How Self Care is the Key to a Healthy Family Podcast with Ree Johnson

Have you noticed how mums are great at putting their needs at the bottom of the pile?

The problem is it leads to exhausted mums running around on empty batteries.


Mothers Get Used to Putting Everyone Else First, which means Their Health and Wellness Suffers

Life changes dramatically when you have children. To begin with they’re dependent on you 24 hours a day. It’s natural that you have to make a few sacrifices and put your baby’s needs before your own.

But many women get stuck in that routine. As their babies grow into older children, they continue to put everyone else’s needs above their own. Until they’re worn out. Batteries run down.

This has huge consequences on their health and well-being. Not least of all their emotional wellness.

Today, Ree Johnson chats to Dr, Orlena about her story of reaching rock bottom, how she turned her life around and how she now helps other mothers avoid the same mistakes.

She answers these questions:

  • What is...
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3 Easy Steps to Your Health and Weight Goals for Busy Mums. Podcast Episode 107.

Looking back to a year ago, so much has changed in my life. I'm doing so much more exercise and loving it!

Let's make 2021 the "year of health and wellness" by being intentional with your health and wellness goals.

If you'd like one of Dr Orlena's "health and wellness goals" sessions please email [email protected]

A young mom playing with her baby before doing some floor exercises #weightloss #momweightloss #momhealth #loseweight #healthyliving #wellness #exercise

How To Set Your 2021 Health And Weight Goals And Not To Let Challenges Keep You From Achieving It.

How did COVID-19 impact your life? Particularly your body and mind?

Did you have health and weight goals last year that you failed to achieve?

Now that it’s 2021, do you struggle with setting your goals to get fit and fab again?

Transcript of How To Set Your 2021 Health And Weight Goals And Not  To Let Challenges Keep You From Achieving It.

Hello and welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek. 

I hope you're feeling fabulous. Welcome to the beginning of 2021. 

Today I want to talk about goal setting.

A Look Back At All The Things I Did With...

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Why you should get a Sports Watch. Podcast Episode.

Dr Orlena talks about the benefits of exercise, why it's a good idea to increase your exercise levels. And how to create an exercise routine you can stick to.

Plus why she thinks everyone should treat themselves to an exercise watch (or step counter.)

Email Dr Orlena: [email protected]

Dr Orlena's Super Simple System: 

Faceless shot of a woman adjusting her sports watch on her wrist #exercise #smartwatch #exercisewatch #sportswatch #healthy #activelifestyle

Photo of an arm of a woman lifting weights wearing a sports watch #exercise #smartwatch #exercisewatch #sportswatch #healthy #activelifestyle

Photo of a jogging woman wearing a sports watch #exercise #smartwatch #exercisewatch #sportswatch #healthy #activelifestyle

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3 Simple Steps to Combat Emotional Eating with Brianna Wilkerson Podcast Episode 105

Brianna shares her story of emotional eating, how it affected her and how she managed to combat it.

She shares her tips for avoiding emotional eating as well as how to combat it in the moment.

How To Combat Emotional Eating-Interview with Brianna Wilkerson, Founder of Made Well 345

Are you struggling with emotional eating especially during holidays?

Emotional eating can affect your overall health and well-being.  

Emotional eating has hidden roots to be addressed but it’s very possible to combat It.

 Transcript of Steps to Combat Emotional Eating With Brianna Wilkerson

 Hello and welcome to fit and fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek.


Emotional Eating, a Timely Topic As Holiday Season Is Approaching.

 I cannot believe it is nearly Christmas. How has this happened? Although 2020 has been an extraordinary year. I can't quite believe that we're nearly at the end of it. So I just thought It would be a good idea to just have our last podcast on ...

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How to Make Healthy Living Easy if You're Super Busy. Episode 104

I hear it all the time. "I'm too busy to exercise!" or "I'm too busy to eat healthy foods!"

Or "I'm too busy to find time for myself!"

How do you create healthy habits that you can incorporate into your busy life?

So that you can feel amazing and healthy.

Want to chat to Dr Orlena? Email [email protected]

Dr Orlena's Magic Likes and Dislikes Exercise

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could dial down your cravings for certain foods?

