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Fix Emotional Eating in 3 Month Podcast Episode 161


Big shout out to some amazing ladies! For eliminating emotional eating, getting to normal BMI and compliments from your personal trainer!

Is emotional eating holding you back from creating your healthiest you? From losing the weight that you want to?

If so, this episode could literally change your life!

How would life be if in 3 months you'd got a grip on your emotional eating and fixed your relationship with food? 

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Transcription of Podcast Recording

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Hello, and welcome to fit and fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek. I hope that you are feeling amazing today. I am laughing because I think this is about the 50th time I started this recording. I have four children who are positive with coronavirus and oh my goodness. I can't get any work done.

If You Turn to Food for Comfort, this Podcast Might Change Your Life!

Anyhow, if you are an emotional eater, this could be a huge and life-changing week for you.

If you are listening to this, I have exciting, exciting news.

And I will tell you about that in a minute.

Big Congratulations to My Amazing Clients Who Have Fixed their Relationship with Food

First, I want to give a few shout-outs to some of the amazing women that I am working with. Some of them one-on-one some of them in my group program, but we have sent so many wins this week that I just need to share.

So, first of all, Congratulations to Alea. Now I did an entire podcast with Alea episode, 141, how a busy mom became the healthiest version of herself and interviewed with Alea Milham. So if you would like to find out more of her story, you can listen to it there. But yesterday I was chatting to her and I said, Hey Alea, tell me emotional eating, what is going on there?

And she said, oh, it's just not an issue any more. It's something that I've totally, totally fixed. And I'm perfectly happy.

Now go back a year and you will hear in the podcast that she talks about mindlessly eating candy and how it had a big negative impact on her life. Not least because it was affecting her joints and she was feeling out of integrity.

She is a blogger and writes about healthy living and, um, She really wanted to sort this out and she didn't know how so huge, huge win. I am just so excited for you and your life going forward and how you can now lead a life, which is healthy and you have a good relationship with food. So I'm super excited.

Congratulations on Reaching a Normal BMI

A couple of shout-outs in my group program, one lady has reached her normal BMI and that is so, so, so amazing, huge, huge congratulations to you. And when I started working with you, I know that over eating and comfort eating were a big part. Of what you were doing. And that though, that was also having negative impacts in terms of energy and not being able to lose weight.

And another lady in the group, your, your fitness coach said, you are looking amazing. So huge. Congratulations ladies, you know who you are. Um, I am so proud of you and of all the amazing work that you are doing. And I'm so honored to stand and watch you just enjoying your healthy life and seeing you lit up every single time.

I talked to you on Wednesday afternoon, my afternoon, your morning. So super, super exciting. Now, what was I saying about eliminating emotional eating?

Does Emotional Eating Stop You Getting to Super Healthy?

Now, if you. Uh, like most people, emotional eating plays a part. Of your life. So I see two groups of people, either people who are healthy, leading a relatively healthy life, eating relatively healthily, doing some exercise and just know that that emotional eating piece is really holding them back.

And if only you could stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and stop feeling that certain foods had a hold over you, then where would you be able to get to? How would your life be different if you could change? So that's the first group of people.

Is Emotional Eating Stopping You Losing Weight?

The second group of people are people who want to lose weight, um, like the people in my group program, and you do all the right things and start eating healthily and exercising.

And yet that emotional eating piece pulls you back, pulls you back, pulls you back. And do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed and thinking if only I could get a good relationship with food and stop mindlessly eating, then I know everything would fall into place and all this stuff that I'm doing, all of this hard work, I would see the results.

I would start to naturally lose weight. I don't have to, you know, get up at five o'clock in the morning and go to the gym unless I want to, I definitely don't have to deprive myself that isn't the way to lose. But if I could just sort out this emotional eating piece, everything would naturally fall into place.

I would naturally eat what my body needs and requires and then, and not more, and the weight would just fall off. So let me know, are you in one of those two groups and if you are exciting news, this is the exciting news. So I have put. And amazing package to go hand-in-hand with my group program. So my group program is a year long.

