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"I’m finding your podcasts so inspiring. I’ve lost 6.6 kg already by changing my diet, 30 min walk most days & priority sleep. You had me with “choosing a diet that works for you”! I found you, became inspired & starting taking care of myself. Thank you, Orlena" Happy podcast listener

Fit and Fabulous Podcasts

Season 4

161: Fix Emotional Eating in 3 Months

160: Eliminate Emotional Eating the Easy Way

159: How Do I Get Past the Excuses?

158: Happy New Year. Wishing You a Healthy 2022!

Season 3

157. What Do You Want? Are You Ready to Get Fit and Fabulous in 2022?

156. How to Get Fit and Fabulous in 2022 with Coach Cailah.

155: Why Vegetables Help You Live Longer and Lose Weight

154: 3 Easy Steps to Manage a Weight Loss Plateau

153: How Accepting Your Emotions Can Help You Be Your Healthiest You

152. What is the Cost of Not Making Changes?

151. Is Making Healthy Changes Worth the Effort?

150. What if Healthy Living Were Easy?

149. How...

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Why Can't I Lose Weight? How Does Insulin Affect My Weight? Podcast Episode 30


Photo of workout equipment with an apple fruit #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthylifetips #healthylivingtips #healthylivingmotivation #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #positivity #selfimprovement #weightloss #loseweight

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? How Does Insulin Affects My Weight?

In today’s podcast we’re looking at some common blocks that stop people from loosing weight.

I’ll be explaining how hormones, specifically insulin, affect our bodies. Plus how you can create a healthy way of eating, that supports your weight loss goals.

Why is it so Difficult to Lose Weight?

I recently sent out a survey to people on my email list to find out what problems they faced when trying to lose weight.

Here are some of the responses:

  1. Lack of Exercise. “I’m fat, I’m lazy. I don’t loose sleep over it as I know that lack of physical activity is a contributing factor.”
  2. Nothing Works! I’ve tried so many things. E.g. reducing carbs, calorie counting, the keto diet. They work for a bit and then stop working.

Common Misunderstandings about Weight Loss

Many of the comments highlighted common ways of thinking that aren’t true. Lots of unrealistic...

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Everything You Need to Know About Perimenopause, Menopause and Post Menopause. Podcast Episode 29

A woman fanning herself due to hot flashed brought about my menopause #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthylifetips #healthylivingtips #healthylivingmotivation #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #positivity #selfimprovement #weightloss #loseweight #loseweightmotivation #perimenopause #menopause #postmenopause

What is the Menopause?

Menopause is a progression and starts with “perimenopause”. Perimenopause can start in your mid to late 30s, or early 40s.

Hormones begin to change their normal patterns.

Progesterone levels fall as women aren’t ovulating every month. This means you don’t make as much progesterone. So there’s more estrogen (or "oestrogen" if you're from the UK).

Estrogen stimulates growth. It stimulates growth of the uterine lining, of the breasts.

This can lead to flooding periods and painful breasts and weight gain.

“Menopause” is a day that marks a year after your last period.

Perimenopausal Symptoms

Common perimenopausal symptoms include new anxiety, new insomnia and weight gain. Fatigue, changes in periods.

Low Progesterone Causes Symptoms

Anxiety and insomnia can be attributed to low progesterone.

Rising and Falling Estrogen Levels

Erratic estrogen levels are responsible for flooding periods.

High Cortisol Levels Lead to...

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Top 10 Fit and Fabulous Podcasts Episodes

Can you believe that the Fit and Fabulous podcast is over 6 months old? Part of me feels like I've been podcasting forever. The other part feels like it's only been 2 minutes.

Why Fit and Fabulous?

The "reason" behind the podcast is to show you that what you do influences your health and wellness. We have it in our hands to lead a healthy and amazing life.

Many people think that it's "too difficult", or they'll "get to it another day".

I want to inspire you to start now!

I want to show you that what you do does affect your health. And that you can make changes that are EASY and FUN!

I'm all about "easy", especially when it comes to cooking for my 4 kids! (None of them like the same things. In fact, it feels like some of them don't like anything.)

Top Take Home Messages of Fit and Fabulous

Here are the things that I like to chat about.

  1. Specific illnesses and how we can avoid them.
  2. What is a healthy life? We look at nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindfulness.
  3. Weight loss. Many people...
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How to Avoid Osteoporosis. Podcast Episode 28.

Interview with Dr Joanna Bayley on osteoporosis. Dr Jo explains what osteoporosis is and how to avoid it.

How to Avoid Osteoporosis Podcast

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a weakening of the bones that happens as we get older. We normally think of our bones as a “static structure”. Actually our bones are constantly breaking down and remodelling. This is good news if you break a bone. It allows the bone to fix itself. In osteoporosis, the balance between breaking down and remodelling gets unbalanced. There is too much breaking down and not enough remodelling.

We become more at risk of fractures, especially in the spine, hip and wrists.

The Symptoms of Osteoporosis

One of the big problems is that people don’t have any sysmptoms until they have a fracture.

There are treatments available to stop it getting worse. But it’s best if we can avoid osteoporosis in the first place.

People at Higher Risk of Osteoporosis

People start to become at risk of...

