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How to have a Fun and Healthy Holiday Season.Podcast Episode 101


The holiday season is a dangerous time to overindulge and allow our behaviour to "spiral down the negative plug hole".

With a few tweaks, it can be a great time to maintain healthy habits and have fun (without depriving ourselves.)

Dr Orlena's top tips to keep your festive season healthy and fun.

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What Should I Eat to Lead a Long and Healthy Life? With Dr Alan Desmond Podcast Episode 100

We all want to lead a long, healthy and active life. What we eat is a major contributor to our health and longevity.

But what exactly should we eat? What should we avoid? And why?

Dr Alan Desmond "the Devon gut doctor" is here to help us out.

Connect with Dr Alan Desmond

Released in the UK Jan 7th. Preorder his book at amazon UK:


Released in the US April 20th. Or from amazon US:


Instagram @dr.alandesmond

Facebook: @dralandesmond

Twitter: @dralandesmond

Also mentioned in this Episode

The Eat Lancet Report: https://eatforum.org/eat-lancet-commission/

Dr Orlena's Fit and Fabulous Family Summit Dec 4th-6th: https://www.drorlena.com/fit-and-fabulous-family-summit/ 

Request a "virtual coffee" with Dr Orlena. Email [email protected]

 A closeup photo of a healthy meal made up of brocolli and carrots #healthy #healthyeating #eatinghealthy #healthylife #healthylifestyle

Closeup photo of a healthy bowl of breakfast made up of eggs, avocado, spinach, tomatoes and sweet potatoes #healthy #healthyeating #eatinghealthy #healthylife #healthylifestyle

Photo of a variety of fresh, healthy foods such as tomatoes, cabbage, garlic, cucumber and olive oil #healthy #healthyeating #eatinghealthy #healthylife #healthylifestyle

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How Creating Emotions Can Help You Feel Fit and Fabulous. Podcast Episode 99

Aren't emotions fascinating? Emotions often drive us to take action yet we're often unaware of the emotions that we're feeling.

Dr Orlena chats about how we can "create" our own emotions and increase the richness of our emotional tapestry in order to feel fit and fabulous.

In the podcast:

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A woman holding a coffee cup #emotions #emotionalwellness #healthyliving #healthylife

A relaxed woman drinking coffee in the morning #emotions #emotionalwellness #healthyliving #healthylife

A woman relaxing on a meadow after reading a book #emotions #emotionalwellness #healthyliving #healthylife

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How to Manage Stress to feel Fit and Fabulous. Podcast episode 98

Stress is something that affects us every day. (Especially now that many of us are returning to lock down and working with kids at home.) How do we learn to live with stress so that it doesn't affect us negatively?

Dr Orlena talks about preventing stress and steps to take when you feel your stress levels beginning to rise.

Want to chat with Dr Orlena? Email her at [email protected]


A photo of a woman relaxing by the water #stressfree #nostress #healthyliving #healthylife

 A woman relaxing by the beach #stressfree #nostress #healthyliving #healthylife

A woman relaxing while lying on a hammock #stressfree #nostress #healthyliving #healthylife

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How Emotional Wellness Can Help you Live your Amazing Life. Podcast Episode 97

Emotional wellness isn't about living the "perfect life" where nothing bad ever happens.

Emotional wellness is having the tools and self awareness to realise how your emotions are effecting you. And how you can manage your emotions without being swept "down the negative plug hole".

To chat to Dr Orlena (either for a "wow" talk or to help her with market research) please email her at [email protected]

Dr Orlena's Super Simple System for Healthy Living for Families: https://www.drorlena.com/simple-system

Flat lay photo of various herbs #healthy #healthylife #wellness #emotionalwellness #positivelife

A woman doing yoga by the beach #healthy #healthylife #wellness #emotionalwellness #positivelife

Photo of a woman relaxing on a green meadow #healthy #healthylife #wellness #emotionalwellness #positivelife

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One Thing You Need to Do To Live Your Healthy and Amazing Life. Podcast Episode 95

It's easy to say healthy living is all about habits and systems. The reality is that in order to make changes, to create different habits and systems you need to get across the "rickety bridge".

