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Hey, Hey, Hey, welcome to fit and fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena I hope that you are feeling amazing. Amazing, amazing. It is hot, hot hot here in Spain. Summer has come early summer. Officially. Doesn't start till Friday, I think two days time, but it is hot. And summer is definitely here. So I have been swimming lots and it has been amazing this morning.

What Lights You Up?

I saw a moray and I saw a stingray. Oh, I love it. When I see stingrays, I love it when I see anything. But stingrays are my absolute favorite. And at the weekend on Saturday, I saw two stingrays. Oh, my goodness. I don't think I have ever seen two stingrays in one day before. Just absolutely, absolutely amazing.

So my question to you is what have you been doing recently that lights you up? And I hope that you can answer immediately. And if you can't answer immediately, then I think a few changes are in store for you. We need things that light you up. You need things that light you. okay. Today. I want to talk a little bit about taking responsibility for ourselves.

Who Will Take Responsibility for Your Health and Wellness?

A little bit of a sort of pep talk. So let me tell you a little quick story. My son is 12 and he is graduating from primary school to secondary school, and he's not really been himself recently. And I think there's various things going on. I've taken him to the doctor. I hope. Things are all fine with his test results.

But I can see something more going on at school. And every time I ask, you know, what, how are things going at school? How are your friends what's going on? You know, I just get that typical 12 year old close mouth mom. It's fine. Don't want to talk about it. But gradually I've been eating things out and I can really see that he just feels like he doesn't fit in.

It’s Easier to Feel Happiness if Your Surroundings Make You Happy

He's like an orange fish in a pond full of blue fish. He's a very intelligent little boy. And I don't know what's happened. I don't know what's led to this, but. what I was trying to say to him is look, you know, you have to take responsibility for your own emotions. Like your happiness. Shouldn't be dependent on other people.

Now, obviously it's much, much easier to be happy if you are in the right external circumstances. If you're doing things that you love and enjoy. So, you know, if he's an orange fish in a pond of orange fish and he feels like he fits in, then it's much easier for him to be happy. And right now I kind of feel like he's an orange fish in a pond.

But You Can Still Feel Happiness if Your Surroundings Don’t Make You Happy

Blue fishes and it's more difficult. He feels different and he feels like he sticks out and he feels like he just doesn't get on with people, but that's more difficult to feel happiness, but you can still do it. He can still do it. And I think a parallel that I feel here is when I talk to people about their health and their wellness, and I talk to people.

If you Don’t Make Changes Nothing Happens

Who want to make changes who are saying yes, I want to end emotional eating. I want to lose weight. I want to reverse my diabetes. I want all of these things and I have a conversation with them and some of them will go, oh, hang on a minute. I just need to go and talk to my partner about this. and I'm like, well, okay.

I understand that we have joint budgets, but that decision to make changes is yours and yours alone in the same way that when I talk to my son and say, you know, the person who is responsible for your own happiness is you and you need to work on that internal feeling of happiness, whatever other people do.

Your Health and Your Happiness are Your Resonponsibility

and it's the same with your health. Your health is your responsibility and nobody else in the world is going to come along and say, okay, right now, you're going to prioritize your help. Now other people like myself may come and help you. But if you are looking for somebody else to say, Okay, I'm gonna make you happy.

I'm gonna make you healthy. I'm gonna do this for you. Then my friends, you are going to run into problems. The only person who can do that is you. The only person who can say, okay, I'm gonna take responsibility for my health and I'm gonna live this amazing life where I do things that light me up, which can be simple.

Things like running and swimming and whatever it is that lights you up. What lights me up. Isn't the same as what lights you up, but that needs to come from you and you can't be looking. To other people for that, that change. So that is my little pep talk today. You are in control of your health and your wellness until you decide that you are gonna make the changes, nothing else is going to matter.

You Only Need Your Own Permission to Make Changes

You don't need permission from other people to make that change. You need to decide yourself that you are gonna make that change and that you are gonna carry on making that change. And you're gonna enjoy that change and you're going to live your healthy and amazing. So there you go. My little lecture for you today.

