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Bespoke Retreat with Dr Orlena, Coast Brava

A retreat is a fantastic way to combine relaxation, fun and a purpose.  I offer personal retreats in my stunning home town of Palafrugell on the Costa Brava in Spain.

You can enjoy the magnificent surroundings whilst we work together on your personal goal. 

What is a Retreat?

A holiday with purpose!

Think of having your own personal guide to help you.

Before the retreat, we decide on your goal. (For example, starting your weight loss journey, creating your ideal life.)

Together we decide what activities you want to do. (Examples of activities: coastal walking, sea swimming, kayaking, relaxing, yoga, tai chi, cycling.)

I create your ideal retreat that combines coaching, learning and your activities.

Here’s an example.

Alexis’s 2 Day Retreat

Alexis is a client who has been working with me for several months. She started out wanting to lose weight. Once she had achieved her first weight goal, she wanted to create her ideal life.

You can hear more about her story...

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