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"I’m finding your podcasts so inspiring. I’ve lost 6.6 kg already by changing my diet, 30 min walk most days & priority sleep. You had me with “choosing a diet that works for you”! I found you, became inspired & starting taking care of myself. Thank you, Orlena" Happy podcast listener

Fit and Fabulous Podcasts

Season 4

187: How Fred Reversed his Type 2 Diabetes

186: Why Eating Your Emotions May Lead to Poor Health

185: The One Thing You Need to Do Today to Lose Weight and Lead a Healthy Life

184: Weight Loss and Meal Prep

183: How to De Escalate an Angry Person in 90 Seconds with Doug Noll

182: Say Hello to Tasty Vegan Food with Chef AJ

181: How Can I Lose Weight With Hypothyroidism with Dr Matt Chalmers

180: End Emotional Eating the Easy Way

179: How Healthy Living Protects You From Dementia with Dr Michael Kentris, Clinical Neurologist

178: Melissa's Story of Type 2 Diabetes

177: ...

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