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How your Identity Affects your Happiness. Interview with YogiMD. Podcast Episode 22.

Our sense of "who we are", aka our identity plays a big role in our emotional lives. Our identity is one of the keys to a happy life.

Dr Orlena chats to Dr Nadine Kelly who tells her story of how she struggled with her identity and she changed her identity and found greater happiness.

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Dr Orlena's meal plan:

A woman walking through a field of sunflowers at sunset #health #happiness #mentalhealth #healthyliving

A woman enjoying the sun #health #happiness #mentalhealth #healthyliving

Photo of a woman enjoying the sun in the woods #health #happiness #mentalhealth #healthyliving

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Being Grateful for Now. Podcast Episode 21

Creating a gratitude habits is a fantastic way to improve our mood. In turn, this helps us to achieve our goals and feel fit and fabulous.

Come and join the Fit and Fabulous FB group:

A photo of a journal #gratitude #grateful #mindset #healthy #wellness #healthyliving #healthylife

A photo of a person giving another person a heart cutout #gratitude #grateful #mindset #healthy #wellness #healthyliving #healthylife

A woman enjoying the sun outside #gratitude #grateful #mindset #healthy #wellness #healthyliving #healthylife

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Healthy Fats to Support Your Weight Loss Goals. Podcast Episode 20


If you grew up in the "low fat era", it can be difficult to retain yourself to eat fats. But eat healthy fats not only helps your weight loss goal, it also has other health benefits.

Dr Orlena chats about which fats are healthy, why they help you lose weight and tasty ways to easily incorporate them in your diet.

Dr Orlena's Healthy Family Meal Plan Sample:

Avocado with healthy topings #healthyfats #healthyfatsfoods #heatlhyfatssnacks #healthyfoods #heatlhyeating

A bottle of olive oil which is a good source of healthy fats #healthyfats #healthyfatsfoods #heatlhyfatssnacks #healthyfoods #heatlhyeating

Avocado, nuts and olive oil are foods that are a good source of healthy fats #healthyfats #healthyfatsfoods #heatlhyfatssnacks #healthyfoods #heatlhyeating

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How to Create an Exercise Routine You Love Podcast

The secret to exercising without thinking is to create habits. Once you're in a habit, you do it automatically. But creating the habit can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some tips to help you create an exercise habit that you'll love.

A woman doing a yoga pose #exercise #exerciseroutine #loseweight #weightloss #easyweightloss #healthy #healthyliving #healthywoman

A few short notes on creating an exercise routine you love

  • Habit is the key to “not thinking”.
  • Why? To feel good, not to lose weight. (If you want to lose weight, make changes to how you eat.)
  • Exercise benefits bones, muscles, flexibility, heart and lungs. And mind!

Questions to ask yourself when thinking about your routine

  1. How to make it more fun/ doable
  2. Exact times (within your routine. E.g. "After finishing washing up the dinner plates, I'll walk around the block.)
  3. How realistic are your goals?
  4. What obstacles are you going to face?
  5. What will you feel after your exercise?
  6. What will you feel like if you "fail"? (Remember not to be judgemental.)

Last thoughts on your exercise routine.

You’re doing it for you!

On line Exercise...

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How to Educate Your Kids in Lockdown (and Enjoy it) Podcast Episode 14

Many of us are now at home with our kids all day. Suddenly I find myself responsible for my children's education. And I have no clue how to homeschool!

In this episode Dr Orlena chats to Karyn Tripp, an experienced homeschooler. Karyn shares her experience to help us enjoy this time and make sure our kids continue to learn.

A boy studying at home #lockdown #corona #coronavirus #lockdownlessons #lockdowneducation #homeschool #education

 Homeschooling Resources from Karyn

Check out the website: Teach Beside Me

Karyn's podcast is ""Called to Homeschool".

Dr Orlena Author Bio

Dr Orlena is a health coach. She helps busy mums go from "I can't lose weight" to feeling fit and fabulous. Find out more about her here.

A mother teacher her daugther lessons while being on lockdown #lockdown #corona #coronavirus #lockdownlessons #lockdowneducation #homeschool #education

A pair of glasses placed on an open book #lockdown #corona #coronavirus #lockdownlessons #lockdowneducation #homeschool #education

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How to Start Crafting with Kids in Lockdown. Interview with Maggy from Red Ted Art. Podcast Episode 14

I have to confess, I don't normally do podcasts about crafting. But these are extraordinary times. So many of us have our kids at home 24/7. My kids are definitely getting more screen time than normal but I also want them to do different things. Such as crafting and nurturing their creative sides.

Maggy from Red Ted Art Makes Crafts for Kids Easy

I'm thrilled to welcome Maggy from Red Ted Art to talk to us about how to help our kids enjoy crafts and for it to be easy on us parents!

A kid playing with paints while making crafts #lockdown #crafts #crafting #craftingkids #kidsactivities #lockdowncraft #lockdownactivities

Top Advice for Encouraging Kids to Start Crafting

  1. Lower your expectations. It's not going to be "pinterest perfect". Changes are it will be messy. Sadly it's not going to give you a side line in "homemade kid's crafts" on etsy. But remember it's about having fun and being creative. 
  2. A small project is fine. Maggy's "paper helicopters" only take 10 minutes.
  3. Get back into the routine when you stop.
  4. Try different things such as knitting and sowing.
  5. Get started yourself. Kids can join in later.


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Thriving in Lock Down With Kids Podcast Episode

We've been in lock down since last Friday. Today I want to share some tips and thoughts to help you if you're facing lock down with kids. It's not as bad as it sounds, I promise you!

Lock Down Happened Quickly

Last week was a strange week here in Spain. On Wednesday we were told all interschool activities would be cancelled. On Thursday they announce that schools here in Catalunya would be closed the following day.

Friday was our first day of no school but we were allowed out to do other things. I went to my Tai Chi class.

On Saturday the central Spanish government announced a state of emergency. We're no longer allowed out of our houses except to walk dogs, buy foods and for emergencies.

(On a side note, I don't understand why people have the idea that dogs need walking more than humans!)

A mother and her son baking at home #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthylifetips #healthylivingtips #healthylivingmotivation #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #healthyfamily #lockdown #coronavirus #corona #covid

A Period of Adjusting to Lock Down

It's a big difference in our lives. We're not used to having 4 kids stuck at home. And the kids aren't used to having to do homework and live in a confined...

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10 Fantastic Healthy Living Resources

It's a jungle out there if you want to start reading about healthy eating and living. Today I'm sharing my favourite healthy eating and living resources.

I've included affiliate links to help you find the resources. Links go to 

A closeup photo of a bowl of salad #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthylifetips #healthylivingtips #healthyeating #lifestyle #eatinghealty

Top Nutrition Resources

1. Dr Michael Mosley.

Dr Mosley has written loads of books including "the Fast Diet", The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet", "The Clever Guts Diet".

I love that he writes in an interesting way. He presents both sides of a controversial area.

A great place to start reading about nutrition.

I also love his "Clever Guts Recipe book".

2. The Diet Myth by Prof Tim Spector.

Another interesting and well-written book. Dis-spells a lot of those "myths" and controversy about nutrition. 

3. The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung

Explains how carbohydrates and insulin are big contributors to weight gain. A great read if you're interested in knowing more than the basics.

4. Eat Fat Get Thin by Dr Mark Hyman

An in depth look at fat...

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