10 Fantastic Healthy Living Resources

It's a jungle out there if you want to start reading about healthy eating and living. Today I'm sharing my favourite healthy eating and living resources.

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Top Nutrition Resources

1. Dr Michael Mosley.

Dr Mosley has written loads of books including "the Fast Diet", The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet", "The Clever Guts Diet".

I love that he writes in an interesting way. He presents both sides of a controversial area.

A great place to start reading about nutrition.

I also love his "Clever Guts Recipe book".

2. The Diet Myth by Prof Tim Spector.

Another interesting and well-written book. Dis-spells a lot of those "myths" and controversy about nutrition. 

3. The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung

Explains how carbohydrates and insulin are big contributors to weight gain. A great read if you're interested in knowing more than the basics.

4. Eat Fat Get Thin by Dr Mark Hyman

An in depth look at fat metabolism. It's quite a "sciency" book. Interesting if you come from a biology back ground and understand how the body works. Perhaps a little one sided. (In my mind he doesn't really explain why he advocates a ketogenic diet and not a "higher fat/ low carb but not quite keto" diet which is essentially what the Med Style Diet is.)

5, The Thinking Nutrition Podcast.

Well presented by research doctor Dr Tim Crowe. Dives into those nutritional controversies and gives a well rounded overview.

6. Why We Sleep by Matt Walker

Fascinating book that explains all the current research about what happens when we sleep. And why it's so good for us!

7. Atomic Habits by James Clear

Habits and systems are the corner stones of healthy living.  James Clear explains how habits work and how to set up our lives to stick to our good habits. Take home message: You don't have to be disciplined to have healthy habits. You need to create habits that work for you.

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My Favourite Healthy Eating Recipe Books

1. Tender by Nigel Slater

2. Vegetables by Antonio Carluccio

3. A Modern Way to Eat by Anna Jones

4. Covent Garden Soup Books. I have "A Soup for Every Day" but I think it must be out of print as it's really expensive! This "Book of Soups" is a more reasonable price.

Top Emotional Wellness Resources

I believe that how we manage our thoughts and emotions is a large part of our overall health. Not only does it help us to be more productive and feel happy, but it also reduces our stress levels and helps us be more healthy.

1. The Life School Podcast by Brooke Castillo.

If you want to learn about how to manage your thoughts and personal boundaries, this is the podcast to listen to. My main take home: We're responsible for our own emotions (and don't want to abdicate that to other people.)

2. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza.

Get out of the habit of being grumpy and into the habit of being happy! Dr Dispenza focuses more changing emotions. He works on how to use our minds and meditate. (Some people find him a bit "woo woo". But I enjoy his books and find his work interesting.)

3. Loving What Is by Byron Katie.

When we get upset over things, we're often fighting with reality. (Which clearly we're not going to win!) Byron Katie has 4 key questions that we can use to help us look at a situation in a new light. 

4. Ask and It Is Given by Ester and Jerry Hicks.

Another book that hits the "woo woo" meter. But I love it! It has some really useful tools at the back to help us create positive and happy thoughts and emotions.

5. TUT Notes from The Universe by Mike Dooley.

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