Create an easy healthy food system that works for your family

For busy mums if you're fed up of

  • spending hours meal planning and cooking
  • picky kids refusing to eat
  • cooking more than one meal
  • the hassle and stress of food

You want food to be easy and tasty

  • Meal plan quickly
  • Please your kids and yourself
  • Simple and easy because you’re already juggling everything
  • Stop feeling deprived and hungry (if you're trying to lose weight)

Join me to find out  how feeding the whole family healthy food can be easy and fun.

Get instant access.

Healthy Waist Friendly Recipes Your Kids Will Love

What's Included

  • 35 minute video: "The simple system that keeps the kids happy and helps you shed the pounds". To show you meal planning can be easy.

  • "Systems" hand out to refer to.
  • One week meal plan.
  • Sample Recipes. 5 Easy meals to help you lose weight that the kids will eat too.
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Who is Dr Orlena?

Hello! I'm Dr Orlena. I trained as a paediatric doctor in the UK.

Now I live in Spain with my 4 wonderful (and noisy) kids.

I teach frustrated professional mums how to lose weight with healthy eating so they can feel fabulous without thinking about it.

No calorie counting.

No random pills.

No keto.

Just healthy eating. Tasty, nutritious foods that you can serve to family.

I want to show you how simple my healthy eating system is so it can change your life.

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