Are you a busy mom who wants a long and healthy life for you and your family?

You're 5 days away from taking a giant step to losing weight, feeling fabulous and leading a long and health life. With bucket loads of energy every single day.



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Does This Sound Like You?

→ Too busy to eat healthily, lose weight or get fit?

→ Kids hate healthy food?

→ Too busy to cook healthy food?

→ Can’t find time to exercise?

→ Too tired to do anything other than watch TV and drink wine in the evening?

→ Exhausted mum who snaps at her kids?

 Wish you could get back into your “skinny jeans”?


Hi I’m Dr Orlena .

I’m a “retired” pediatric doctor and mother of 4. I hear you!

This is my personal invitation to join the One Healthy Habit Challenge, specifically designed for busy mums.

Because you deserve to lead a long and healthy life. I want to take you step by step through the details, strategy and implementation so that it can be easy and fun.

So you can do it all “without thinking”.


What People say about Working with Dr Orlena


Susan, from Austria

"Before I started working with Dr Orlena I was so sick of dieting. I wanted to get my eating under control and lose weight.

Now I’m looking at life from a different perspective. I really appreciate the work that we did together.

Thank you!"


Mariana, from Belgium

"I highly recommend Dr Orlena. Weight loss felt so frustrating. I thought I could do it by myself but nothing worked.
Then I worked with Dr Orlena and now feel totally empowered.

I feel relaxed and happy on my health and weight loss journey."


Lia, from USA 

" I've made tremendous improvements not only in what I eat, but in my whole life. I really do feel amazing, and I'm having fun while I'm doing it! .

 I'm so grateful to you and your simple, doable and enjoyable course."


Imagine living a healthy life and feeling amazing every day on autopilot.

Your Brain Loves Routine, Habits and Systems.

That's Why I Created This Challenge for You


Yes I'm Ready!

Our brains don’t see the difference between a bad habit and a healthy habit.

In terms of “autopilot” just getting on with it, they’re the same to our brains.

To our brains the habits of eating chocolate or eating broccoli are the same.

Or the habit of watching TV or going for a walk around the block.

Just habits.

We do them without thinking.


There’s a big difference in terms of health benefit to our bodies.

The good news is you can re-write your habits.

You can create new habits (that you’ll love) that are more healthy.

Discover how you can easily create habits you love.


After 5 days your results will be

You lead a long healthy life that you love without having to think about it.

The bonus?

You’ll be a role model and teach your kids healthy habits so they grow into healthy adults without having to think about it.


Here’s how it works. 


Each day for 5 days. I’ll go live in an exclusive FB group for 60 minutes every day and show you exactly what you need to do to create healthy habits so you can lose weight, feel fabulous and lead a long and healthy life.


Here’s what you’ll get with this FREE CHALLENGE

What if you had the exact strategy to needed to create your ideal healthy life, for only one hour a day?

(That’s what this challenge is designed to do.)


How to lead a healthy life and lose weight as a busy mum overview


You’ll discover:

  • The one reason it’s so difficult to lead a healthy life and lose weight
  • Dr Orlena’s super simple system and the 4 pillars
  • 3 phases of weight loss
  • How our thinking and emotions sabotage our effort and what to do about it

Combining healthy eating, weight loss and fussy kids


You’ll discover:

  • The 3 things that will transform your family eating

  • How to eat to lose weight (without feeling deprived)

  • How to present foods so kids will eat them

  • The 3 big mistakes parents make with healthy eating and kids


Doing it all on autopilot


You’ll discover:

  • The big secret to doing it all without thinking
  • How our “habit brain” can sabotage our healthy efforts
  • Easy tools so you can make changes that stick
  • Dr O’s 3 step system to habit change

Combating Cravings, Emotional Eating and Overeating


You’ll discover:

  • What are cravings and why do they take over your life?
  • Why do we eat emotionally and how to get to the root cause
  • Dr O’s 3 pronged approach to combat cravings and emotional eating

Bonus: “Stop Overeating Meditation”


Your Road map to a Long and Healthy Life with a Body to be Proud of 

You’ll discover:

  • 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Everyday
  • 9 Most Common Reasons People Fail to Lose Weight and Make Sustainable Changes
  •  Your Road Map to Healthy You


And After 5 Days You'll Have...

 Everything you need:

  • To create your healthy life on autopilot
  • So you can lose weight. feel amazing and lead a long and healthy life
  • With bucket loads of energy every single day

All without having to think about it!

I'm ready to join!

Results from Dr Orlena's clients



 Heidi (Australia) lost 20 Ilbs

Heidi was fed up with feeling sluggish and unaccountable. 

With Dr Orlena's support she lost 20 Ilbs in 2 short months.

Food no longer has a hold over her and she feels much better within herself.


Alea, author of Prep Ahead Meals from Scratch

"Dr. Orlena has helped me fine-tune my eating habits, so that I can naturally incorporate healthy choices as lifelong habits and prevent myself from regressing into old bad habits. Her techniques are simple to use, but powerfully effective. strategies."


Kirsten lost weight

When I first came across Dr. Orlena,  I was struggling with my diet and the tedium of creating meals for my very particular husband and 2 picky teenagers.

I've read so many blogs and books, and listened to so many gurus. Nothing seemed to work.

I wondered whether I should speak to one more expert. 

I'm so happy I did! 

With Dr. Orlena's support I've changed how I think and approach  food prep. 

I've lost weight.

I feel more at ease in the kitchen and splash a lot more delicious olive oil on everything!

I definitely recommend contacting Dr. Orlena


And if that wasn’t enough,

did I mention there are prizes too?


Daily Prizes:

Every day I’ll be giving away a 30 minute coaching session to one lucky live attendee and action taker (because you should be rewarded for taking action!) 

End of Week Prizes

Engage in the Challenge and win "Dr Orlena's Magic Likes and Dislikes Exercise". An amazing tool to increase or decrease your desire for certain foods. Works like magic!




Create healthy habits you love so you can get back into shape and lead a long and healthy life.

The FREE Healthy You Healthy Family Habit Challenge starts on  April 25th 2022

You in? See you on the inside.

Yes I'm Ready!

Results from Dr Orlena 's clients




"Before I started working with Dr Orlena I felt angry and frustrated with myself because I knew  what I needed to do, I just couldn’t apply it and do it myself.

And that made me annoyed with myself.

My aim  was to lose weight and concentrate on my health.

6 months later I have been eating so well and I feel fabulous. I have achieved my goal of fitting into a pair of jeans that I wanted to. They now fit and feel comfortable which is fabulous.

A lovely side affect of all the work that we’ve been doing together is focusing on not just my weight but my life. I feel that all aspects of my life are doing much better in terms of my relationships, time for myself, care of myself.
And I do feel fabulous!
I put that down to working with Dr Orlena so thank you so much Dr Orlena.

I highly recommend working with Dr Orlena to anyone."


Alexis recorded a podcast to describe her experience of being coached.



"I thought I just lacked will power.  What I learned from Dr Orlena is that it starts with my thinking. 

Since I have been working one on one with Dr Orlena it’s been life changing.  

I am so grateful to Dr Orlena for the changes that she is helping me make."



The FREE Healthy You Healthy Family Habit Challenge starts on April 25th.

You in? See you on the inside.

I want to Join!

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