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Baked Red Cabbage with Blackberries Recipe

Red cabbage reminds me of Christmas. My mum always makes red cabbage with blackcurrant fruit syrup. I’ve adapted her recipe to make it healthier and easier. And to take advantage of the seasonal blackberries we’ve picked.

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Health Benefits of Red Cabbage

I love the saying “all vegetables are superfoods”. Red cabbage is no exception. It’s full of fibre to help your microbiome and keep you regular. It’s also packed full of antioxidants and “phytonutrients” (the colourful nutrients that we take advantage of when we “eat a rainbow”.)

Health Benefits of Blackberries

Berries are one of the most healthy fruits as they’re high in fibre and low in sugar. And delicious!

You get bonus plant saving points for picking them from the hedgerow.

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Baked red cabbage with blackberries - very easy recipe! #healthymeal #healthyfood #healthyrecipe #redcabbage #redcabbagerecipes #bakedredcabbage #redcabbageblackberries

Ingredients of Red Cabbage with Blackberries

  • Half a red cabbage, cut up
  • 2 handfuls of blackberries
  • A glug of extra virgin olive oil
  • A glug of apple cider vinegar
  • A few crushed juniper berries.

This recipe works well without juniper berries and blackberries (although of course, you’d have to change the name!) You can also use any vinegar you like.

How To Make Baked Red Cabbage

  1. Throw it all into an oven dish.
  2. Bake in a low oven for 45 minutes.

I told you it was easy didn’t I?

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A dish made out of red cabbage and blackberries #healthymeal #healthyfood #healthyrecipe #redcabbage #redcabbagerecipes #bakedredcabbage #redcabbageblackberries

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