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How to Use Your Prefrontal Cortex to Make Changes

Whether you want to change lose weight and change the way you eat, or be less grumpy and change your way of being, you need to master your prefrontal cortex. Otherwise you'll just find yourself slipping back into your old ways.

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95% of what our brain does is subconscious. It's on autopilot.

For example, you have decided to give up flour. The prefrontal cortex, the thinking part of your brain makes that decision.

Then you find yourself eating a cake.

And then you think "Hang on a minute? What happened there?"

The answer is habits.


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Your Brain and Body Like Familiar

The more primitive part of your brain, the bit that all the animals have, went "We want what's familiar!"

When you are in that situation, your neurones are reverting back to what you were used to, which is to eat cake.

This leads to a struggle within ourselves and that is difficult to overcome.

But there are ways of overcoming it.

Mastering Your Prefrontal Cortex

Here are some of the ways you can use your brain to change habits:

1. Planning
2. Understand your food cravings


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When you crave for food, you can:

1. Willpower it out
2. Give in
3. Observe yourself


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