Go and grab your health at your happiness and make it amazing. Amazing, amazing. Okay. What else have I got going on for you this week? I have TA

End Emotional Eating Right now

I have put together a little mini package, which is called end emotional eating. And it is all the tools that you need to end emotional eating. So if right now you're thinking, okay, I get this emotional eating thing.

The Cupcake Test

I know that food has control over. and I know that I don't want food to have control over me. I talk, always talk about the cupcake test. Now it may be that you don't like cupcakes, so insert whatever food has control over you. It may be chocolate. It may be pretzels. It may be crisps. It may be anything, but here's the question to you.

There's three answers. When somebody says to you, I'm going to offer you this food cupcakes. What do you do? Do you number one, go. Yep. I'm always gonna eat cupcakes. I never turn down a cupcake. Number two. I am going to clench my jaw and tighten my fists and pretend that I don't want it. I'm gonna say no through gritted teeth.

I'm going to say no, I don't want the cupcake because I know that I shouldn't be having the cupcake. I'm going to deprive myself in the name of my health. That is not a great place to be. It might work once, but it's not a long term solution or number three. And this is where I want you to get to, Hey, you know what?

I can take it or leave it. I'm not that worried about the cupcake. I choose to have the cupcake today, or I choose not to have the cupcake today, today. I'm going with not having the cupcake because I've got healthy goals that I'm going to stick to. And I'm perfectly fine without having the cupcake or chocolate or pretzel or whatever it.

So that is the transformation that I want you to go through from yep. Always having it to no, I can genuinely take it or leave it and sidestepping the whole two thing like that just doesn't work. That's not a good strategy. You don't need to do that. So if that's what you would like to do, stop food, having a hold over you and you know that you emotionally eat, this little package is for you.

How Do You End Emotional Eating?

And what does the package. it includes a video, which is like a masterclass video and emotional eating and all the theory and strategy that you need that explains what's going on with emotional eating so that instead of blaming yourself and thinking, oh my goodness, I'm so weak willed, or I can't do this.

And I can't do that. You just see what's going on. And you're like, oh, I understand. I'm just a human with a human brain and a human body. It's not my fault. This is the way I'm designed. But now I understand it. I can work to change it. And so it gives you all of those tools and it comes with an end, emotional eating meditation.

And what I call my pamper pack, which are the tools that you are gonna use, the tools that you're gonna have a look at and think, okay, these are the tools I need to use. And it also comes with a PDF copy of my book, which is called building simple habits to a healthy me. Now I would love to be able to send out a paper copy, but I just, I just can't do that.

Like technically I don't think it's possible to do that. So you get a PDF copy, which is all the information you need. which goes through the system of how to end emotional eating. And this system just happens to work for, if you want to lose weight, if you want to lead along and healthy life, it's how to do all of these things, but you can start by focusing on emotional eating.

and the PDF, the book has worksheets to work you through. Okay. Where am I now? Where do I want to get to? What are the steps that I am going to take? And it has got habit trackers so that you can track your habit. You can track your change, your change is or your habits. And here's what people always say.

If you don't change, you don't change. Nothing changes, nothing changes. You continue to get the same results. So news flash. If you want to do things differently, if you want to end emotional eating, you have to do something differently. Now it doesn't have to be difficult. It can be easy and it can be fun.

And that is the strategy that I use with my clients in my group. My one-on-one clients. I've laid it out for you so you can do it by yourself. So this is, you know, all the tools you need for you to do this by yourself. This doesn't come with any coaching or anything like that. It's just standalone. And at the moment, There is a 15% discount, which is going to be valid until Tuesday the 28th.

So it is the grand price of $27. Yes. I know an absolutely amazing price plus 15% off, which quite frankly, right now I can't work out. but just like $24 or something like that. So an amazing, amazing resource. And there's actually an upsell as well. So another tool that I use, which is amazing is my magic likes and dislikes exercise, and it is amazing.

Now I can either walk you through that and do it as a one on one session. In which case I charge $300 for that, or you can have an upsell and buy a recorded session. I've just recorded. Talking somebody through it. There's not somebody there it's an imaginary person, but it talks you through exactly what you have to do.