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How Alexis Transformed her Life to Fit and Fabulous. Podcast Episode 98.

Keep in Contact with Alexis

Follow her on Instagram.

Check out her website.

Transform Your Life Today. Work with Dr Orlena

Dr Alexis shares her transformation from overwhelm and frustration to living  her healthy "dream life" on autopilot. And how having me, Dr Orlena as a coach made it easy and fun.

Interested in finding out more about coaching with Dr Orlena? Email me at [email protected]

A woman holding a green apple #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthylifetips #healthylivingtips #healthylivingmotivation #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #positivity #selfimprovement #weightloss #loseweight #loseweightmotivation

Transcription of How Alexis Transformed Her Life Podcast

[00:00:00] Dr Orlena: Hello, and welcome to fit and fabulous with me, Dr. Lena character. This is a bonus episode. I wanted to show you a little bit of behind the scenes in my business and what I do with clients and working on pit with people with. So today we're going to be chatting to Alexis who is one of my clients. And she's going to be telling you a little bit of why she decided she wanted to coach and the reality of working with a coach and what a difference it makes working with a coach.


[00:02:57] Dr Orlena: Hello,...

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How to Be Like Your Skinny Friend Who Can Eat Anything. Podcast Episode 27


How to Be Like Your Skinny Friend Who Can Eat Anything.

Do you have a skinny friend who can eat anything? And you wonder how they manage it? You watch them wolfing down cake at a birthday party and think how unfair it is! How come they don’t put on weight whereas you avoid cake and still put on weight!

Do You Know How Your Skinny Friend Lives Her Life?

When you look at a snap shot of someone’s life, it’s easy to make assumptions about how they eat and live. A bit like social media. People tend to put the highlights of their life on social media.

You need to consider how your skinny friend lives her entire life. How she eats (other than when she’s at a party.) How much sleep and exercise she gets. How stressed she is.

Our gut flora, our “biome”, also plays a large part how our bodies put on weight.

It’s easy to watch your friend eating a piece of cake, without understanding their entire lives.

How Frequently We Eat also Affects Our...

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Dr Orlena's Wellness Summit Podcast Episode 26

Register for the summit:

A woman watching the sunset with her bicycle #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthylifetips #healthylivingtips #healthylivingmotivation #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #positivity #selfimprovement #weightloss #loseweight


A woman enjoying the sun by the beach #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthylifetips #healthylivingtips #healthylivingmotivation #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #positivity #selfimprovement #weightloss #loseweight


A woman holding up a bundle of huge greens #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthylifetips #healthylivingtips #healthylivingmotivation #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #positivity #selfimprovement #weightloss #loseweight

Author Bio

Dr Orlena is a health coach. She helps busy mums go from "I can't lose weight" to feeling fit and fabulous. Find out more about her here.

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Everything You Need to Know About Sleep. Podcast Episode 25 with Dr Zarrin Shaikh.

In today’s episode of Fit and Fabulous, we’re talking all things sleep. Did you know that sleep is one of the main pillars of health? Plus a good sleep habit can help you to loose weight. Plus how to make sure we do get enough (so that we can feel fit and fabulous.)

Everything You Need to Know About Sleep Podcast Episode

We all know that sleep is good for us. Who hasn’t been on the wrong end of someone who hasn’t slept well? I’m like an angry bear who’s slept in an ant’s nest when I don’t get enough. In recent years scientists have discovered what goes on in our brains and bodies whilst we sleep. What they have discovered is fascinated. Dr Zarrin Shaikh, is here to tell us all about sleep.

Circadian Rhythm and Sleep

The “circadian rhythm” is the 24 hour rhythm that our bodies follow. Our brain generates this rhythm.

The Body Repairs Itself During Sleep

Whilst we’re busy snuggled in our beds, our bodies are doing...

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Lessons From Treats and Overindulgence. Podcast Episode 24

 Dr Orlena's Wellness Summit

Find out more about Dr Orlena's Wellness Summit here.

A person holding a stack of doughnuts #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthylifetips #healthylivingtips #healthylivingmotivation #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #positivity #selfimprovement #weightloss #loseweight #mindfuleating #whatismindfuleating #mindfuleatingtips #mindfuleatingchallenge #mindfuleatingstress #mindfuleatinglosingweight #mindfuleatingexercise #mindfuleatingmantra


A woman preparing bowl of treats #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthylifetips #healthylivingtips #healthylivingmotivation #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #positivity #selfimprovement #weightloss #loseweight #mindfuleating #whatismindfuleating #mindfuleatingtips #mindfuleatingchallenge #mindfuleatingstress #mindfuleatinglosingweight #mindfuleatingexercise #mindfuleatingmantra


A bowl of yellow macaroons #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthylifetips #healthylivingtips #healthylivingmotivation #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #positivity #selfimprovement #weightloss #loseweight #mindfuleating #whatismindfuleating #mindfuleatingtips #mindfuleatingchallenge #mindfuleatingstress #mindfuleatinglosingweight #mindfuleatingexercise #mindfuleatingmantra


Author Bio

Dr Orlena is a health coach. She helps busy mums go from "I can't lose weight" to feeling fit and fabulous. Find out more about her here.

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