Enjoy Healthy Living Even When Life Happens

Well, there's different times that you can do it, but I recommend for most people, particularly if weight loss is your goal to do it for a year, why do I recommend it for a year? Because life happens. Life always happens. I know I stand here every Tuesday and to talk to you and sound very, very cheerful.

And in spirit, the inspire. It's not that my life isn't is all perfect. This month of January, my mother-in-law's partner and carer has been admitted to hospital. I now have four children who are at home. We have workers. Life can be stressful. Even when I say I lead my life of luxury, even for me, it can be stressful and life happens.

Would You Like the Support You Deserve to Stop Emotional Eating?

So for people who are at the Beck and call of, you know, jobs and. Extra curricular activities and all of these things. I totally understand that life is stressful. And so the secret is to be able to create your healthy life for when life happens. Perfecting the perfect, never happens. Perfect. Never happens.

And so it's about working out how you can improve your life as it is so that you can lead your healthy life. And that's why, oh my goodness.

That's why I recommend working with people for you, because what I don't want to do is hold your hand for a little bit, and then you not have made those changes and go, okay. It's time to part ways. And then people slip back because they haven't had the support they needed for the time. However with this emotional eating piece, I have created a three month package because I believe that emotional eating, if you do the work and I'm going to say this again, you need to do the work.

It's not like, oh, you sign up with me, pay the money. And suddenly magic has happened. No, you still need to do the work, but you need to do the right work. And I believe that if you put in that work in three months time, you can nail that emotional. So that is why I have created this three month emotional eating package.

Eliminate Emotional Eating in 3 Months

And I am so excited about it. So at the moment, I am just looking for five people to work with me. You will get the support you need. You will get the tools that you need, and you will also join the healthy youth healthy family group program. So you will be part of that group for three months or longer if you choose to make it longer.

How Would Life Be Different if You Fixed Your Relationship with Food?

But the minimum is three. So if you are interested, oh, why am I only doing five people? Okay. Right now. Well, you have to start off, you know, getting to know me and there's some individual work involved. So right now I am just going to start with five people or up to five people, and then I'm going to close it because we're going to start work next week or the week after.

And then I will open it up later again in the future. So if you are interested, if you want to find out more, this is what we do. We have a 15 minute call to make sure that we're on the same page. That we're, that you are someone that I can help. And I have to confess, there are people that I can't help.

And some people who I think, do you know what actually, I think you need to have one-on-one help or you'd be better off getting help. In a different area of your life. So we need to have a chat, make sure we're on the right page. Make sure I'm a good fit for you. You're a good fit for me. And then if you want to know more, we can book a long call and talk about details and things like that.

What Do You Have to Lose? Book a 15 Min Call with Me Dr Orlena

So here's how it is a 15 minute chat. What is there to lose? Come and sign up and have a 15 minute chat with me. In the next week or so. So you can email me at [email protected]. And if you can do it this week, Hey, I'm super flexible because my kids are all off school. I am in central European time. So if you are in the United States, my cutoff is Eastern time.

2:00 PM. It's the latest time I can make, because obviously it's the middle of my night after that. But if you're in Europe pretty much anytime we'll do. Um, so if you want to go through my book, Scheduled rather than email me, then the link is book Oh my goodness. That you are at is ridiculous. I'm just going to put the link in the show notes.

So if you're on your phone, you should be able to click and just do it. But if you're on my email list, you can just reply to me. So totally no risk chatting, find out more, and this could be the beginning of a new life for you. And I don't say that Willy nilly, I genuinely believe that if you put this work in, now, it can transform your life.

Is this the Start of a New Life For YOU?

It can just make lasting changes and have such an amazing impact on your life. So if you're interested, come and chat to me. Okay. Next week we will be back to normal podcast. And I have an exciting guest for you. So have a fabulous week com and book a call. If you want to eliminate emotional eating and get a good relationship with food, and you can do that in three months.

I am super excited for you. Come and chat to me. Okay. Bye-bye.

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I help busy and driven women overcome emotional eating, go from fatigued to thriving, and achieve a 10-50lbs weight loss naturally so they feel amazing and lead a long and healthy life.


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