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About Orlena

Want Your Healthy Body Back?

Hello! I'm Dr Orlena,

You've reached a certain age in life and seem to have lost your "thin you"! 

You're worried about those nasty diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

In short you'd like to lose weight and keep it off.

Except it's not as easy as you hoped!

Which "Diet" Should You Follow?

You're frustrated and overwhelmed by conflicting advice. High carb? Low carb? High fat? Low fat?

Fruits good or bad?

You just want to enjoy food and love life!.

You want to lose weight without dieting.

Your Health Is In Your Hands

I want to show you that you're in control of your health.

And that you can find a way of eating you love. 

You don't have to count calories, or points. You don't have to "go without".

You can find balance and harmony.

You can find "thin you" and reduce your risk of all those nasty diseases.

Who is Dr Orlena?

I'm Dr Orlena Kerek. I'm from the UK and live in Spain with my beautiful family.

I used to work as a doctor for the NHS. I used to treat people who had all those nasty diseases. Often the end result of a lifetime of not looking after themselves.

Later I went into paediatrics. (That's how we spell "pediatrics" in the UK!)

After I moved to Spain with my family in 2011, I turned to helping people all over the world thanks to the amazing internet.

I taught families to feed their kids a healthy diet (yep, including those picky eaters!)

Now I teach people to lead a healthy life. To reduce their risk of "the nasties". To lose weight and find their "thin me".

Why I Love Coaching People

All those hours in busy hospitals showed me the tragedy of what happens if you don't take care of yourself.

What happens when you lead a life of neglect and "putting it all off until tomorrow".

Tomorrow often comes with a wake up call from a test result.

I won't upset you with details but I saw heart ache, pain and total loss of dignity.

Even now, years later, my eyes glass over as I think of personal stories.

I don't wish any of that on anyone.

As a young busy doctor, I could see that so much illness was avoidable. I didn't really stop to think how difficult it is for people to make changes.

My personal journey (through the frustrations of parenthood and "loosing my career") has led me to examine "the human condition".

How we do things on autopilot.

How we get into bad habits.

How we avoid feeling emotions.

How we get stuck in a rut.

How we resist making changes.

Because familiar is more comfortable.

I know that I can show people HOW to make those changes that will change their lives. Not just "how" in the "just get on with it" kind of way. But "how" in the "understanding what's going on underneath" kind of way.

The way that you actually make sustainable changes!

Changes that will transform your life. Find your "thin you" and avoid those big nasties.

I work with people to find the "way of eating" that suits them. Then to make those changes and stick to them.

I use a combination of nutritional advice and emotional coaching. Some people just need nutritional tweaks. Other people want more emotional coaching.

Most people need a combination of both.

Private Coaching

If you'd like to transform your life, find your "thin you", avoid all those nasty diseases, come and work with me!


You can book a complimentary mini session here.



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