And that is just $10. And it is an amazing tool, a really, really amazing tool. And if you want, there's a third option to book a session with me, and that is the grand price of $60, a 30 minute session with me. This is an amazing, amazing price. I, my coaching is normally a lot more expensive than that. So.

all the tools you need 15% off of the first little bit, the $27 valid until next Tuesday. So if emotional eating is something that you struggle with, go and get this little package right now, it is a amazing, an amazing price to transform your emotional eating. Now, if you want more, Help than that. And lots of people do want more help.

If You’d Like Support and Accountability Making Changes, Book a Free Call

Lots of people do want to be kept accountable and they want motivation and they just want someone to keep them in the game. Then that is the difference between doing it by yourself and having a coach. Now, if you are interested in coaching with me, I currently have six places on my lifetime package. We do weekly or twice weekly, depending on what part of the world you're in, not twice weekly, once every two weeks coaching session.

Then let me know. We will have a chat after I've sold these six sessions, the price goes up. So I sell them in batches of 10. I do 10, and then the price goes up and then I'll sell another 10. So if you are interested in going, yep, they probably, now I really am ready to make this transformation and I really do want support and accountability.

Then book 15 minute session. We have a 15 minute session, which is just a preliminary session to make sure we are on the. song sheet, the song sheet the same, you know, make sure that we are in the same ballpark and that to make sure you know, what I'm proposing is something that is a good fit for you and that you are a good fit to join the group.

And if I think that's the case and I'll invite you to another session where we will go more deeply into your. Into your issues. And we will do something called the crossroads exercise. And what I explain is, you know, you're standing here this golden moment. You can either carry on, carry on no changes.

What does life look like? What are the pros and the benefits of not making any changes? And what about change? what happens if you change. And obviously it's different for different people. If you're standing there with a diagnosis of diabetes or prediabetes, you can reverse your diabetes. And that is amazing.

If you're standing there going, oh, do you know what? I've just got a little bit of weight to lose. And so actually making changes. Is only gonna help me lose a little bit of weight while also, and lead an amazing and healthy and long life. So perhaps worth it. It kind of depends on your mindset. Now. I always think it's worth making changes and being your healthiest and happiest and best person, but you do need to make those changes.

And the first step of making changes is to. Commit to doing them to going, yes, this is what I want to do. I want to do this as my kids say yes or yes, I'm committed to doing that. So that's the first step. And so in that conversation, we lay out what it looks for you and help you decide. Yeah. Is this a good idea for me?

And is it not a good idea for me so that you are in a position to make that conver to make that decision with your eyes open? I always. and I do invite partners to that second chat as well, particularly if you are somebody who makes financial decisions with your partner, because my coaching is not free and it is an investment, it is an amazing investment.

And I think it is huge, huge, huge value of money for money, but you still have to pay for it. And so people. Get scared by paying for things, particularly things that feel a little bit different. We're all very used to paying for mobile phones. Now, if I look back 20 years ago, I didn't have a mobile phone until, oh my goodness.

So many people had a mobile phone before me and now we just pay this money and we don't think about it. But health coaching is a little bit different. A lot of people still don't have health coaches, or it may not be health coach. It may be a different coach. And so we still have this kind of fear of coaching of, well, I should be able to do this by.

why do I need to pay somebody to help me now? I personally think paying somebody to help you is a really good use of your time and your money. You can carry on not getting the results you want, not getting the results you want, not getting the results you want, or you can invest in getting someone to help you get those amazing results.

And I'm constantly hiring coaches and people to help me get the results that I want. So if you're interested book a 15 minute chat, and if we feel like a good fit, then I'll invite you to the second chat. So today my friends, my messages are one. What are you doing that lights you up? I want to know, and if you're not in the Facebook group, come in the Facebook group, I put a post there.

I want to hear what you are doing. That lights you up. Number two. your health is your responsibility. And there is nobody else who is going to do the things that are going to make the difference. There is only one person in the world who can make that change. You can have people who can help you support you hold you accountable, but you are the only person who can make those change.

And then a couple of resources, 15% discount on my mini package and emotional eating all the tools. You need to make the changes. If you want to do it by yourself, if you want support and you want that accountability and you really want to stay on track and make changes, like all the women in my healthy, you healthy family group, whose energies go up and they start loving life and going, oh my goodness, why didn't I do this before?

If that's what you want, then book one of those 15 minute. Okay. My friends have a fabulous week and I will see you next week. Bye-bye.


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