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How Dr Lucy Burns Quit Her Sugar Addiction Podcast Episode

Sugar is something we all love. Our bodies are wired to seek  sugar because it's a quick and easy source of fuel. For some people sugar can become an addiction, taking over their minds and consuming their thoughts. 

Dr Lucy Burns talks about her sugar addiction. How she used to hide chocolate and relish the excuse to eat sugar in sociably acceptable settings.

She chats about how it consumed her and she felt powerless to stop it.

She explains how she over came her addiction and the tools she uses to prevent herself falling back into her sugar addiction.


In this episode, You Will Learn:

  • How do you know if you have sugar addictions?
  • Why too much sugar is bad for you?
  • How to quit sugar addiction?
  • What happens to your body when you give up sugar?

Transcript Of How Dr Lucy Burns Quit Sugar Addiction

Dr Orlena: Hello, Lucy. It's fabulous to have you here. Thank you so much for being on the show today. 

Dr Lucy: Thank you so much for having me. 


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How to Find Inner Motivation to Health Podcast Episode 120

Lack of motivation is one of the reasons why you can't achieve your goals, particularly your health and wellness goals. 

You might have started working on your goals but quit in the middle because you feel unmotivated.  

Today I'm going to show you that it can be fun and easy! Here's how to find inner motivation to health.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What causes a lack of motivation?
  • Why do you have a hard time staying motivated?
  • Different types of motivation.
  • What is inner motivation?
  • Tools and fun ways to find your inner motivation.

Transcript of How To Find Inner Motivation If You're Feeling Stuck.

Hello, welcome to fit and fabulous with me, Dr Orlena Kerek. I hope that you're feeling fabulous today.

Without Inner Motivation, You Can't Make Lasting Changes

If you're not feeling fabulous, then this podcast is for you. We are going to be talking about finding your inner motivation.  It's such an important topic. 

Without your inner motivation, you...

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How to Make Change Easy to Feel Fit and Fabulous Podcast Episode 119

Us humans don't like change. We like familiar and comfortable. But if we want to lead long healthy lives and feel fit and fabulous, most of us have to make some changes.

Dr Orlena chats about how to make "change" fun and easy so that you can make changes that stick. And get to feel fit and fabulous!

You'll Learn: 

  • How do you make changes?
  • Why do you find making changes difficult?
  • How to overcome change barriers?
  • How to not give up while making changes in your habits?

Transcript of How To Make Change Easy 

Hello, and welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr Orlena Kerek. I hope that you are feeling fabulous.

Small Space Limits Your Movement And Makes You Sedentary

It is a sunny day today. It is the Easter holidays as I've recorded this. It's kind of strange being in our small house because we're not used to being in a small house. I noticed that movement around the house is very difficult.

We have to make an effort to go outside, stretch our legs or get on our bikes or do...

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How Mindful Eating Can Help you Stop Overeating


Stopping overeating is the key to reaching a healthy weight. In the last few episodes we've looked at how to stop overeating from different angles. Today we're going to dive into mindful eating. What is mindful eating and how can it help you stop overeating?

You'll Learn

  • What is mindful eating?
  • How can mindful eating help me stop overeating?
  • What are the steps to mindful eating?
  • How to practice mindful eating?

Transcript Of How To Stop Overeating Using Mindful Eating Practices.

Hello and welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr Orlena Kerek. I hope that you are feeling amazing. 

There’s A Time For Every Season.

Spring is finally here. Hooray! I love spring here in Spain, you can start to see the little bright green leaves coming out. The fields are amazingly green. By the time we get to summer that green has turned to brown, which I also love. 

There's a time for every season, but spring is that lush beautiful time. That reminds me of my...

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Helping Kids with Big Emotions with Meaghan Jackson Podcast Episode 117

Wish you had a calm and peaceful family life? But kids and big emotions always seem increase the stress levels?

You're not alone!

Today Dr Orlena chats to Meaghan Jackson, a parenting coach, about how to help her 4 kids with their big emotions.

In this episode we are going to talk about:

  • How can you help your child with big emotions?
  • How to teach kids coping skills?
  • How to manage sibling fighting?

Transcript Of Helping Kids With Big Emotions

Hello, and welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr Orlena Kerek.

Today, we are talking to a very special guest Meaghan Jackson from Joyful Mud Puddles. We're going to be talking about kids and big emotions.

Another Fabulous Result Of Dr Orlena's Magic Likes And Dislikes Exercise

Before we jump into that, I want to give you an update on my amazing Dr Orlena's Magic Likes and Dislike Exercise. This has been absolutely amazing.

Yesterday I did a session with a lady. She told me that she wanted to like blueberries. She didn't like blueberries...