You need to do things differently. Our habits keep us wanting to do the same thing.

So what is the very first step in making those changes?

If you're interested in making amazing changes in your life and you'd like some help, email Dr Orlena at [email protected]

 Flat lay photo of a breakfast smoothie #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthylifestyle

A bowl of healthy greens #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthylifestylePhoto of a woman relaxing by the pool #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthylifestyle

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Healthy Eating in Pregnancy with Dr Harriet Holme. Podcast Episode 94

Eating healthily in pregnancy can give your baby a huge health boost later on in life.

Although the general rules of healthy eating apply in pregnancy there are a few issues that are important to be aware of.

Dr Harriet Holme, Author of Eating During Pregnancy

Dr Harriet Holme, author of Eating During Pregnancy, chats to Dr Orlena tells us how to eat well in pregnancy.

Mentioned in the podcast

Dr Orlena's Super Simple Healthy Eating for Families System: https://www.drorlena.com/simple-system

Connect with Dr Harriet Holme

Dr Harriet's Free Check List for when trying for a baby: https://healthyeatingdr.com/what-to-eat-when-trying-for-a-baby/ 

Buy her book Eating During Pregnancy: https://healthyeatingdr.com/product/eating-during-pregnancy-book/

Dr Harriet Holme's Website: https://healthyeatingdr.com/


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How Stephen Transformed his life to Fit and Fabulous by giving up Alcohol. Podcast Episode 93

It's tempting to believe that alcohol is good for us. A glass of red wine to help us relax with dinner. However, alcohol does a lot of damage to our bodies.

But it's not all bad news!

Dr Stephen Neff tells is story of addiction and recovery and how he now leads an amazing life full of passion and joy without any alcohol.

Fit and fabulous without alcohol.

Mentioned on the podcast:

Stephen's book: "My Steps to Sobriety" available on amazon.

Dr Orlena's Super Simple System to Healthy Living for Families: https://www.drorlena.com/simple-system



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How you and your family can feel fit and fabulous without having to think about it. Podcast Episode 91

Routines and habits are everything. If you feel tired and overwhelmed habits will be making it worse.

Healthy habits help you feel energetic and fit. You can do anything and everything.

Changing habits is daunting.

Dr Orlena chats about her transformation from unfit to "exercise junkie" who swims and cycles everyday.

 How it was easy and fun and not daunting or difficult.

Want to create healthy habits for you and your family?

Join the Easy Family Health Boost here: https://www.drorlena.com/easy-family-health-boost

A mother pouring her son orange juice inside the kitchen #healthy #family #healthyfamily #happyfamily #healthylifestyle #healthylife

Mother and son having a good time at the beach #healthy #family #healthyfamily #happyfamily #healthylifestyle #healthylife

Mother and daughter playing on a flowery meadow #healthy #family #healthyfamily #happyfamily #healthylifestyle #healthylife

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How to Balance Screen Time Limits for Kids for a Calm and Healthy Family Life with Dr Tara Egan Podcast Episode

Most kids I've met love screen time. I don't know about yours, by if my kids aren't hooked up, they're asking to plug themselves in. As a mother, I can see the benefits of screen time for kids (not least, a bit of peace and quiet for me.)

But what about our kids' brains? I worry that young brains get hooked on screen time (not to mention my own, older brain!) 

Plus I notice that there's often an undercurrent of stress surrounding screen time. When can we have more? Can I play longer? The screaming and crying when it's over. 

We've experimented with not having screen time at all. It works remarkably well. After a few days, my kids will start playing cards together. 

But I don't feel this is a long term solution. How can us parents manage screen time so that our kids can enjoy it in a healthy way?

How to Balance Screen Time Limits Podcast

Dr Tara Egan is here to help us out.

What are the Benefits of Technology for our Kids?

Nowadays we’re able to connect with...

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