell off my bike. Things happen to people. You can't change that. But number one, you can reduce your risk of all of those nasty lifestyle diseases significantly. And those nasty lifestyle diseases are the nasty lifestyle diseases that account for an awful lot of being unwell and dying in the world.

So diabetes, heart disease, a lot of cancers, all of those, we can reduce our risk of that. But the other thing is, even if you have something wrong with you, You can have something wrong with you and you can lead your healthiest life and feel the best that you are going to feel or not. So if you are not doing healthy lifestyle things, you're still gonna have the illness and just feel worse.

So if you have an illness, yes, you may not be able to get to all the energy that somebody who doesn't have the illness has, but it's not about comparing yourself to other people. It's about looking at what's possible for you. And changing your lifestyle and leading your most healthy lifestyle is going to give you energy.

It's gonna help you feel better. So my message today, so different from my message last week, I'm kidding. Yeah. It's all about you and your mindset and you deciding to take control and saying, do you know what I'm in charge. I get to decide whether I eat these vegetables or not. Not whenever possible. I lead a healthy life and there isn't ever a time in my life where I'm in a situation and there's something that I think I.

I don't wanna eat this. Now, sometimes I'm not saying I don't eat treats. Of course I eat treats, but I eat those treats because I want to. I never feel forced into going, oh my goodness, this isn't food that I really want to eat. I have to eat it Anyhow, there's always an option not to eat. As I say, you are not going to fall over.

So if I don't want to eat something, I don't eat it. But normally I'm in control of my life and I know when I'm going to be eating. So for example because my Huss, my son is unwell at the moment, we have to go into hospital and when that happens, I take my lunch with me because I know that wherever I go, I'm not going to be able to find the type of food that I want.

We went to a big shopping mall the other week to buy some clothes and I thought, oh, we could pick up a sandwich or something. No, I couldn't find anything that I particularly wanted to eat, but luckily I had some stuff in the car anyhow, so I was perfectly fine. But it's just a little bit of thinking advance.

It's not a big deal to pick up, to chop up some fruit and some vegetables and have it with you. So it is your decision. It is up to you now. I know as I said that there are those negative voices that say I can't do it, and it's too difficult. And those negative voices are part of your habit. Your habit of being you.

Healthy Weight Loss Workshop: Unleashing the Potential of Your Mind and Body

Now, it's okay. We all have negative voices. The default of the human brain is to be in negative mode. It's, it's in negative mode to protect us. However you can train yourself to get into positive mode so that you are constantly in that place of ease and flow and thinking, how do I make this happen? Now on Wednesday, I am gonna be doing a workshop called Healthy Weight Loss with ease and flow, and we're gonna be talking exactly about this, thinking more about your negative brain and how to turn it down and your positive brain and how to strengthen it.

So it's gonna be a really interesting workshop that I invite you to come to. And I will give you a key, some like tools that you can use so that you can strengthen your positive brain. Hint, it's like going to the gym. It only works if you do it. It's something that you have to train yourself to do, like healthy eating and healthy living.

Everybody knows what the theory is, but people don't have a knowledge gap. They have a doing gap, and that doing is the thing that you need to be doing. Okay, my friends. So come and sign up for Wednesday. It's gonna be amazing. 7:30 AM Eastern time. I know it's early. I know, but it's gonna be so amazing.

It's worth you making time in your calendar to attend this live if you possibly can. There will be a replay for people who can't attend it live, and then I will be offering some free coaching calls after that. So the idea is you attend the workshop, you understand the theory behind the negative brain and the positive brain, and then you book a call and.

When you book a call, I will send you an assessment to do so that you can have a look at what your saboteurs are and what those voices in your head are saying, and then we can have a look at them together. And it's gonna be super, super fun and really eye-opening, really like, oh my goodness, I see what is going on now.

So come and make sure you book one of the calls. I'll tell you more about the calls on on at the workshop. Have a fabulous week and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Bye-bye.


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