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How to Get More Energy Every Singe Day Podcast Episode 124

Hello, and welcome to fit and fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek. I hope that you are feeling amazing and fabulous. It's spring here in Spain, and I am super excited because my children have got a school excursion tomorrow. So I am taking the day off and I am going cycling with my husband. Hooray, hooray.

What a life of luxury I lead! Although you might not guess that by looking at my old trusty rusty bike, which is on the list of things that I would like to replace in my life.

How to Get More Energy so You can Do All the Things You Want to. Every Single Day.

What are we talking about today? We are talking about. How to have more energy. When I talk to people, this is one of the biggest, biggest problems that people face is how you feel every single day.

One of my favourite questions is:

How much energy do you have every single day to do the things that you want to, or have to out of 10?

If your answer is not consistently 10 or nine, what is going on and how can we make amazing changes so that you can have energy? 10 out of 10, every single day to deal with what life throws at to you to create your amazing life and do the things that you want to do?

Keep an Eye Out for the Next Dr Orlena’s Healthy Habit Challenge

So that is what we are talking about today. Just a few announcements you may have noticed. In fact, last week I changed things up a little bit. So I have decided that I'm going to be doing a recording every other week, which I absolutely love, but I'm beginning to run out of time. I'm going to be redoing the challenge again in June.

So if you missed out the first time round, it's going to be bigger and better and more amazing this time round. Um, it was so much fun last time, and I'm going to be polishing, polishing, and it's all about how you can start to make changes. And the people who did the challenge fought, it was fabulous and really enjoyed it.

And the people who have joined the Healthy You Healthy Family group program are doing amazingly well. We had our second meeting yesterday. And one of the ladies were saying how in just a short space of time, she has lost four pounds, which is fabulous. Well done. Congratulations. And more importantly, she said, I really feel like I haven't been deprived.

I haven't been hungry and that I'm doing this in a healthy and sustainable weight. She said, you know, I've done diets before and it didn't feel healthy and it didn't feel good. And I want to be able to create a way of. Eating and living that I can sustain. So super, super exciting. And we're just having so much fun and seeing people move from strength to strength.

Now, if you didn't make it this time round, you don't worry because there will be another time after the challenge. I will tell you more about the group program and I'll open it up again.

How Do You Lead a Life Full of Energy?

Okay. Energy let's think about energy. I want to feel better and I wanted to have more energy. So how do we go about that?

Do You Want More Energy?

Well, the first thing really to say is that this is. The first step along what I call a chain of beliefs that I help people move across. And this is where you start. You have this idea of, I want to feel better. And when you start thinking about this, you kind of think, okay, let's jump ahead to where I am feeling better.

And think what has happened to change that? What do, what changes do I need to make? And you may guess my answer, I may have said this one or two times before, but essentially we are looking at the four pillars. We are looking at healthy eating, healthy movement or exercise, healthy sleep, and healthy emotions.

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Your Health and Wellness are the Keys to Having Lots of Energy

So the way we think and our emotions and how those impact our actions. And I think the next step along this chain of ideas is… “My health and wellness is really important to me and allows me to feel amazing and to do all the amazing things that I want to do”.

Your Lifestyle Has a Huge Impact on Your Health

The next step is my lifestyle has a huge impact on my health.

And I think this step is one of the steps that people probably know about, but I'm quite happy sort of forgetting about it. Now, let me repeat it for you. My lifestyle has a huge impact on my health. Now the next step is I'm in control of my health. So I need to make some changes. Now, can you see how each of these beliefs is believing on them?

And it starts with:

  1. I want some energy.
  2. My health and wellness is really important.
  3. My lifestyle has a huge impact on my health.
  4. I'm in control of my health. So I need to make some changes.

Now You’re Ready to Start Making Changes!

Once you've got through all of those four steps, you're sitting in a position to go, okay, now I can start to make changes and I can start to create that lifestyle where I have lots of energy.

Why Don’t you Have Enough Energy?

So when I talk to people and you know, they say I haven't got any energy, I haven't got enough energy to do all of the things that I want to do. And I say to them, “Why is that?” And people will come up with different reasons.

Is Stress Sapping Your Energy?

It might be that “I’m too stressed. I've got too much work.” That's emotional. That’s pillar number four. That's I haven't put in those tools and systems to help me relax and take care of my stress.

Is Lack of Exercise Draining Your Energy?

Now other people might say it's because I don't exercise enough. I don't move my body. I know that I need to exercise more. Well, there you go. That's pillar number two.

Is Your Diet Contributing to Feeling Tired?

