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How Magic Words Change Your Actions. Podcast Episode 14.


The way we talk to ourselves can have a powerful impact on the actions we take.

I introduced the “thought/ emotions/ action” circle in podcast episode 2, “Letting Go of Anger”.

Change Your Actions with Magic Words Podcast

We Want to Feel Emotions Without Being Overwhelmed

A great analogy is being on a raft in the “river of emotions”. When we are overwhelmed by emotions, we’re swept along with the current.

When we understand how our emotions work, we’re able to steer our raft down the river. The swirls of emotions will affect our raft, but we’ll be able to steer it where we want to go.

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My Kids Demonstrate How We Talk to Ourselves Affects Our Actions

Kids can teach us so much about how our minds work.

When my daughter was learning to ride a bike, she kept telling herself that she couldn’t do it. Despite the fact that she could.

Another example is my son who tells himself that he doesn’t like certain foods....

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How to Make Big Changes. Podcast Episode 12

It's easy to let the stresses of life overwhelm us. Our lives in modern society are busy and stuffed full of "things to do". We often don't even notice the underlying stress.

How to Make Big Changes Podcast

Today I want to tell you how I realised that I was in a chronic state of stress and anxiety. I wasn't showing up as the parent, wife or person that I wanted to be.

At times overwhelmed swept over me. Leaving me frustrated and angry.

I snapped at my kids. 

I whined at my husband.

I sabotaged myself.

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Why Do We Get Stuck in Negative Behaviour?

Why would I do that you ask?

Because our brains are wired to be negative. It's easy to get into a spiral of negative thinking.

When you're aware of it, you can stop it and replace it with helpful and positive behaviour.

My journey started when I looked at my family and wanted to create a "harmonious and loving family".

I started by working on myself. Including loving myself and prioritising my own needs.

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What Do You Want to...

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Letting Go of Anger (And Learning to be Calm and Happy). Podcast Episode 2

Letting Go of Anger and Living a Happy Life

Today I’m talking about how to change from “stressed and angry” to “calm and happy”. “Healthy living” includes our emotional well being so today, let’s make a start on how to let go of anger.

Letting Go of Anger Podcast


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Why Bother to Let Go of Anger?

In “How to Break the Habit of Being Ourselves”, Dr Joe Dispenza talks about how we get “addicted to being a bad mood”. (That’s not an exact quote!)

We get hooked on whinging and complaining but it’s not good for our health.

Being angry is stressful which can contribute to bad health.

Also, it’s WAY more fun to be happy and content.

What is Anger?

Anger is an emotion. It often triggers a physiological response called the “fight, flight or freeze” response. Other emotions can also trigger physiological responses, often less obvious. (E.g. being happy makes us relax and decreases...

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