"My Kitchen Miracles"

You want to lose weight AND feed your family healthy food?

Sick and tired of standing at the fridge wondering what to make?

Or watching them wolf down a sticky dessert that you "can't" eat?

You're fed up of searching for perfect recipes!


Save time and energy so you can spend more priceless time with your family or on yourself.

Dr Orlena invites you to try out  "My Kitchen Miracles".


Each month you'll receive 20 new healthy, easy recipes with a shopping list.

No more spending hours on Pinterest, stressing about dinner.

No more worrying if it's actually healthy or not. If it's going to add an inch or burn an inch.

No more watching them eat sticky cake you can't enjoy!

What will you do with the time and energy you'll save?


If your normal weeknight dinner plans involve dining out or scrounging around in the fridge for something to throw together, then meal planning is exactly what you need.

In my experience meal planning has made the biggest difference in healthy eating success.

Find out the meal planning service that is Dr. Orlena approved and tested.

With four children I need all the help I can get at meal times.  After testing out several meal planning services I decided to create my own. I'll share with you the one has been a life saver for me!

If you do a Google search for meal planning services you will find there are literally 100's of them out there.  Some are free and some are shockingly expensive.

A good healthy eating meal planning service should - 

  • Include plenty of protein and fiber.
  • Limit processed foods and sugar.
  • Include a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Include simple recipes that are packed with flavor.
  • Fit in with YOUR life




Welcome Video

See exactly what's inside...


What Benefits Do I Get?

  • Find healthy recipes that will help you lose weight and provide nutrients for your kids
  • More time and energy to do the things you love (no more worrying about what's for dinner)
  • Get rid of that "constant nag" of "what can I cook for dinner?"
  • Teach your family to love healthy food (by serving them tasty healthy meals)

What Next?

When you sign up for your free trial, you'll be asked to put in your credit card details. You won't be charged anything for 30 days.

You can enjoy My Kitchen Miracles free for 29 days and then cancel. Or you can do nothing. Your credit card will be charged and you'll continue to have access and incredible meals.

How Does It Work?

You'll be given access to my membership area. (You need to create a password.)

Within the membership area you'll find each month's new recipes (plus bonus teaching content from Dr Orlena.)

There will be a monthly video from Dr Orlena.

You can ask Dr Orlena questions in the comments sections or the FB group.

Will It Tell Me What To Eat Each Day?

No. You need food that fits in with your busy life style. You get to decide each day's menu. 

Perhaps you want an old favorite. Perhaps you want a new kitchen miracle.

If you'd like help creating a personalised way of eating for your family, please contact Dr Orlena. She also works with people and families individually. (You can email her at [email protected].)

Why 20 Recipes?

Variety is the spice of life (and secret to healthy eating. Especially for your "biome".)


New recipes can be stressful until they become "favourites". Following instructions takes more time that working on automation.

Will your family like the new meal?

20 recipes is a good number to fill in those spaces of "what shall it be tonight" (once you've used up the family favorite slots!)


I've hand picked the recipes so they're easy, quick, tasty and healthy.

What If I Have Questions?

You have lots of options. You can contact Orlena by:

  • Email
  • The FB group
  • The "Ask Dr Orlena" button

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