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How to Stop Overeating When You're Stressed. Podcast Episode 116


Do you overeat when you're stressed? Stress is a normal part of life, but too much of it can affect your daily life.

Stress is different for everyone. We react to different situations differently. It’s essential to know what tools to reduce stress works for you.

Today’s episode will answer the following:

  • How do you cope with stress?
  • How can stress make you eat more?
  • What are the tools you can do to reduce stress?
  • How can you make small changes in your day to reduce stress?
  • What can you do in the moment to prevent yourself from overeating?


Transcript Of How To Stop Eating When You’re Stressed Podcast Episode 116

Hello, and welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr Orlena Kerek. I hope that you are feeling amazing, fabulous and wonderful. All these exciting words that my brain has run out of.

I hope that you are enjoying life and living it to the full. We certainly are here in Spain. That sentence did not come out well, did it? We are...

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How to Stop Overeating at Dinner Time and Night Time. Podcast Episode 115


Do you overeat at dinner? Or find yourself reaching for a comforting snack after dinner? You realise you're doing it but feel powerless to stop. 

If so, you're not alone. Overeating at dinner and night time is a common habit that many people wish they didn't have.

Dr Orlena explains how you can stop overeating at dinner time and night time.

First she looks at the "big picture". How what you do during the day affects what you eat in the evening.

Then she looks at coping strategies "in the moment". Simple tools to stop you from overeating when you feel the desire to eat more.

Transcript Of How To Stop Overeating At Dinner Time And Night Time Episode 115

Hello, and welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek. I hope that you are feeling fit and fabulous.

I hope that you can't hear that building work that is going on outside. It's very frustrating. I hope that by the time I've cleared up this audio, it doesn't go chug chug chug in your ear.

Overeating Is...

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How to Stop Overeating and Overcome the Fear of Hunger. Podcast Episode 114

Are you scared of being hungry? Does it lead you to overeat? If so, you're not alone. In today's episode Dr Orlena thinks about how we can change our fear of hunger so that we can stop overeating.

This episode will answer the following:

  • Why are you overeating?
  • What are the reasons for overeating?
  • What are the types of foods that increase cravings?
  • How is the fear of hunger increasing your overeating?
  • What can you do about the fear of hunger?

Transcript Of How To Stop Overeating And Overcoming The Fear Of Hunger

Hello, and welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr. Orlena Kerek. I hope you are feeling fabulous today. 

Healthy Habits Become Easier as You Repeat Them.

Just a little update of how we're doing. If you've been listening for a while, you'll know that I have been cycling to school with my children since just before Christmas.

To begin with, it was challenging for my children and it was cold in December and the beginning of January. I have to say, we've really...

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How to Stop Overeating Podcast Episode 113


Whether it's cravings, emotional eating or just eating a bit more than you need at meal times, overeating is the root cause of not being able to lose weight.

Dr Orlena explores what's happening when we overeat and how we can stop over eating in a way that's easy.

Join Dr Orlena's Office Hours (group coaching) every Wednesday at 2pm Eastern Time: 

Or book your "Stop Overeating Call with personalised Stop overeating road map": 

Closeup photo of a woman eating a meal consisting of sweet potatoes, greens, cheese, and fruit #overeating #healthyeating #habits #healthyhabits #healthylife #weightloss

Hello, welcome to fit and fabulous with me Dr. Orlena Kerek. I hope that you are feeling fit and fabulous.
Today, we are going to be talking all about overeating and I'm so excited about this subject and some of the concepts behind it that I'm just going to dive right in.

Transcription of How to Stop Overeating

I wanted to combine this concept of overeating with a book that I am reading which is called Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed.

It's an interesting book. It...

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Teaching Our Fussy Kids Health Eating Without the Stress Podcast Episode 112

Parents of picky eaters find meal times stressful. You want your kids to eat healthily but don't know how to teach them.

Food and eating become an area of stress and battles.

You want to enjoy family meal times and watch your kids eating the healthy food you lovingly cook. But it feels so difficult.

Today I chat about our family struggles with picky eaters and how difficult it was until I created a system that works for us.

Now our family meals are times to connect and enjoy each other's company. My kids eat healthily. And so can yours!

Transcript of Teaching Our Fussy Kids Healthy Eating Podcast

Hello and welcome to Fit and Fabulous with me, Dr Orlena Kerek. Today, we are talking about picky eating, healthy eating, and a little bit of a case study. And Hey, guess what? That case study is going to be me and my family. I want to take you a little bit behind the scenes and show you some of the struggles that we've had. The outcomes, and how you can help your children to learn healthy...

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