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21 Autumn Vegetables to help Weight Loss

My husband once had the idea of opening a fruit and vegetable shop called “Little Packets Of Goodness”. Sadly the idea never came to fruition but I love the name! (Excuse the pun!)

Despite all the confusing, controversial nutritional advice out there, there is one thing that (pretty much) everyone agrees on. Vegetables are good for us!

Vegetables Contain Fibre That is Good for Us

They are packed with fibre that does more than just keep us regular. A recent “meta analysis” study from New Zealand stated that eating more than 30g of fibre a day reduces “all cause mortality”. (Dying from anything.)

For more details of the study, check out Dr Orlena’s Fit and Fabulous podcast, “How to Eat 30g of Fibre a Day.

Vegetables are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Colourful vegetables have antioxidants called “phytonutritients”. (Hence why people talk about “eating a rainbow”.)

Vegetables are also the mainstay of...

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