Or increase your like for healthy foods? Wouldn't that make healthy eating so much easier?

Well you can! In just 30 minutes.

Alea didn't like blueberries until she did the Magic Likes exercise. She was eating them and enjoying them by the end of the call!

Tory stopped eating pretzels after she did the exercise.

Find out more about Dr Orlena's Magic Likes and Dislikes Exercise.

(Psst... if you sign up for the "Overeating quiz" you can get a huge discount!)

Written By Dr Orlena 

Dr Orlena Kerek (MBChB from the University of Bristol, UK)...

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Is Your Health A Top Priority? Episode 103

It's easy to say your health is your top priority. But what do your actions say?

How much time and energy do you spend looking after your health and the health of your family?


You set priorities and make choices in terms of your health and wellness but oftentimes you spend your time, money and energy on other things. Mostly, things that are easier but provide no value to your body.

In this episode, You will learn:

  • How to set priorities.
  • How to stay focused on your priorities.
  • Why should you prioritise your health?
  • Tools and exercises to help you stay focused on your priorities

Transcript Of Is Your Health A Top Priority

Hello, and welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr Orlena Kerek. I hope that you are feeding, fit and fabulous.

Spending Time With Kids. One Of My Priorities. 

Here in Spain, it's a four day bank holiday. My children are off school on Monday and Tuesday.  It's Monday as I record this. You can hear the dulcet tones of my children hollering in the...

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How to Find Time To Exercise as a Busy Mum. Podcast Episode 102

Hands up who's too busy to exercise? As a busy mum, there are always other things screaming for attention.

Exercising is crucial for looking after your body, especially if you want a toned and fit body. Exercise is also important for your health and if you want to lead a long and healthy life.


It’s easy to sit still all day (especially if you work at a desk.) It’s easy to do very little exercise with out busy schedules.

On the other hand.

It’s also very easy to make sure you do enough exercise. When you have the systems, habits and routines in place, your exercise routine will be easy and fun to follow.

Today Dr Orlena talks about how you can create your exercise routine in a way that is fun, easy and sustainable. So you can lead your most healthy life and feel fit and fabulous.

Transcript of How To Find Time To Exercise As A Busy Mom Podcast.

Hello, and welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek. I hope that you are feeling fit and fabulous today....

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How to have a Fun and Healthy Holiday Season.Podcast Episode 101


The holiday season is a dangerous time to overindulge and allow our behaviour to "spiral down the negative plug hole".

With a few tweaks, it can be a great time to maintain healthy habits and have fun (without depriving ourselves.)

Dr Orlena's top tips to keep your festive season healthy and fun.

Mentioned in the Podcast

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Flat lay photo of various holiday foods #holiday #healthyholiday #holidayeating #healthyeating #healthylifestyle

Hello. Wonderful people. Welcome to another episode of Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek.

I hope that you are feeling fit and fabulous. We have another day today here in Spain, which is typical of 2020. I was just about to set out, dropping my kids off at school. We had our jackets on, our masks on and I was just arranging to meet up with one of the other mothers so that I could give her some uniforms that we no longer want.

And then I checked the WhatsApp group and saw that there were lots of messages. Guess what? No school today....

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What Should I Eat to Lead a Long and Healthy Life? With Dr Alan Desmond Podcast Episode 100

We all want to lead a long, healthy and active life. What we eat is a major contributor to our health and longevity.

But what exactly should we eat? What should we avoid? And why?

Dr Alan Desmond "the Devon gut doctor" is here to help us out.


Dr Orlena chats to Dr Alan Desmond about how what you eat affects your health, your gut and your biome. And how all three are inter connected.

Dr Alan Desmond is a wealth of knowledge and generously shares it with us today.

You'll learn:

  • What  foods and type of diet are recommended by most experts that will help improve your health
  • Why a plant based diet is a healthy and easy option for good health
  • What the microbiome is and why it's so important to our bodies and health

Transcript Of What You Should Eat To Lead A Long And Healthy Life With Dr. Alan Desmond.

Hello and welcome to the Fit and Fabulous podcast with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek. I hope that you are feeling fit and fabulous.

Preparing For Next Year’s Fabulous Adventure....

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