From people who've worked with Dr Orlena

"I highly recommend Dr Orlena as a weight loss coach. I really love her coaching style. Weight loss felt so frustrating, like I was doing everything right, with little results or progress.
Through the sessions she asked me many key questions that made me think. She guided me to see and accept my reality and work with it to find a solution. I have felt totally empowered.
I am very happy working with her. I can now give my body the right conditions. I feel relaxed and happy on my weight loss journey."


"I highly recommend working with Dr Orlena.
Working with Dr Orlena is much more than just tracking and organizing food. She takes a far more holistic approach to her clients overall wellbeing and health.
I've learned a lot from her including easy to implement strategies."


"Before I started working with Orlena I was so sick of dieting. I wanted to get my eating under control and lose weight.
Orlena showed me a lot of ways that I could focus on my eating and thinking habits. I made changes that were a lot easier than I expected them to be! Through her guidance I’ve learnt how to make healthier choices for myself and my family.
I’m eating a lot more nutritious and healthy foods.
I’m looking at life from a different perspective. I really appreciate the work that we did together.
Thank you!"



Before I started working with Orlena I felt angry and frustrated with myself because I knew the information, I knew what I need to do, I just couldn’t apply it and do it myself.

And that made me annoyed with myself.

I started working with Orlena before Christmas last year. The aim of my work was to lose weight and concentrate on my health.

What really appealed to me was that Orlena’s focus was on health and feeling fabulous.

6 months later I have been eating so well and I feel fabulous. I have achieved my goal of fitting into a pair of jeans that I wanted to. They now fit and feel comfortable which is fabulous.

A lovely side affect of all the work that we’ve been doing together is focusing on not just my weight but my life. I feel that all aspects of my life are doing much better in terms of my relationships, time for myself, care of myself.

And I do feel fabulous!

I put that down to working with Orlena so thank you so much Orlena.

I highly recommend working with Orlena to anyone. In fact I have recommended her to my husband and a couple of friends.

Alexis's Retreat

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Podcast with Alexis

Alexis recorded a podcast to describe her experience of being coached.

Listen here: What it's like to have a weight loss coach.

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I thought I just lacked will power.  What I learned from Orlena is that it starts with my thinking. 

Since I have been working one on one with Dr Orlena it’s been life changing. 

It's not about Keto or Paleo or whatever the latest diet is, it's about listening to my body, and knowing what is right for me. 

I am so grateful to Orlena for the changes that she is helping me make.

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When I first came across Dr. Orlena's work,  I was struggling with not just my own diet but the tedium of creating meals for my very particular husband and 2 picky teenagers.

I've read so many blogs and books, and listened to so many gurus that didn't leave a lasting impression that at first I wondered whether I should speak to one more expert. 

But I guess I was ready to make a shift so I booked the coaching session. 

I'm so happy I did! Talking with Dr. Orlena is like talking to a smart, informed friend with your best interests at heart. She's a great listener and tailors her responses to your particular needs.

Her priorities put swimming in the sea with her kids above a perfect hairstyle or long hours making complicated recipes so I knew we'd get along. 

What I realized through my work with her is that my challenges are more psychological/emotional than organizational and that has made a big impact.

With Dr. Orlena's support I was able to take an honest look at some of my beliefs and make some significant changes to my approach to food prep. 

I've lost weight.

I feel more at ease in the kitchen and splash a lot more delicious olive oil on everything!

I definitely recommend contacting Dr. Orlena if you a need a strong yet gentle voice to assist you in creating a better relationship to food and cooking.

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Dr Orlena's 2 Week Healthy Reboot

"Before I did the reboot I was struggling to make changes because my life is so busy. I’m not a very motivated cook. Initially I was concerned about the price. Would it be worth it? Would it give me results?
The reboot was appealing because it was about changing my life style and habits. I didn’t want anything artificial like pills or supplements.
The one on one session was very helpful. It was tailored to things I was already doing rather than having to change everything.
I am at 127 Ilbs now, which is 2-3 lbs lighter and my clothes are already fitting better.
The price was well worth it. It gave me a lot of tools that I can use in the future after the Reboot has finished.
I’ve already recommended you to my colleagues. Thank you." Nikita

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