Other people will say, “well, you know, I know that I eat too much junk food, too much treats”.

Perhaps I drink a little bit too much alcohol, and I know that this has an impact on my body.

Now, some people know that it has an impact on their body in a general way. “I know if I eat too much sugar, it's not good for me”.

Other people know it has a direct impact on them. So, for example, “I eat sugar and my joints ache the next day, because I know that that's what sugar does to my joints. And yet I find it difficult to say, I'm not going to eat the sugar, even though I know it's going to have this impact on me.”

I guess it's a little bit like alcohol. We drink alcohol enjoying the moment and not thinking of either the longterm consequences or the short term consequences of how you feel the next day.

Two healthy breakfast bowls with various fruits #wellness #health #energy #healthylife

Where are You In the Chain of Healthy Beliefs?

So this is the chain of events that you need to take yourself through the chain of beliefs. Number one, I want more energy. How am I going to get that? And as ever, it starts with self awareness. So what are the things that I am doing? That are contributing to my low energies. Is it my eating? Is it my exercise?

What’s Stopping You From Having Buckets of Energy Every Day?

Is it the way I'm thinking my emotional wellness? Is it all of it? Is it that I'm not getting enough sleep? Now the hard truth. It is, it is probably a combination of all four of those things of all four of the pillars. But the good news is is that when you start to make changes in one of the pillars, it has a knock on effect.

Create a Positive Spiral Upwards So You Can Have Loads of Energy Without Having to Think About It

So for example, you might think, okay, I'm going to change the way I eat. And it might just be a little bit, I'm going to make one small change. I'm going to cut out that sugary dessert. I'm going to go for a walk instead. Yeah. And you go for a walk and then you feel a little bit better. And when you feel a little bit better, you have more energy to prepare your healthy meal and then eating that healthy meal gives you a little bit more energy and you use that energy to create another habit and you can see how it spirals upwards and upwards.

It doesn't happen instantly. It takes time and it takes time for various reasons. And one of the big reasons is because we have to think about habits. The way you get here is by creating habits in all four pillars. Habits, routines, and systems.

Now Enjoy Your Life Full of Energy

So, how do you get more energy in life? You make changes in all four of the pillars and it needs to be all four of the pillars. And then you can be living your amazing, fabulous life and thinking I can do whatever I want to do. I lead a life of luxury. I am going to go for a bicycle ride all a Friday morning.

Now, obviously we have work commitments and other commitments, and we have to create a routine that works for us. But I'm going to be intentional in what I do. And I'm absolutely the literal, excuse me, absolutely going to love going for my bike ride. I'm really going to reddish it. I'm really, really going to enjoy it because I get to do this right now.

Let Me Know What’s Stopping You From Having 10/10 Energy Every Day

Aren't I lucky. So thinking about self awareness, I would love to know what you think your biggest problem is. What is it that is. Stopping you from having energy 10 out of 10 or 11 out of 10 every single day. And when I say “having that energy every single day”. I'm not saying that every day is amazing and perfect.

And we don't have obstacles that we have to overcome or difficult times in our life. Of course we do. We have to do that frequently, particularly when we have highly strong children who scream and shout and have problems getting out of the door and not wanting to go to school and all of these things.

But when we have that internal energy and we have those systems in place, we can say, okay, I've got a difficult day ahead of me, but I have got the energy to deal with that day. So I'm going to get out of bed. I'm going to feel 10 out of 10. I'm going to help my children who are struggling. And perhaps my energy level is going to dip to eight after that.

But I'm going to get myself back on track and I'm going to feel 10 out of 10 for the rest of the day. So it's not about life, always being what I called. Peaches and unicorns and daisies. It's about having the internal energy to deal with whatever life throws at you. So I would love to know what you think is holding you back.

And I would also love to know if you are feeling ready to make those changes. So let me know either come and comment in the Facebook group, or just email me at [email protected]. And if you are struggling, one of the big struggles I see is with people and eating.

Now, I always say, eat more vegetables, but another big aspect of this is people overeat. And a lot of people say to me, I overeat. I know I overeat. It might be that I've read it dinner time, or I overeat it this time, but. I don't know how to stop overeating. So I have done an amazing why do I over eat quiz so you can sign up for that.

I'll leave the, the link in the show notes. And again, the quiz is about self awareness. So thinking about why do I do this? What is going on underneath? So go and take the quiz. It's a little bit of fun and I would love to hear what your insights are after doing the quiz. So let me know, right. Have a fabulous week and I will have another amazing podcast for you next week.


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