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One Fun and Easy Tip to Healthy Amazing You Podcast Episode 140



Making the transformation to "healthy amazing you" requires a good relationship with yourself.

If you're constantly mean to yourself and beating yourself up, you won't stick to new changes.

How do you improve your relationship with yourself?

Here's one fun and easy way!

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Hel­lo, and wel­come to the Fit and Fab­u­lous Pod­cast with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek. I hope that you all feel­ing fab­u­lous. It is the end of Au­gust. I have three months and a week left to go be­fore I move back into our house.

Today I went swim­ming in the sea and on my way back, I looked un­der this rock and thought that is a fun­ny looking shell which is per­fect­ly smooth. I had a little look un­der­neath and saw that it is an oc­to­pus. I can saw some lit­tle eyes there and it's wrapped it­self up to look like a rock. Octopuses are su­per clever.

Come and join the Healthy You, Healthy Family Group program and start making easy, sustainable lifestyle changes

If you haven't lis­tened to last week's episode, I'm re­vamp­ing my group pro­gram. I have 10 schol­ar­ship places that I am of­fer­ing and there are already two peo­ple who've al­ready signed up to those scholarship places. They are su­per ex­cit­ed to get started on their trans­for­ma­tion.

One of them said, “I'm thrilled to join the group and im­merse my­self in the ex­pe­ri­ence. I look for­ward to see­ing and feel­ing the changes.

I’m super excited to get the club up and off the ground. The program is about cre­at­ing healthy changes in your life in a way that is easy and fun, but more im­por­tant­ly sus­tain­able.

It's a 12-week pro­gram, but with group coach­ing for a year. The whole point of the year is that you keep do­ing it. The changes that you make aren't se­cret. Let me just re­cap them: healthy eat­ing, healthy exercise, healthy sleep, and healthy mind­set. That's what we're work­ing on, but it's the do­ing it bit that is so dif­fi­cult.

The peo­ple in the club are go­ing to be held ac­count­able but they are also going to help each oth­er get to the oth­er side of the rickety bridge. It's go­ing to be fun and amazing and I am su­per ex­cit­ed to see the changes in all of them.

If you are in­ter­est­ed con­tact me and we will book a time to chat. So to be clear, the schol­ar­ship is not free but the price is worth 10 times the amount that you are pay­ing for. It's amaz­ing op­por­tu­ni­ty.

Emotional wellness is the foundation of healthy living

To­day, I want to talk about pil­lar num­ber four which is emo­tion­al well­ness. I love this pillar be­cause it is so in­ter­est­ing and there are al­ways so much to talk about with this. Es­sen­tial­ly this pil­lar is what I call the foun­da­tion, be­cause it's easy for me to tell you to make changes in healthy eat­ing, healthy ex­er­cise, and healthy sleep. But what hap­pens is life gets in the way hap­pens and people go back to their old unhealthy habits.

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One rea­son why people go back to their old unhealthy habits is their mindset

How do you talk to your­self? How do you treat your­self? Do you treat your­self with kind­ness and re­spect, or do you have that mean voice that is go­ing on un­der­neath every­thing that you do say­ing ‘You're not good enough. You're not wor­thy enough. You failed. You didn't do it well enough.’

That voice is the voice of de­spon­den­cy and all it is go­ing to do is scup­per all of your ef­forts and send you back to the be­gin­ning. It’s prob­a­bly there in every­body, but we have to rec­og­nize it and rewrite it.

Being kind to yourself is an important step towards a healthy life

Instead, make the voice say ‘I am enough. I am wor­thy. I am amaz­ing. I am worth spend­ing the time and ef­fort on making these changes. If I make these changes, I will feel amaz­ing in my body. I will lead a long and healthy life and it will all be so easy and fun, and it just starts with the way that we think.’

But many of us have that mean voice.

Rock meditation #mindfullness #meditation


The Mirror Exercise will help you to become kinder to yourself

Here is a lit­tle ex­er­cise that I would love you to do.

Every time you wake up in the morn­ing, you go to the bath­room and look in the mir­ror. Quite of­ten we don't even no­tice our­selves. We just sort of pass our­selves. But I want you to stop and pause and smile at your­self. Give your­self a wink, a high five, and say, I see you and I love you. You're amaz­ing. You're enough.

We're al­ways so kind to every­body else but we're mean to our­selves. Now it’s time to start be­ing kind to your­self. If you for­get to do it once, don't wor­ry, just keep re­mem­ber­ing and go­ing back.

Over time you will build up that kind­ness with your­self and you will stop beat­ing your­self up about all the things that you haven't done prop­er­ly.

Healthy living is easier when you have momentum

When you get to that space, it is so much eas­i­er to make changes. And then when you get there, you've got mo­men­tum be­hind you. If you launch a rock­et into the sky, 80% of the en­er­gy is in get­ting it through the at­mosphere. It's ex­act­ly the same when you're mak­ing changes.

It takes so much ef­fort, so much men­tal en­er­gy to make healthy changes but af­ter you've been do­ing it for a while, your mo­men­tum just car­ries you through. It be­comes a habit.

Keep on being kind to yourself until it becomes a habit

It's a bit like rid­ing a bike. My youngest son likes to slow down when he’s riding his bike and I keep try­ing to ex­plain to him it's much easier if you ride a bike quick­ly.

If you try to ride a bike slow­ly, it just wob­bles and you fall off. The mo­men­tum keeps you go­ing. It helps you bal­ance. But he slows down and slows down un­til he ba­si­cal­ly top­ples over and then he has to start all over again.

If you build up that mo­men­tum and keep go­ing, and it's the same with your thoughts. Once you start smil­ing at your­self and say­ing, ‘You're great. You are wor­thy. You are worth in­vest­ing time and en­er­gy.’ Then you just keep do­ing it.

Do the Mirror Challenge and share in the Facebook Group

Do the Mirror Challenge and share it in the Face­book group. If you are not in the Face­book group, why on earth not? It is a free re­source and we're rock­ing it in there.

If you're interested in join­ing the Healthy You Healthy Fam­i­ly group pro­gram where peo­ple are go­ing to be mak­ing amaz­ing changes, don't de­lay, come and talk to me. I've al­ready got a cou­ple of chats lined up with peo­ple this week so come and chat and we'll see if it is a good fit for you.

Have a fab­u­lous week!

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